5 Tips for Turning Toddlers into Happy Hikers

Tips for Turning Toddler

Perhaps the best possible way to make toddlers happy while hiking with them is to make them more comfortable and to choose the right time. Toddlers’ attention and endurance levels are short-spanned, hence it will be ideal to help them once you discover they are becoming tired while hiking. The more comfortable they are, the more interested they become in completing the hiking session with you. The following tips and ideas can make hiking with toddlers a lot easier;

Choose the Right Time of the Day

When it comes to hiking with toddlers, the period of the day for hiking matters a lot. Do not hike with a toddler under scorching heat, especially between the hours of noon and 4 pm. Excessive sunlight can wear out the toddler quickly, making them sweat and become dehydrated. It is better to hike with them earlier in the day (between 7 am and 11 am), or later in the evening (5 pm to 7 pm), when the weather is very cool.

Dress Them up Appropriately

The type of clothing a toddler wears during hiking can affect their mood. Make sure the toddler is dressed according to the weather conditions. In Winter seasons, you should consider a water-proof, and thick clothing that wouldn’t be too heavy on the toddler.


Ashley Casey (Editor- Adventure Gears Lab) says- In the summer, you should consider the lighter fabric, made from cotton. Make sure the clothing is breathable and easily dissipate moisture from the body. Choose solid boots or sneakers for them and make sure they wear wool socks that do not hold moisture within the feet. A fez cap is very important in the summer, when the sun may suddenly show up in the middle of the hiking.

Water and Snacks are a Must

Kid-friendly treat is a must for any hiking adventure, it keeps the toddlers nourished, and happy during hiking. If you want to increase the endurance and energy level of a toddler, you should consider their favorite snacks and do not forget to store as much water as you can, to keep them hydrated along the way. In addition to the food and water treats, you should consider going for hiking with the toddler’s first aid medications as well as insect sprays. These items are necessary because hiking routes can be unpredictable.

Bring a Jogging Stroller with You

Jogging strollers can be very helpful when it comes to assisting hiking toddlers who are tired. The jogging strollers are designed for all kinds of outdoor terrains and they are easier to push and handle than the regular strollers.  You should consider taking the jogging stroller with you even if your little toddler decides to walk down the trail with you. The jogging stroller is of great assistance when the toddler is hungry, or just want to take a break. This stroller also makes it possible to pack necessary snacks water bottles and even a diaper pack with you.

Learn to Take 15-20 Minute Break

Whether you take a jogging stroller with you or not, a toddler needs more break during hiking than a typical adult. If you are hiking to a lake or any other scenic place, you should consider taking a short break once you arrive at your destination. A 15-20-minute break here and there, with your toddler, will give the kid more energy and time to reset.


Hiking with toddlers is fun especially when their favorite scenic places are explored. You can add more fun to the adventure by taking some nice pictures at your destinations and along the hiking path. It is important to do everything possible to keep toddlers safe and happy during hiking for a perfect adventure.

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