Best 3D Printing Pen For Kids ( December-2020 )

Best 3D Printing Pens

Best 3D printing pen for kids is an amazing advanced technological development, it is the new categorized pen which is known as the 3D printing pens. This is the new craze that you should own one. A printing pens will give you lots of printing ideas.

Before you even get started to look for a kids pen, you must first know what is this 3D printing pens? How does it work? 

Choose the perfect 3D pen for your baby which will be really entertaining to try something new. If you don’t already know about it, then you’ve come to the right place to guide you.

This is a unique and creative tool for printing. A 3D pen isn’t any ordinary pen but has a look-alike outlook like the pens we normally use. It is heavier than the ordinary pen and this uses plastic filament instead of regular ink. This is an open creativity for any users.

This 3D printing pen is mainly for the artists, craft hobbyists and children to create three-dimensional objects.

People were limited to two-dimensional drawings, well now these pens are opening the door for the enthusiastic artist to draw stick figures. There are few 3D pens especially for the children to apply their vast creativity with only one tool.

How does A 3D Printing Pen Work?

There may be somewhat a confusion arising that if the 3D printers and 3D pens are the same? Well, they are absolutely not the same. They are different products for different purposes. I hope I made it very clear about this.

A 3D pen uses as I said plastic filament instead of ink to draw objects. To draw you need to fill up the pen with plastic filament given with the kit. There is a heating technology inside which will melt the plastic from solid to a molten state. After melting you can draw anything you want on any surfaces you want like a wall, furniture, plastic, etc. This is suitable for all surfaces.

The pens come with different colors which will make your art look like a real-life material. This has a similar technology which many of you are familiar, for instance, glue gun that works same as the 3D pen.

Even though this product is new to the market there are many 3D pens which you can choose but unfortunately, you have less experience in this sector. Better not worry as I have come across to guide you with this handy tool. Full guide to using 3D printing pen

Best 3D Printing Pens for Kids Reviews

Start looking for the top chat 3D pen for you and grab that with an affordable price and for that, I have picked top 10 3D Printing Pens just for your baby. I have mentioned a few features of each product and given the pros and cons too.

1. Leo Evo 3D Doodler Pen

Leo Evo 3D Doodler pen is designed for both professional artists and children. The advanced features provide the professional with great speed and temperature control. It is also very suitable for the children with features for drawing templates with colorful filaments inside it.

This is quite interesting as this product captures the mind of two audiences, it should be really exciting to try this pen.

For the professionals, the use of 3D doodler pen will be different from the use of the children. This is because the use of variable speed and the temperature adjustments is not useful for children.

This pen covers all the basics needed for you, so the price tag given is nothing more than you can ask for. There will be a screen that displays all the information that you should know.

From my experience, I say the pen and the features offer a better quality and give a great value of money, so I must say you shouldn’t be worried about the price tags otherwise you won’t be able to achieve the quality of this 3D pen.

leo evo 3d doodler pen

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2. Scribbler 3D Printing Pen V3

As the name indicates, Scribbler 3D Printing Pen V3 is the upgraded version of Scribbler Pen, it is out there in the markets for a while and grabbing the attention for the art lovers around the globe.

The best features that offer in this product is that it is built with great quality and design and has an outstanding ergonomics which makes the drawing into a fine piece of art easily.

The Scribbler Pen comes with a variety of colors, it consists of 8 multiple attractive colors which include yellow, blue, red, white and purple. For the beginners, it would be helpful if they learn to use the color combination before using the pen.

To me, this pen is a great choice for teens and kids and for beginners. If you have problems regarding the changing of filaments, it is very simple and handy. The product is lightweight and easy to operate, even this pen works smoothly and friendly without causing any disturbances.

In product testing, this pen hasn’t got any significant downsides. All the tests were passed with flying colors. The first-timers may find it difficult to use the 3D pen as you will not be drawing with a pen in a paper like the ordinary times. Apart from that after getting used to it you’ll know that this pen is awesome and fun to use.

scribbler 3d pen v3

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3. 7TECH 3D Printing Pen

The next on my top list is the 7Tech 3D Printing Pen. This pen is designed to give a user-friendly experience which can be used easily.

The manufacturer made the pen perform smoothly in a silent mode and the exceptional advanced list of features made the pen one of the 3D pens you can ever use.

