Top 10 Best Air Fryer Under $100-An In-depth Review In 2021

An Air Fryer is used as a kitchen cooking appliance that circulates hot air by a mechanical fan at high speed around the food. Food is cooked in a basket that sits atop a drip tray. In most cases, people tend to eat fried food at the same time try to maintain a healthy diet.

But we all know that eating fried food is unhealthy. Most of us don’t know the cook’s essential air fryer those are making with Anti-Radiation Foods.

So, is it possible to have a healthy diet with fried foods? It wasn’t until Cooks Essential Air fryer was introduced. This Air Fryer is not the same as a deep fryer, it allows you to enjoy deep-fried foods by 75% of the fat-less content of the oil you get when cooked.

The air fryer has taken the cooking world to a different level within a few years for good reasons. The art of the air fryer is to make flawlessly balance the taste and health of food.

It makes cooking easy and prepares snacks, meals, or desserts making it simpler and healthier in making your favorite foods.

Our Top Picks

Image Product Details   Price
philips air fryer hd9220 review Philips Airfryer, The Original Airfryer Color: White
Note: Fry Healthy with 75% Less Fat White HD9220/56.
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black+decker purify 2-liter air fryer black+decker purify hf110sbd 2-liter air fryer Color: Black
Note: Stainless Steel & You Save: 56%
Check Price on Amazon
secura air fryer xl 5.3 quart Secura Air Fryer XL 5.3 Quart 1700-Watt Color: Silver
Note: Additional Accessories, Recipes, BBQ Rack & Skewers for Frying, Roasting, Grilling, Baking.
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gowise usa air fryer gw22611 GoWISE GW22611 USA 3.7-Quart Color: Black
Note: Programmable 8-in-1 Air Fryer
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dash dfaf455gbaq01 deluxe electric air fryer Dash DFAF455GBRD01 Deluxe Electric Air Fryer Color: Red
Note: Oven Cooker with Temperature Control, Non-stick Fry Basket, Recipe Guide + Auto Shut off Feature.
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best air fryer under $100

What to consider when comparing models?

Size of the unit- If you have a small kitchen you can’t choose an appliance that doesn’t fit in your kitchen space, so you need to always check the dimensions of your product accordingly for your convenient place. Also, you need to make sure you have a nearby electrical outlet to be on the safe side if you have a bigger kitchen.

Capacity- One of the important keys is the Capacity of an Air Fryer. If the air fryer gets overloaded, food will not cook properly. You can’t have your food if the food is not cooked properly so you need to know the right capacity of food items.

Interference- Air fryers come with either an analog or digital interface. Using a digital interface would be the right one because the knob might get broken. Researchers have shown most people go for digital interference.

Weight- Air fryers are generally heavy because they’re pretty big, and they contain a sizeable heating element too. So if you wish to make your Air Fryer movable always, keep that in your mind that your air fryer has a weight that is heavy for you to handle regularly.

10 Best Air Fryer Under $100 Air Fryer Reviews of 2021

Choosing and ensuring the right product and quality for you is the main deal. This is not an easy task in this huge market so to reduce your difficulty I have set a list of 10 best cooks essential air fryers on my recommended list. This will hopefully guide you to have a wise decision to buy at your specifications.

1. Philips Airfryer, The Original Airfryer

philips digital airfryer the original airfryer

The ‘original’ air fryer among the consumers, the greatest brand among air fryers. It uses rapid air technology which circulates hot air around the entire unit that cooks food quickly with an easy process.

Philips AirFryer is designed uniquely with a patented “Starfish design” that ensures evenly cooked food. You can fry your favorite food with a tablespoon of oil or less. A variety of appetizers, entrees, and desserts can be prepared for up to four people at a time by this Airfryer. The food that is cooked tends to stay delicate on the inside but crumbly on the outside.

This fryer has a digital touch screen where you can set the temperature and timer. It features a 60-minute timer and a variable temperature setting of 150°F to 390°F. The stainless basket can be washed with the dishwasher easily and safely and with the durable design and well-maintained product, it will surely win the heart of.


