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Anti-fatigue mat for standing desk is our topic discussion today. In recent time we see people are continuously sitting in a place like; office, in front of the PC, watching TV and driving. They are facing lots of problems because of these diseases. Obesity is one of the leading issues.

However, standing causes a problem too. Leg pains, muscle fatigue, foot fatigue, joint fatigue, back pain, spinal difficulty, etc. These are the typical results of standing for a long time.

People are standing most of the time in the kitchen, garage, washroom, standing desk, laundry, and so many working places. Their people work for a long time.

Then the problems occur. They face some diseases like foot fatigue, joint fatigue, muscle fatigue, back pain, and even neck pain. But there are so many offices where standing desks are becoming common.

Workers spend a big part of their day standing there. But they can prevent this or make it less painful by using the anti-fatigue mat so that they can stand comfortably and do their job well. It gives your foot or body comfort.

If you hold on tiles or any hard surface, your legs feel pain, and at the end of the day, you only want a foot massage. But if you prevent this suffering by using this mat then at the end of the day you will feel less pain.

Why Needs Anti Fatigue Mats?

Standing for a long time is so tiring as well as painful. If anyone works maximum standing time and feels pain in his/her foot needs this anti-fatigue mat urgently.

This mat makes our life easier & comfortable. It will make us love our working place. I don’t feel irritated anymore in the laundry room and wash so many dishes in a round by standing and not feeling any pain or tired.

This type of thing makes life so much better. Hard workers, who work on a standing desk, washers, housekeepers or any person who works a long period by standing to need this mat. They will love their work or at least they will never hate their work.

A standing desk is so smart but painful as well. Smart because the sitting desk has so many negative sides. We can see so many diseases and unhealthy people around us.

Obesity, cholesterol, back pain, neck pain, foot fatigue, joint fatigue, muscle fatigue, heart disease, diabetes, etc. are the common diseases we are seeing around us. Sitting for a long time doesn’t burn the calories we have. But a standing desk does so.

For some people, a kitchen is a place where they spend so much time in a day. But not every one of them loves to do works in the kitchen because there are a few kitchens where people work sitting.

So, this mat is appropriate for them too. However, you should not sit for a long period either stand for a long period. Because your body needs stretching so try to move & balance your sitting and standing period.

Reviews of 7 Best Anti-Fatigue Mats For Standing Desk

Now the thing is which mats are best for you. We made a short list of it. So that you can choose the fast & right match.

1. Royal Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mat

Royal anti-fatigue mat is suitable for all kind of floors such as wood, marble, tiles, etc. it doesn’t efficiently, so there’s no possibility of slipping. You can stand on it without any risk or fear.

Royal anti-fatigue comfort mat is offering modern designs so that your kitchen, office or bathroom will look standard.

This mat also relieves your pressure & fatigues. You will feel amazing and won’t get any back pain or fatigues too.

It will take you to the maximum comfort level so that your concentration level will increase & you will be able to do works nicely without any disturbance. 40% pressure on feet, joints & spine will be decreased when you stand on this mat.

best anti fatigue mat for standing desk

Short Note About Royal Anti-fatique Mat

Its height is 3/4 inch. When you stand on this mat, you will feel less pressure and more comfort as you are relaxing on something.

This mat will give you cushion support. Besides, it has a perfect size of 20 x 39 inch. It is a standard size for your feet. Not too small not too large.

There you will find various colors: Jet Black, Caramel brown, Burgundy & Sand beige.

It is eco-friendly, tear resistance, waterproof, Non-slip, etc.

The primary material is Soft Textured rubber.

2. New Life By GelPRO

Modern life is an anti-fatigue mat by GelPRO. GelPRO has various types of mats! New life is one of them.

This mat gives us comfort by pushback memories, which restore energy. It has molded foam which helps to support as deep cushion so that fatigue or pain cannot occur.

topo mat review

About New life by GelPRO:

The thickness of this Mat is 3/4 “ & it is perfect for size 20×32.”

This mat made with thick Ergo-Foam which is good for health.

It is a slip-resistance. Naturally, it does not move smoothly. Non-skid bottom surface ensures that you are safe.

The best part is it has a warranty of 10 years! Besides, it has various colors. Even you can keep it clean easily.

Making a scratch will be hard.

The primary material is Ergo-foam Core.