7TECH 3D pen has the updated features than any other pens, examples are, the thermal control feature is better than any other pens and it also notifies you if the plastic filament is stuck inside. Everyone would love this feature unless you don’t care about wasting your filaments.

One feature for that I’m in love with this pen is you can adjust your extrusion level on your recommended level where you find suitable in using it. You don’t have to worry about how super-fast or super-slow extrusion with this 3D printing pens like any other pens.

But there are two issues which I found when using this pen, the first one is the temperature inside the pen gets extremely high when fully functional and it may damage the skin when in contact.

The second one is it lacks filaments given with the product. The filament is not enough for such pens. However there have been downsides to other 3D printing pens too, not every product is 100% efficient. So far so good 7tech 3D printing pen is on my top list which you can buy.

3d pens reviews

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4. MYNTD 3D Professional Printing 3D Pen

As the name says about the product, MYNTD 3D printing pen is the perfect use for the professionals. I personally like it because it is extremely satisfying and easy to use. One doesn’t want to use a heavyweight pen for any art or design and this pen is not easy to beat because of the solid construction and lightweight and as well as the shape itself.

This pen comes with a small OLED screen where users can see the various modes to use. The pen also helps you to adjust the speed and the temperature to make sure that it gives the proper control over how the filaments are melted.

The nozzle can be easily removed to be cleaned after a thorough use. Like other pens, you don’t have to be concerned about the issues of detaching nozzles to be cleaned.

Well, I might aware you with this is that the user manual inside this product is vague enough to make you hate this MYNTD 3D Pen as proper instructions are not given so to skip this obstacle you can just YouTube the tutorials to learn how to use the pen properly. Other than this there is not much of a complaint about this pen.

3d print pen review

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5. DigiHero 3D Pen

DigHero 3D pen you might look for your kids. Before you buy anything for your children always remember about safety. Most of the 3D pens that I’ll be reviewing, or I have reviewed have not been so far safety for the children. Well, this pen got my attention as it is itself produced for the safety of children.

If you look at the design and structure of the pen that feeds to children; the pen is lightweight. Above that what’s inside with the pen is 12 PLA filaments with multiple colors, each 10 feet long.

With that, DigiHero also includes a removal tool to remove the filament that is not in use, also a penholder and a charger that charges the pen with micro USB.

Talking about the performance the pen works as fine to what you want for a kid. This pen doesn’t have the updated features like the removal of nozzles, controlling the temperature. The price is very appropriate for the quality that you might consider this product.

Frankly speaking, this pen is not for the advanced users, they will not enjoy experiencing the pen. You’ll see how this 3D pen is marketed or priced, it clearly shows not a pen for the advanced users. The pen is great for kids but feels incomplete due to a low priced structure that is necessary for modern 3D pens.

3d pen reviews

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6. Kimitech 3D Pen

Kimitech 3D pen is the most affordable in the market you might find. Great product for your budget, well yes, it doesn’t have much-advanced feature and best for the first-time user to try it out. As you will not spend a greater amount of money to start something new, this pen would be the perfect pick in my suggestion.

This 3D pen is made as easy as possible to use and designed with great ergonomics, all the buttons are perfectly placed and work smoothly. Before buying this pen don’t have high expectations as this pen is for beginners and kids so the advanced feature is not included.

However, you do get an LCD display and support for variable temperatures for plastics like PLA and PLC. You can also easily control the speed and flow of the pen which is a very common problem in most pens in maintaining the extrusion level, but this pen ensures to have no issue on extrusion.

This covers all the basic requirements for a 3D printing pen without investing more money to accompany a pen with more than one advanced feature. It may not be the top 3D pen but surely one for the beginner as it holds a lot of value and serves users for more than a month or even years without creating any issues.

best 3d printing pen

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7. 3Doodler 3D Printing Pen

Before I start reviewing 3Doodler 3D pen I tell you there is a learning curve that you must go through before you use this pen. This is a very stylish pen which comes with the 50 filaments the highest ever filaments received than in any other 3D pens. The overall outlook of this pen and the feel of the pen is amazing, in one word this pen is cool.

The name of the pen is unique, and it is also the world’s first 3D printing pens in the markets. When you use it, the filaments don’t get clogged and of course, there are 50 filaments, so you can easily replace it.

Testing shows it works perfectly on all surfaces. An Easy tool to use for the experienced artists but for the new starters, a slight learning curve is needed.

With all honestly, I say there are no cons to this product. But there were some concerns which would be very nitpicking to point out as all of the 3D pens have the same issues.