  • Capacity: 2.65 pounds, 3.7 Quartz
  • Weight: 16 pounds
  • Dimensions- 12 x 11.5 x 16 inches
  • Technology: Rapid Air Technology, Digital Touch Screen
  • Temperature Setting: 150°F to 390°F
  • Stainless: Steel Frying Basket
  • Color: Black
  • Model: HD9230/26
  • Warranty: 1 year


  • Takes 75% less fat oil to cook
  • Cooks faster
  • Cooks evenly through the process
  • Healthier than a conventional fryer


  • Fans can be too noisy sometimes
  • Difficult to judge as cooked thoroughly.
philips digital air fryer reviews

2. BLACK+DECKER Purify 2-Liter Air Fryer

This Air Fryer is an affordable product with high-end features. The popularity of Black and Decker shouldn’t have any doubts regarding it. It has unique features than other air fryers, it is built with a powerful convection fan that speeds up the cooking time by hot air that circulates the air balances the temperature evenly on your favorite food, but this is not high-tech like others as this lacks the touchscreen.

best air fryer around $100

Black+Decker has a timer setting that sets a 60-minute timer at temperatures from 175°F to 400°F when it begins to cook and automatically shuts down after it is cooked. You can be tension-free about this matter.

The 2-liter Air fryer which the name says itself has a non-stick basket that has the capability of feeding two and comes with features to cook multiple foods at the same time. To use this machine, I suggest you set the time half of the recommended time then open the tray, move and turn the food and re-start the rest of the time left for cooking.


  • Capacity: 2 Liters
  • Weight: 12.6 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 12.6 x 12.6 x14.5 Inches
  • Power: 1200 Watts
  • Technology: Hot Air Convection Circulation with Dual Fans
  • Temperature Setting: 175°F to 400°F
  • Timer: 60-Minute, Auto Shut-Off
  • Color and Construction: Black Plastic and Stainless-Steel
  • Warranty: 2 Years


  • Perfect for single and couples because it has 2-liter of size
  • Special features such as Temperature control, automatic shutting down and cooling touch handle
  • Basket partition helps to cooks two foods at once.
  • Has a 60-minute timer setting
  • Affordable price ranging product
  • Stylish shape and design for users


  • No LED touchscreen display
  • Takes time for the starters to adjust timer and temperature

3. Secura Hot Crispy Electric Hot Air Fryer 5.3 Qt With Rack

Secura is the top leading seller and small-appliance manufacturer in North America. The Air fryer accommodates four or more people with an extra-large 4.2-quart capacity.

Secura Hot Crispy Electric Hot Air Fryer

It can prepare lists of food like; meat, vegetables, potatoes, snacks, and dessert without the addition of oils. Secura has an analog dial that adjusts the timer and temperature settings and the unit preheats in two minutes.

This also has the automatic shut-down feature for the 60-minute timer for safety purposes. But all these don’t make this product backdated.

Secura Hot Air Fryer imitates the process of a convection oven, amplified, by using hot air combined with high-speed air circulation with significant cooling capacity.

There is a non-stick pan where all the mess from cooking is gathered and can be cleaned easily with soapy water.

There is no pan to scrub, no stovetop to clean, and no grease odor to leave out from the house. Other accessories can be added to a toaster/grilling rack with skewers, and a recipe book. This Air fryer is overall one of the top products at a reasonable price.


  • Capacity: 4.2 Quarts, 4.0 liters
  • Weight: 10.7 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 15 x 14 x13 Inches
  • Power: 1500 Watts
  • Technology: Hot Air Circulation
  • Temperature Setting: 180°F to 390°F
  • Timer: 60-Minute, Auto Shut-Off
  • Functions: Analog, Turn-Style knob
  • Color: Black
  • Model: TXG-DS15
  • Warranty: 2 Years


  • Extra-large capacity to prepare the meal for a full family
  • The rapid hot-air circulation makes the cooking within 30% less time
  • Precise adjustments can be done by an analog dial
  • The circulating fan is much quiet than other air fryers
  • Cool-touch exterior reduces risk to users
  • A budget-friendly product


  • Digital features are absent
  • Some initial difficulty in placing the appropriate temperature and time setting for specific user recipes
  • Many complained 4.0-liter capacity is not enough

4. GoWISE USA GW22611 GoWISE USA 8-In-1 Electric Air Fryer

gowise usa 3.7-quart 7-in-1 air fryer review

GoWise USA is the top quality product of my choice. If you’re smart enough you would go for GoWise. This AirFryer is new in the market with a great design that cooks the food more easily.

