7 Cool Band saw uses | What Can It Be Used For?

Band saws are the most versatile and loved saw made. They come in different styles, types of use, and can be used for a wide range of projects like band sawing wood or metal to make crafts such as Christmas cards that could be framed. A band saw uses for a range of purposes, but most people don’t realize this. Let’s take a look at how versatile they really are!

What Is A Band Saw?

A band saw is a long blade with numerous blades arranged in a metal or plastic strip. The teeth per inch are designed for intricate cuts, making the user’s job much easier and quicker than using other types of equipment like jigsaw puzzles which can be dangerous to use because they contain small shards that could end up getting lodged inside your body if you’re not careful when cutting curves them.

Band saw uses

Most Common And Innovative Band Saw Uses :

If you’re looking for a new challenge, then the band saw might be your ticket! With skill and creativity, this tool will help transform wood into beautiful pieces of art. You can make anything from furniture to home décor with it. I’m sure someone like yourself has always been creative in one way or another so why not take up metalworking? The possibilities are endless when it comes to what you can create on a bandsaw- who knows maybe even something as big as an entire room?

Woodworking Job

A band saw can be used to cut straight lines or curves in a variety of woodworking applications. It will allow you to create everything from furniture pieces and cabinets, all the way down to home décor items like picture frames. If that’s not enough for you there are many other types of power tools available on the market today.

You can use the bandsaw to assist in cutting any wood board. It means that you can cut a long piece of wood into two along the width and open up each side like pages in a book, opening it up for use as wide boards or smaller pieces with more detail work.

With a band saw, you’re able to remove any unwanted imperfections from your boards. This is much more satisfying than trying to sand them after the fact.

A bandsaw is a versatile tool, and it can be used for several different cuts. For example miter cut, crosscuts, straight cuts, and freehand cutting to give your wood the desired shape – all with one machine!

You can use a band saw in many ways, such as when doing intricate work like freehand shaping or making precise measurements on precision surfaces.

There are a lot of saws out there, but the band saw is one that can really help you get just about any job done. It has a cutting table for straight cuts and angles to cut other shapes with ease. If you need some woodworking work accomplished, make sure your toolkit includes this essential machine.

Lumber Ripping Tool

You might think that cutting large lumber is a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. A band saw makes this job much more easily than you can imagine.

The earliest band saws were introduced in the early 1800s and became widely popular as a tool to cut lumber. The band saw ripping ability, expansive table space for arranging multiple pieces one by one have made it more versatile than other options available on the market today.

Meat Cutting

One of the most popular tasks for a butcher is cutting meat. Meat band saws are usually used to cut large pieces into smaller ones, but they can also be employed more creatively, as in trimming and shaping meats with artistic detail before packaging them up for sale on display counters or at grocery stores.

This is the band saw that you want to use if your goal is cutting through flesh and bone with minimum waste. Saving energy, preventing wasted meat- it doesn’t get any better than this.

Metal Cutting

People have long used band saws to cut and rip wood, but did you know that the versatile tool can also be adjusted for cutting some metals? You will need a top-grade blade made specifically for this task to get accurate cuts. The sharp blade of the band saw is so perfect, it could cut through metal like butter.

If you’re looking for a versatile saw that can cut wood and metal, you’ve got it. The band saw is the best to use when cutting both metals and woods of any thicknesses. You may need a different blade guard. depending on what material you’re using but if not then don’t worry.

We also want to let you know that we have a purchaser’s guide where we show the top Portable Band Saws. It can be found here, and it has everything you need to make your purchase decision easier.

Make A Veneer with A Band Saws

band saw machine uses

I’ve been working on a new cabinet and I got to the point where my woodworking was just too thick. So, I went out to find some thin pieces of veneer for this job but there were none in sight! That’s when one of our employees showed me how they can be cut with an electric knife from plywood sheets that are not wide enough.

Now you can cut your thick veneer with ease. The band saw blade will liberate the wood into two dozen pieces that are ready to be used in drawer fronts and curved doors for an exceptional look in any furniture project.

Perfect Circles

The band saw is the perfect tool to cut out circles. It’s quick and easy, making it a must-have for anyone who loves crafting projects with materials like wood or plastic.

With one swift stroke of the blade, you carve your initials onto the rough-hewn plank. You’re careful to center them in a large circle so that they can be appreciated from all angles. It would make for an excellent coat rack with a little more work with this chisel and mallet.

Use a nail and drive it into the hole to create an accessory point for your band saw. Make sure you maintain 90 degrees with the auxiliary table attached so that when you turn on your machine, all of their rotational momenta can pivot from this one central point.

You’ll never guess what I’m about to tell you! It’s the most fashionable way of creating perfect circles. You can do it with a band saw and all that matters is your skill level in making these cuts.


What is resawing? Is it saw after saw, and so on. No! Resawing is cutting any broadsheet into smaller thin pieces using a band-saw. The capabilities of the band-saw to perform this kind of task are truly mesmerizing – with no problem whatsoever in slicing through even large logs without getting stuck or experiencing resistance. Moreover, resaws make for more products out of little resources too

Read One: https://faithbirds.com/best-bandsaw-for-resawing/

The band saw lets you craft precise shapes – whether they’re round, square, U-shaped…whatever your heart desires! The process couldn’t be easier: just attach any size blade (depending on what shape you need), clamp down securely onto the material of choice in front of the desired line to create an even border around whatever design needs cutting then start up that machine and watch how quickly this versatile piece cuts through anything from thin plywood board pieces all way back to heavier slabs too big for other tools’ blades.

Tension saw blade guard

Tension saw blade guard

Blade tension is a key feature of the Craftsman Band Saw. What does it mean for you?

Blade tension improves your cut because, with increased blade tension and constant feed pressure on the material being sawn, less sawdust will escape from between the blades while they are cutting through tough materials like the metal band or wood bands. This means that more power goes into your final product.

Blade tension is a term used to describe how tight the blade on your band saw should be. This allows for better cutting and working with these tools as it will keep blades from moving around or jiggling when in use. Properly tightened, you’ll find that you can work more efficiently without any distractions.

Setting the right blade tension before starting work is a must. The appropriate tension depends on what type of cut you want to make and the material you are using for your job. There’s no single height that will be perfect every time because it all changes depending on these factors.

To raise and lower the tension, all you have to do is turn a knob. For most modern band saws this can be done quickly while for older ones it may take some time. It’s important that once finished using your blade, lowering its tensions completely so as not to risk breaking them prematurely.


The idea of a band saw is as unlimited and diverse as the people that utilize it. From cutting sheet metal to board games, there are very few options you can’t choose from with this versatile tool in your arsenal. We’re always on the lookout for new ways our customers use their bandsaws, so if you think we missed something here or have an interesting story about yours send us an email!

The opportunities for Band saw uses are limitless. You can use it to accomplish many jobs that too without much difficulty because they come fully equipped with features like multiple blades attachments for different materials/gauges and variable speed controls all within one compact frame which makes them lightweight enough not to damage any surfaces during transport but powerful enough cut through almost anything.

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