3d pens reviews

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8. Glyby Intelligent 3D Printing Pen

This one is another finest 3D pen on my top list. This pen has been reviewed by many users and came out to be one of the finest 3D pens that they have used but although they also admitted that the look is not as good-looking than any other pens.

Glyby might be the cheapest pen found on the market. It gives absolutely a budget-friendly product at its performance that I used to date. This can be drawn on any surfaces you want, and this pen is more suitable for your children rather than you as an adult.

For the professionals, you might need to look for another 3D pen with advanced feature. The features inside in it are enough for the kids to make their days cherishing for a long time. If your kids are under supervision by you then nothing will go wrong.

This is one of leading 3D printing pen you can ask for your children at an affordable price but there are better pens in the market which are for professionals.

best 3d pen

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9. TRLife 3D Doodler Pen

To practice Doodling, this is the right pick for you. This is also a budget-friendly product, and this is the 4th pin version which comes with lot advancements such as no clogging of filaments into the pen. You can even literally see this pen as the body is transparent.

This pen is as good as the price you pay for. You should all agree that what you pay is what you get the quality in return. TRLife includes drawing templates as well as the transparent sheet to help you draw and practice for the newcomers.

By providing all these, it creates value for the product, many might not focus on the good sides such as the abundance of accessories, as well as the one button operation to help the kids.

According to me the elimination of buttons is something that I don’t want, it lacks full functionality of the product and this pen also doesn’t support any other plastics than PLA filaments. But nonetheless, it is a very good pen at its price but does not expect more as it has limited functionality and supports only PLA filaments.

best 3d pen

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10. Future Make Polyes Q1

The last 3D pen in my top list comes to an end with a unique product. The review of this pen might make you move from your chair as this is a different product you have never guessed.

This pen is among the first 3D pens but doesn’t use the plastic filaments instead uses something called cool ink which looks like plastics but free from all hazards like hot nozzles etc.

It is the safest product which you can easily buy for your kid as you don’t need to worry about the high temperatures and skin damages caused by burning. It is charged with micro-USB, so compatibility issues are minimum at its best. Even when it is on the battery you don’t have to worry as there are little parts that drain the battery life.

best 3d pen

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3D Plastic Pen vs. Cool Ink Pen

We should not forget to mention that the Scribbler and 3Doodler paved the way to the next level of 3D pen in the market. It first came up with plastic filaments for drawing 3D objects.

The main twist came when the manufacturer introduced cool ink pens. These pens made easier to draw than the plastic pens that uses plastic filaments. It was launched in September 2015 that surprised worldwide.

Like 3D Creation Maker cool ink pen couldn’t make its place in the market but pens like CreoPop came up with a solution and competed for market share. Overall, the plastic 3D pen vs. cool ink pen makes the evolution of 3D printing pens.

Additional Feature

The main purpose of a 3D pen is to draw 3D art or objects. Is it too bad to have an additional feature? Functions, design, filament conversion are the main features to compare between 3D pens. For example, the large LCD screen can give a product an additional feature. Some products even have a filament clogging detection system. Let’s take further look at the features.

Type of control- The quality can be determined by more controls in the pen. You can also control the speed of the drawing in many products.

Design – A 3D pen needs the ergonomic design to be out in the markets. Design plays a tremendous role in how easy control feel in your hand. Slimmer design of pens is in demand in the current market scenario. A lightweight and ergonomic design 3D pen would make a fascinating quality in the pen markets.

The Filament – Filaments are another feature to count. With the help of filaments, you can draw your art. For filaments, the easier to replace it the better filament it gets. It gives a great deal for using the pen for a longer period of time.

Brand name – the Brand name makes a whole lot of difference in choosing any pens. Users would compare brands and models on the basis of quality and features available.

User Reviews- Reading reviews before buying is mandatory, believe in internet reviews otherwise you will be blind enough to from which you decide which one to buy. Many 3D pens make promises but at the end doesn’t follow it. So, reviews or videos from YouTube should be carefully observed to buy your right 3D printing pen.


This might a new product that you will be trying, so try to understand the reviews which I have reviewed, you are really welcoming to buy any of the products which I mentioned as these products will benefit you and entertain you at the same time.

I have given a wide range of 3D pens to you so now it’s your time to study, research and pick the right pen that suitable for you. Hope you have a wonderful shopping afterward!

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