It is suitable for a family of four and it uses a Rapid Air Circulating System to circulate the hot air around the food in all directions evenly. This Airfryer makes it easy to fry, grill, roast and bake any food you like.

The feature you would search for is the Cool-touch hand-grip which will make you feel safe handling the fryer. A removable pan is added with a detachable basket to replace and wash after cooking.

GoWise has a 30-minute timer, a temperature range of 170°F to 400°F with a digital touch screen and seven presets programs. When the cooking is done, the air fryer gets in standby mode so there is no need to turn on the machine again for extra cooking at the same time it doesn’t continue to heat up.


  • Capacity: 3.6 Quarts
  • Dimensions: 9.5 x 9 x 12 Inches
  • Power: 1400 Watts
  • Technology: Rapid Air flow, Touchscreen
  • Temperature Setting: up to 392°F
  • Timer: 30-minute, Auto Standby mode
  • Preset: 8 Settings for meat, fries, cakes, warm-up
  • Color: Black and white
  • Warranty: 1 Years


  • 7 preset programs for any recipe
  • Affordable price for buying
  • ETL certified
  • Large enough to cook a whole chicken


  • Needs the timer and temperature to be reset every time after the pause

5. Dash DFAF455GBRD01 Deluxe Electric Air Fryer

The second last product in my top 10 list of Air Fryers. Zelancio can be the alternative product for you to cook your favorite food as it fries your food deliciously without causing any harm, diet ruining, and disadvantages of frying your food.

dash air fryer reviews

You can enjoy the Premium Zelancio Airfryer without any guilt. It uses Rapid Air Technology that circulates hot air evenly around the food with great speed and precision to make the food perfectly fried and cooked with less oil required.

This AirFryer has got a functional design with a stainless steel look that makes it very essential to any meal.

It features to have a 30-minute timer that automatically shuts off when the cooking is completed, leaving your food cooked for protection. An adjustable thermostat is also included with an LCD that controls the AirFryer temperature.

A versatile product that fries, grills, bakes, and roast your food using only a tablespoon or less oil. It cooks the meal for the whole family with a 2.5L cooking capacity.

All the parts of it are dishwasher safe for quick and easy clean up. It cooks with 70% less oil preventing the use of unhealthy fats and oil.


  • Capacity: 2.5L
  • Dimensions: 33.5 x 33.5 x 38.1 cm
  • Weight: 5.72 kg
  • Technology: LCD Touchscreen Display 
  • Timer: 30-minute, Auto Standby mode
  • Preset: One-touch cooking options
  • Color: Stainless Steel
  • Warranty: 1 Years
  • Includes: 1 user manual


  • Simple LCD operation
  • 70% less oil used than traditional frying
  • Adjustable thermostat to control the temperature
  • One-touch easy cooking option
  • Very versatile
  • Easy to clean up the fryer


  • Not too much power to handle
  • Some reports the finish of the food gets dried up

6. Aigerek Air Fryer – Comes With Recipes CookBook

aigerek air fryer review

The next on my top list is Aigerek Air Fryer, an American brand that is growing on a rapid process for those who enjoy eating delicious healthy food. This product proves that with little investment you can still achieve a quality product like Aigerek AirFryer.

It has many facilities like it is capable of fry, grill, bake, and roast and requires lesser oil or no oil reducing the fats. The Dynamic AirFlow technology features make cooking faster and precise excluding the smell of traditional food preparation.