3. Genuine Joe

Genuine Joe is a very popular standing mat in the market. This mat helps to increase your blood circulation. People who work in Kitchen or Office love this mat because of its comfort.

This mat relieves you from fatigue or any spinal issues. This mat is best for them who work standing for a long time. 

best anti fatigue mat for standing desk

About Genuine Joe:

Its thickness is 3/8“ which is perfect too. You will find this mat in two sizes, two by 3 feet & 3 by 5 feet.

You can’t move it quickly as it is not slippery which is a significant feature of an anti-fatigue mat!

It makes strong grips, so it doesn’t move when you stand on this mat. You have to push to run it anyway. This will never look old or faded.

However, this is a suitable mat for busy persons because they don’t have to clean often & so easy to clean.

But if you prefer beauty to comfort then this mat isn’t for you. This is cheaper & doesn’t look like an expensive one, but its features are all you should care about.

The primary material is Thick vinyl foam.

4. Sky Mat, Comfort Anti Fatigue

Sky solution is not that much favorite mat as you want, but it has the best features. It decreases your pressure on spinal & knees 32% so that you will feel light & comfortable.

Its modern style is fantastic & will make your kitchen, office or any other workplace beautiful. You can use in your garage or in washroom too.

Your children & pets will be safe. After all this mat made in the way, you use it in regular life.

best anti fatigue mats

About Sky Solutions:

It doesn’t slip, so you don’t have to worry about it either. You can stand for hours after hours, but you will never face fatigue.

This mat has ultra-rip technology, so it doesn’t move.

Moreover, you can use this in the barefoot as there’s no toxic that will harm you. The best part of this mat is a lifetime guarantee.

Primary materials are PVC Leather & PU Foam.

5. Imprint® CumulusPRO

This mat is higher in quality, one of the best rugs to users. It reduces your pressure on spinal & knees up t0 40%. It also reduces your pain & fatigue. You will feel less weight. You will feel like you have lost weight!

It does not get thin for your weight so you will be flying on it. Magic carpet makes you feel like this anyway. Its polyurethane construction made this mat more attractive.

best anti fatigue mat for office

About Imprint® CumulusPRO:

It’s a matter of relief that this mat’s high-density core ensures you that this mat is going to be healthy years after years. You won’t feel tired of standing for a long time anymore.

You will feel relaxed even after holding for an extended period.

As it does not move, so its users are safe. Even though this mat cost more than other rugs but it is trustworthy. This non-toxic mat is purity.

6. Topo By Ergodriven

You will find it as the Topo by Ergodriven as a user. This mat gave me most satisfaction I must admit.

By using many anti-fatigue mats, I realized that every one of them was right in quality, but this mat stole many users heart. Even in my tests, Topo was on the top list. 

best standing mat

About Topo by Ergodriven:

Its different design from the other rugs catches everyone’s attention. In the matter of comfort, you should not have any second thought.

This mat is not flat, so its cushion support will make you feel like standing on this mat some more time.

Increases your blood flow and prevents foot fatigues.

Topo is smaller in size than the other Anti-Fatigue Mats. This mat made from polyurethane foam.

Help to increase your interest in standing, as we don’t want to work standing anywhere.

It will remove the tiredness of status or the pain we face after holding for a long time.

Stays new even after using for a long time. This mat’s edges ensure you that you are safe as it won’t move or slip.

7. Imprint Comfort

I reviewed earlier about Imprint CumulusPRO. Imprint brand is undoubtedly a known brand. This brand is giving us incredible anti-fatigue mats which are loved by maximum users.

Imprint Comfort can take your weight & pressure for a long time. This mat is one of the most popular rugs nowadays. Users love this mat a lot.

It is 60% deeper in height than the other mats so that it can relieve your pain & fatigue.

The cushion support will reduce & prevent fatigue. You will forget that there’s a hard floor because of the broad cushion support.

best anti fatigue mat for office

Steps You Follow To Get The Best floor Fatigue Mat

We have tested some anti-fatigue mats and came to a result. We used them in our kitchen & in front of our standing desk.

Especially in the kitchen and standing desk, it is very needed. I found that there’s a brand which is specially made for a standing desk. There are some brands for both kitchen & standing desk. You can’t rely on ratings properly though.

Standing On The Mats

Standing test was on our standing on this anti-fatigue mat. Test duration was about 12 weeks. 

