Best Bandsaw for Resawing Wood of 2021- (Top Picks & Reviews)

Woodworking is an art. There are different types of tools used in woodwork, but the most commonly-used tool for cutting during a session will be your blade and saws. When you need to switch from one cut type to another – say straight cuts versus miter or bevel cuts – it’s always best practice to change out each tool rather than using just any available blade; this way there won’t ever have any cross-contamination on your completed project.

A bandsaw is a versatile machine that can assist woodworkers with many skills and techniques. One of the most important ones, resawing allows for greater flexibility when it comes to making your perfect piece out of any type or size of wood.

Resawing is a process that can be tricky, so you’ll need the best bandsaw for resawing to help. With one of these in your garage or workshop, you have all the tools necessary to tackle any project and get it done right.

Our Top Picks

Image Product Details   Price
wen 3962 two-speed band saw review WEN 3962 Two-Speed Band Saw Weight: 73 Pounds
Note: with Stand and Worklight, 10″.
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RIKON 10-305 Bandsaw With Fence RIKON 10-305 Bandsaw Voltage: 115 Volts
Note: 13-3/4-Inch by 12-1/2-Inch sturdy work surface.
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Shop-Fox-W1706-14-Bandsaw-with-Cast-Iron Shop Fox W1706 14″ Bandsaw Color: Port
Note: with Cast Iron Wheels & Deluxe Aluminum Fence.
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jet jwbs-14dxpro 14 deluxe pro bandsaw JET JWBS-14DXPRO 14″ Color: White
Note: 14″ Deluxe Pro Bandsaw Kit.
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laguna 1412 review Laguna Tools MBAND1412-175 Color: Black / Gray
Note: 14 x 12 Bandsaw, Black/Grey.
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What To Consider When Choosing the Best Resaw Bandsaw

If you’re looking for a bandsaw that can handle any thickness of wood, then lookout for the right features. These are crucial in determining if it’s capable or not. Make sure to pay attention and compare before buying.

Cutting Capacity

All band saws require a specific amount of cutting capacity, which is measured by the worktable. The throat capacity dictates how high you can make cuts while more height allows for deeper resawing and greater variety in cut types as well.

The throat capacity is the distance from the blade of a saw to where its frame meets. This determines how wide you can cut with that particular band saw, and it should be enough for even your tallest pieces.

The height capacity of a table saw determines the maximum cutting height, measured from tabletop to blade. It also specifies what heights can fit comfortably in the machine itself for cutting wood.

This saw has all the right features to make cutting wood a simpler task. Its throat capacity and height work together with its volume of space for maximum efficiency, making this tool quite an asset in your workshop.

Power of the Motor

The power of a band saw is determined by the speed at which its blade moves and how strong its motor can work. The more horsepower an engine has, the faster that band saw will be able to cut through different materials with ease.

The power requirements for a band saw depend on the saw’s size. For 12-14 inch blades, ¾ to 1 HP is required; and 2HP motors are needed when working with larger 18 inches blades.

A blade must be able to move at high speeds for resawing. This requires a powerful motor, so make sure you buy one that has enough power behind it.


Woodworking is a hands-on business. You can’t get anywhere without the worktable, where you will be placing your wood piece and making it into something new! Make sure that this table has enough space to bear all of your hard work on its surface so you create a masterpiece in no time at all.

Heavy wood planks can easily wear down a table if not made out of durable material. For this reason, many band saws come with an iron worktable that won’t have to be replaced for years under heavy use.

The size of the table you should have is also important. You need a worktable that will accommodate your wood planks and allow for an adequate space to resaw them, so it’s best not to go too small!

Every woodworker knows the importance of a setup table for their work. The kind that is most popular in band saw workshops, with surfaces on either end and logs across its length, should be given careful attention to ensure everything goes smoothly during use.

Blade of the Saw

The blade is the most important part of a band saw. It’s where all your cutting work gets done and, if it isn’t sharp enough or has been damaged in some way, then you can forget about any other adjustments being made to make up for that. So when buying the band saw, be sure to double-check how well its blades are formed and what kind they’re made from so there won’t be trouble later on down the line.

The first thing you need to do before buying a new blade is assessed its material, which must be sturdy enough for heavy-duty cutting. To make sure the quality of your blades is up-to-par from the start, it’s important that they’re made out of high-grade steel and saw teeth with just as much strength– this way once it cuts through woodpiles with ease during those rigorous sessions in your workshop.

Different materials require different blades for cutting through them. For thicker material, you need band saws with lesser TPI whereas thinner ones necessitate fewer teeth per inch on the blade and vice versa.

The thickness of the blade is an important factor to consider when purchasing a knife. Thicker blades are generally used for thicker materials while thinner ones can be more effective on smaller jobs that require precision and detail work.

Best Bandsaw for Resawing

5 Best Bandsaws For Resawing in 2021

For the best results, choose a saw that will be able to handle all of your cutting needs. If you are looking for one perfect band saw suitable for resawing lumber or other items then look no further as I have compiled only 5 of them here; trust me when I say they’ll do wonders on any project.