This product also has a 30-minute timer and automatic shut-down for safety with a temperature control ranging from 160°F to 400°F with 1350-watts of power for cooking. If you have a smaller family, this might be the perfect fryer for you.

It has an amazing design and the inner parts of the product are FDA certified. Aigerek has built-in insulation that keeps the machine cooler during work.

best Deep Fryers


  • Capacity: 3.38 Quarts
  • Weight: 13.3 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 11 x 11 x12.4 Inches
  • Power: 1350 Watts
  • Technology: Dynamic Air Flow
  • Temperature Setting: 160°F to 400°F
  • Color: Black and Burgundy
  • Display: Digital and Manual
  • Warranty: 1 years, 30-Day Guarantee


  • Perfect Temperature control
  • Suitable enough for a family of four
  • Patented Dynamic Airflow technology
  • More noise-less than other fryers


  • Not enough for the larger family
  • No digital setting
  • Must force timer to zero when interrupting the cooking process

7. SimpleTaste 1400W Multi-Function Electric Air Fryer

This is a similar product to a convection oven that features Rapid Air Circulation Technology but is more intense, as it cooks food consistently and rapidly with a crumbly exterior and juicy delicious interior.

SimpleTaste features a 30-minute timer that allows manual manipulation, 3.2Quarts, Teflon coated, a digital screen with a temperature setting, and a basket that can cook for four.

In addition, eight smart preset modes are available to cook various items that require tricky timing, e.g Steak, or lobster. The Cool-Touch Technology makes it safe to use and handle by the user with bare hands, with that the oval casing has got a very attractive outlook.

To give proper advice you should preheat the machine by the Warm-up button for a couple of minutes and then set the temperature to your needs within 170°F to 400°F.

frenchmay air fryer reviews


  • Capacity: 3.2 Quarts
  • Weight: 12.9 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 12.6 x 11.8 x 11.8 Inches
  • Power: 1400 Watts
  • Technology: Rapid Air Circulation
  • Temperature Setting: 170°F to 400°F
  • Color: Black
  • Model: 714NA-0001
  • Smart Preset Choices: Warm-up, Chips, Chicken, Steak, Shrimp
  • Display: Digital and manual
  • Warranty: 2 Years


  • Cool-Touch handles and casing
  • UL certified
  • Automatic and manual console for temperature adjustments
  • Very attractive design to seal a place on the kitchen counter
  • 8 preset programs included for pre-heating the machine


  • Accessories are sold separately
  • The recipe book is not included with purchase
  • Not recommend for dishwasher use

8. FrenchMay Air Fryer – 3.7Qt, 1500W – Recipes & CookBook

A multi-functional and the versatile machine, FrenchMay Air Fryer, is one of the greatest inventions of the 21st century and one of my favorite brands for kitchen appliances.

It uses Dynamic Airflow Technology, which circulates the hot air rapidly evenly through the cooking in less time. The 3.7 Quarts basket is more or less enough for a family of four.

This modern Airfryer uses little or no oil where consumers can easily operate to master frying, grilling, and even baking. What makes it special from other products is the easy-slide basket that supports heavier foods; it is made not only with plastics but with stainless steel and metal parts, while its interior is PFOA is free.

The advanced technology of the Airfryer, FrenchMay comes with an intuitive LCD TouchScreen that offers 7 preprogrammed settings. More to add it doesn’t require preheating has a 60-minute timer with automatic shut-down and with a temperature range of up to 400°F.

Furthermore, a Cool-touch system prevents any risk in handling the pan and the basket. It will be wrong to skip the fact that the design is very stylish that will make an aesthetic addition to the kitchen space.

best cooks essentials air fryer recipes


  • Capacity: 3.7 Quarts
  • Weight: 13.4 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 15.5 x 13.5 x 13.4 Inches
  • Power: 1500 Watts
  • Technology: Dynamic Air flow, Touchscreen
  • Temperature Setting: up to 400°F
  • Timer: 60-minute, Auto Shut-off
  • Preset: 7 Settings for meat, fries, cakes, warm-up
  • Warranty: 1 Years
  • Includes: Cookbook with Recipes


  • The quality and technology is standard as a higher-priced brand
  • Easy to clean and safe for dishwashing
  • 100% risk-free purchase
  • Has 7 preset for making the cooking easy


  • Doesn’t have efficient capacity to cook for more than four
  • No history records for a newer brand

9. Super Deal 1500W Electric Air Fryer W/Temperature Control

A user-friendly Air Fryer is what SuperDeal offers you, users out there using other Air fryers face difficulty controlling the temperature and timer of the machine. Super Deal 1500W helps you by having two separate knobs for temperature and timer settings which will make it easy for you to handle the machine.