In front of the standing desk, we used Topo Mat. Topo is mainly for the standing desk. So we did not use it in the kitchen but you can if you want to.

It is designed according to its size. It has some pressure points according to the human body’s pain points. We wanted to see its tolerance & strength over those weeks. Durability depends on a mat’s strength & tolerance power.

So you can purchase a cheaper one if you are planning to use this with a shoe. I prefer using this mat without a shoe for my comfort and feel better without a shoe on this mat.

Except for Topo mat, you can use any brand for a kitchen. I used this in front of my sink for cut vegetables. Because I spend a lot of time in front of those places. 


You should know about durability before purchasing. During the standing test, we saw many that every one of them has rich durability. 

For testing properly I sliced-up these Mats to see sliceable or not. None of them was easy. Every mat took time & labor. But the Topo standing desk mat & the CumulusPRO performed best!

These two were so tough to cut. Between these two I would recommend CumuluPRO though. However, I destroyed so many Anti-Fatigue Mats for this test.

Mandatory Traction Test

This is so important for a mat to perform great in both dry & wet situation. So, traction is a mandatory test. I sprayed on it to see if this move or not and tested with & without shoes because shoes make extra grips, which might not show us the accurate result.

Cumulus9 is amazing ! that mat stood first because that didn’t mCumulusmulus PRO took the second position. These two are best & safe. Topo, Sky & Royal are good too.

Easy To Cleaning

Cleaning is so important as well as using. An anti-fatigue mats used in various places like the kitchen, in front of a standing desk, etc.

In the kitchen, there is a high possibility of dropping foods unconsciously. So I chose some common foods which we use most in the kitchen.

Flour, honey, butter, sugar & oil are the common ingredients I guess. I thought the cleaning test is mandatory because you have to consider all these then choose what is best for you.

So, cleaning all these was easy except butter and especially oil. However, oil & butter took more time than others. You can quickly vacuum flour and sugar or brush it.

Honey can be removed by water easily. But you need some extra effort to clean oil & butter.

If you have lunch at the standing desk, any food or oily food can drop on your Anti-Fatigue Mat. I hope now you know how to clean your mat from this mess.

When you need an Anti-Fatigue Mats?

At first, you should know your problems. Do you work standing for a long time? Do you feel fatigued in your feet or pain in your back & searching for a permanent solution?

If these are your problem then a mat is mandatory for you ! you will find many reviews on the various mats so choosing the best mat for you to purchase will be easy. 

Try to read reviews from several sites to be sure what you’ll be reading is not a fake review. You can learn from people’s experience.

Do Anti-Fatigue Mats work for You?

All you need to do is starting using this mat! You will see the result for yourself. I thought the anti-fatigue mat is for showing only & doesn’t work at all. Then suddenly I bought one. I have to admit that was the one I was searching for.

This mat increases your blood circulation & level of oxygen. It decreases fatigue noticeably. So try yourself!

How does an Anti-Fatigue Mat work?

If you stand for a long time you feel pain, right? This is so normal because blood flow stops when you stand for a long time on a hard surface.

It can be muscle pain, foot fatigue, back pain, spinal problem, neck pain & so on.

Blood circulation is essential for decreasing these pain. An employee suffers from this problem a lot. This is so disturbing for a person.


So now you will be able to choose the best anti-fatigue mat for you by far. If you are tired of working in the kitchen, then get a mat and make your day a bit better at least by using this mat. Maybe it will increase the interest in staying in the kitchen you never know.

Or if you work on a standing desk then you are so irritated standing for a long time for sure as standing for a long time creates fatigue & pain.

When you do laundry work, you must feel pain by standing. There are some Anti-Fatigue mats which are suitable especially for the bathroom. As you read before. Start using them!

What you need to see before buying is quality & reviews. You can follow my reports or others, make sure reviews are not fake! Read several reviews before purchasing. I did that before buying then started to use many and now writing reviews by myself.

Nowadays the number of the user of the standing desk is increasing, so each & every worker needs this mat. Even the excellent sign is people are becoming more conscious about their health.

Though people are having back pain more than the past. This is increasing. They are having spinal issues. The reason behind this is we work sitting in one place without any break or standing without anti-fatigue mats.

All we need to do is prevent. Stay conscious so that no pain or disease can come to you. Have a good day.

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