1.WEN 3962 Two-Speed Band Saw with Stand and WorklightBEST FOR MONEY

The Wen 3962 band saw is available in three different sizes: 9 inches, 10 inches, and 14 inches. The 10-inch saw has become the standard one if you need a machine that can resaw but doesn’t have enough room for anything bigger.

wen 3962 two-speed band saw with stand and worklight 10 review

It is a highly capable small-sized device for your woodworking tasks. If you are a hobbyist, this saw will be the perfect bandsaw for you! The low price and small size make it ideal not only to do smaller jobs but also to provide excellent portability around projects in need of some precision cutting work done on-site.

This bandsaw can outperform any other 10″ band saw. It has a 9.75-inch throat capacity and 6 inches cutting height which means you’ll be able to fit your wood piece swiftly, so best bandsaw for resawing as well! This is also great if you want book matching because the blade will cut through from both sides of the board at once with ease – no need to flip or rotate boards anymore.

This 10-inch bandsaw is so cool! It has two speeds, and you can run the blade at 1520 SFPM or 2620 SFPM. This versatility makes it a must-have for any woodworker with varying demands in their work. With its sturdy blade capacity and speed levels that go up to 2600 FPMs, this saw will cut through whatever material your project needs.

The powerful 3.5 amp motor provides enough energy for the blade to perform at high speeds, making it perfect for heavy-duty use.

Cutting different materials? Time to switchblades. The Wen 3962 bandsaw gives you the flexibility of changing blade sizes from 1/8 inch to ½ inches with ease so that no material is too tough for this machine.


This item is loaded with a variety of cool features to make your woodworking experience better. You get an easily maneuverable work light that illuminates the table so you can see everything more clearly, and it has a rip fence and miter gauge for when those types of precise cuts are needed.

2. BEST FOR LIGHT USE: Rikon 10-305 Bandsaw with Fence

This 10” bandsaw from Rikon is a great option for those who are looking to do some heavy-duty sewing. This machine features all the benefits of its 14-inch counterparts but in an easier size that will fit most people well and won’t take up as much space on your workbench.

best price on rikon bandsaw

This mighty device has a solid steel construction with a cast iron-built worktable. It can fit any large plank of wood on its 13.75×12.5 inch tabletop, which can help in bearing anything up to 10 inches wide for resawing purposes.

The table has a 45° bevel capacity, which you can use to cut your wood at an angle – making it super easy. You have the option of cutting straight or with miters; this bandsaw is so quick and durable.

The amazing features of this fence are a precision rip-fence that will cut straight, accurate cuts. You can easily fit the fence to your measurements and fix it using its handy hand clip so there’s no problem with drifting while resawing.

If you’re looking to cut large planks of wood most quickly and efficiently, a Rikon 10-305 bandsaw is exactly what you need. This machine has an impressive 1/3 HP motor that generates high speeds for cutting without any wandering cuts or wavy lines.

Woodworking tasks are hard work. But, at the end of a long day, you might find yourself with sawdust all over your clothes and project area. With this neat little tool, that’s not an issue! All it takes is connecting one side to the vacuum hose for instant relief from dust-related problems in any workshop environment.

rikon 10-305 bandsaw with fence

3. BEST OVERALL: Shop Fox W1706 14″ Band saw with Cast Iron Wheels & Aluminum Fence

The Shop Fox W1706 band saw is a very efficient device that comes at a great price. If you need to resaw lumber, this will be the best band saw for your budget needs without sacrificing the quality of workmanship.

The 14-inch band saw is surprisingly capable of cutting up to 12 inches. You might be skeptical at first, but don’t worry; this band saw has a throat size of 13 1/2″ and a height capacity of 6″. With help from an optional extension kit, you can make your way through any wood that comes in contact with the blade.

This heavy-duty band saw is perfect for any woodworker. Not only does it have a large 14×14 inch table, but you can also try out different cuts like bevel cut and miter cut on the machine with its 1.5 inches thickness to handle your weight comfortably.

Resawing needs different blades for cutting wood chunks of various sizes. With this band saw, you can use a blade that is either 0.125 inches or 0.75 inches thick and with lengths from 93 to 94″ long (depending on the thickness).

One of the most interesting features of this saw is its dual speed. Simply shift from 1800 SFPM to 3100SFPM by changing the position of a poly-v belt on your lower wheel housing.

The 1 HP motor generates high speeds for cutting through wood. It can be wired to 110V or 220V depending on your needs, and it is efficient enough to run smoothly without being too loud while delivering durable service whether you want a smooth cut or not.

4. RUNNER UP: JET JWBS-14DXPRO 14-Inch Deluxe Pro Band Saw Kit

If you are willing to spend money, head over and buy the best material. This band saw from Jet is a premium pick worth every penny! JET JWBS 14DXPRO can resaw wood with precision or other types of cutting as needed for your project needs.

This saw has an innovative dual blade speed system that lets you change the cutting speed from 3000 SFPM to 1500 SFPM in a matter of seconds. It can handle your metalwork as well because it’s multifunctional and versatile, so there are no limits when it comes to what materials this band saw will cut.