It features to have a 30-minute timer with a standby mode to take care of itself even when you’re not around, so the food will not get messed up by burning or anything else.

SuperDeal handles the cooking at a temperature of 176°F to 392°F that evenly fries or grills your desired food. This product comes with 8 preset cooking options which make the measurement and adjustments of cooking and temperature easier to operate.

To add more, a detachable basket and easy-to-open cooking compartments are included which makes it easier to clean for the users.

best Electric Air Fryer


  • Capacity: 3.7 Quarts
  • Dimensions: 15.2 x 13.8 x 13.8 Inches
  • Power: 1500 Watts
  • Technology: Touchscreen Display
  • Temperature Setting: 176°F to 392°F
  • Timer: 30-minute, Auto Standby mode
  • Preset: 8 options for fries or grill
  • Color: Black and white
  • Warranty: 1 Years
  • Includes: 1 user manual


  • ETL, CSA, and UL certified product
  • 176°F to 392°F cooking range
  • An alternative product to be used instead of the cooker
  • Includes detachable basket and cooking compartments
  • Includes 8 preset setting


  • Not too much power to handle
  • Less capacity to cook for more than 2-3 people

10. SUPER DEAL 1500W Electric Air Fryer With Rapid Air Technology

Last but not least product I reviewing the products on my recommended list. SuperDeal is designed in a special way for the frying geeks who fries a large variety of items.

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This Airfryer gives a crispy finish to the food that is fried, it creates a continuous airflow that evenly spreads through the food cooked. Every food can be fried from vegetables to meats to fish, so to have the variety of the food, this might be the top cooks’ essential air fryer for you.

This includes 7 preset settings that are user-friendly for new users and experienced ones. It helps to cook items without any help from any user manuals or tutorial videos.

The settings can be set manually so you will feel more self-confident in using it. A useful thing that adds is a guard button to keep the frying basket from detaching accidentally. A 60-minute timer setting has been placed also with an adjustable temperature setting for your desired food.

best cooks essentials air fryer recipes


  • Capacity: 3.7 Quarts
  • Weight: 5.88 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 15.2 x 13.8 x 13.8 Inches
  • Power: 1500 Watts
  • Display: LCD Touchscreen
  • Temperature Setting: up to 390°F
  • Timer: 60-minute, Auto Shut-off
  • Preset: 7 Settings to fry or grill or bake
  • Warranty: 1 Years
  • Includes: User manual


  • Easy to handle
  • Safety in frying
  • Low oil usage
  • Prevents oil splitting
  • Preserves food quality and flavor


  • Low frying capacity
  • Basket requires no-stick spray

Final Verdict

Thank you for having the patience to go through all the product reviews that I have shared to guide you through my top 10 list of AirFryers. I made my best efforts to find and help you save some of your time and to decide to have the right pick for you from my personal experiences.

Hope the reviews I have given will be worthwhile for going through the markets of Air fryers. Even though I have done my homework and reviewed some products, you yourself need to do some research on your suitable item.

To Conclude, Air Fryers are simple to use, provides healthy support to individuals with a finger-licking delicious food of your favorite. Enhanced with high performances, great technology, and stylish design Air fryers seem to be the ones that you should have in your kitchen space.

To me from the above list, I would like to refer you to go for Philips Air fryer and GoWISE USA GW22611 GoWISE USA as these are the top-selling models online and much appreciation with fewer complaints have been reviewed by the other users. Enjoy Shopping! Best of luck.

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