This band saw is a great tool for resawing and other woodworking tasks. It has a throat capacity of 13.5 inches, which allows you to fit any average large chunk of wood easily so that it can be cut into slices using the saw blade on an angle like butter.

The 15×15 inch tabletop is sturdy enough to handle any wood weight. You don’t have to worry about breaking or damaging it because the JET JWBS 14DXPRO bandsaw has hard-wearing components that can tackle heavyweight projects and last a long time. The design of the saw makes it more rigid in construction, but flexible so you can meet every demand with your project no matter what they are changing from one day to another.

The device motor is loaded with 1.25HP and has everything you need to get the job done quickly and efficiently- 115V wiring that can also be changed for 220 as needed, a powerful machine with brute strength like no other.

The spring-loaded design of this blade makes it reliable and effective for heavy-duty performance. You can easily adjust the tension with a simple squeeze, giving you flexibility in how much pressure is applied to your cutting task. With an easy scale that adjusts according to the widths of blades, choosing one way or another couldn’t be easier.

5. BEST FOR HEAVY USE: Laguna Tools MBAND1412-175 14 x 12 Bandsaw

What if there was a tool out there that could make your woodworking life easier? Well, now the Laguna Tools bandsaw does just that. This versatile and precise machine will cover all of those needs from hobbyist to professional craftsman with its incredible features like blade tensioning levers for precision cuts every time.

The 1.75 Hp motor on the American Saw Company bandsaw is a good choice for any shop that needs to save money and energy while still getting great performance with their saws. It comes prewired, so you can easily switch it from 115V to 220V depending on your electricity situation in your workshop or garage! Plus its high blade speed will get jobs done quickly without bogging down like other machines do when they’re not as powerful – this is important if you need something quick but don’t want sloppy results because of low-quality power supply equipment.

The blade size and speed are paramount for any woodworker, so you need to be at the top of your game when it comes time. This saw is compatible with 1/8-inch blades all the way up to ¾ inch resawing capacity.

The worktable of the saw is made from cast iron and polished to be strong enough for any weight. You can fit your big wood plank in its 21.5×16 inch table with ease, while it has a 13.62 inches throat capacity and 12 inches cutting height that make it perfect for resawing purposes as well.

The steel frame structure of the saw allows it to be corrosion-resistant and durable. The pyramid spine is what makes this machine a one-of-a-kind addition to any workshop.

The saw is designed to work for your safety. It features an illuminated power button that glows when powered on, a safety key with it, and two see-through windows that show the blade tension and position while running along with the upper wheel to make sure you have maximum protection from injury.

FAQs about best Bandsaw for Resawing

You can find the answers to some of your most burning questions below, but if you don’t see one that is specific to what you’re looking for and want more detailed information on bandsawing in general or resawing specifically, just leave a comment down here.

What is a resaw capacity?

A bandsaw is a great tool for cutting planking because it has the capacity to cut through large pieces of wood. The space provided by the band saw, called resawing capacity, limits how far down you can cut into your plank without having to trim off excess at each end and start over from scratch.
12” height capacity designates that the saw can fit about 12″ long wood planks. Resawing requires wide wood planks, which is why you need to know your resaw capacity before making any purchases.

How to choose a blade for resawing?

TPI is a measure of the blades’ sharpness and determines how effective it will be. Blades range from 1 to 32 TPI depending on material thickness, with more teeth per inch for thinner materials such as cardboard or plastic sheeting. The required number varies due to blade characteristics like arbor hole size, tooth geometry, and thinning angle which are also different among brands।

TPI is a measure of the blades’ sharpness and determines how effective it will be. Blades range from 1 to 32 TPI depending on material thickness, with more teeth per inch for thinner materials such as cardboard or plastic sheeting. The required number varies due to blade characteristics like arbor hole size, tooth geometry, and thinning angle which are also different among brands.

If you’re cutting large boards or resawing wood, the teeth per inch of your blade must be 2 to 3. The quality and speed are important because it can’t take long for a thinner sawmill board to get dull from repeated cuts when used on a thick piece of lumber.

What should be the width of the blade?

The first step in cutting a straight line on your bandsaw is to measure and mark the desired width of the cut. The wider blade will make for an easier job, as it cuts through the wood plank from start till end with less effort applied by you. You need to be careful not to veer off course while resawing because this can ruin all that hard work put into making sure the saw was set up just right

How much power is required for a bandsaw?

The power of a bandsaw is determined by its motor. Some motors have 0.75 to 1 HP, which can be used with 12 inches or 14-inch models, but larger saws need 2 horsepower for 18-inch blades.

Final Words

Woodworking is a real hobby for people who want to escape the monotony of everyday life. Every step in crafting woodwork requires multitasking, and resawing is one of those steps that you can’t skip out on if you’re going for perfection.

The best bandsaw for resawing will make your woodworking tasks so much easier. It can take some time and experimentation to find the perfect one, but once you do it’s worth all of that effort.

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