Best Benchtop Bandsaw of 2021 – [Top Picks & Reviews]

I was so exhausted from the last time I had to find a benchtop bandsaw. It takes me hours of searching just for one.

If you’re looking for the best benchtop bandsaw, look no further! I’ve compiled a list of all my favorites in this article and included what makes them so great.

Bandsaws are big-budget tools. When buying one, it is important to be considerate and go through reviews with a careful eye. I would suggest going through each review carefully before making any decisions about which bandsaw you want to buy.

I hope you find the right one that you are looking for.

Our Top Picks

Image Product Details   Price
RIKON 10-305 Bandsaw With Fence RIKON 10-305 Bandsaw Voltage: 115 Volts
Note: Includes With Fence, 10-Inch.
Check Price on Amazon
Grizzly G0555LX 14″ Deluxe Bencht Grizzly G0555LX Deluxe Bandsaw Color: White
Weight: 247 Pounds
Check Price on Amazon
WEN 3962 Two-Speed Band Saw wen 3962 two-speed band saw Weight: 73 Pounds
Note: with Stand and Worklight, 10″.
Check Price on Amazon
WEN 3975T 4-7/8-inch x 5-inch Metal-Cutting Benchtop Band Saw WEN 3975T 4-7/8-inch Item Weight
 ‎54.6 pounds
Note: 5-inch Metal-Cutting Benchtop Band Saw.
Check Price on Amazon
delta 28-400 band saw Delta 28-400 bandsaw Color: Gray
Note: 14 in. 1 HP Steel Frame.
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Top 5 Benchtop Bandsaw Reviews of 2021

A benchtop band saw reviews is something that you will find in almost every workshop. There are many different types, and when looking to buy one there are a lot of options available. The 5 best ones with the most features for your dollar include:

Best Benchtop Bandsaw

In these reviews, I’ll break down each machine’s strengths and weaknesses so it can be easier for you to make an informed decision on which model would suit your needs best out of this selection.

1. Rikon 10-305 Bandsaw with FenceBEST OVERALL

If you want a quality band saw, then the Rikon benchtop band saw is perfect for your needs. With this tool’s efficiency and durability in mind, it will offer you all that you need to do more tasks efficiently and without the worry of damage.

Rikon was your answer to all of those construction workers and carpenters that need a strong saw in their workshop. The steel frame is durable enough for you to slam the table against any surface without fear, while its cast-iron built worktable tackles anything thrown at it–no matter how roughly used.

This Rikon 10-305 bandsaw is a powerful, versatile cutter. It has enough power to cut through any type of wood without restriction and the durability needed for long-lasting use.

You can make any woodworking cut with this band saw, from miters to bevels and rip cuts. It has a 4.625-inch resawing capacity that will let you create the curves in your projects like butter! With its high cutting speed, it’ll work on anything you throw at it without slowing down or throwing an error message about not having enough power for whatever crazy project idea is rolling around in your head right now.

Rikon benchtop bandsaws are designed to be safe. The Rikon saw has a safety paddle on its power switch for easy shutoff if needed, and by respecting the importance of that precaution you can avoid an accident in your workshop. Unintentional powering is dangerous because it could lead to injury or damage- which means avoiding this issue altogether with one quick motion from the stopping paddle is key when using any type of craftsman tool like this.

2. Grizzly G0555LX 14″ Deluxe Benchtop BandsawPREMIUM PICK

The Grizzly benchtop bandsaw is a finely crafted instrument that’s perfect for any project. When you use this machine, your cuts will be precise and clean with minimal effort on the part of the user.

At first glance, it may seem like a simplistic design with one function. But don’t be fooled! The sleek and streamlined shape is actually deceptive in terms of how well it performs. You can’t compare its high performance to the simplicity that you see on the outside.

The Grizzly 14-inch bandsaw is named for the ferocious animal, which correlates nicely with its tough and rugged body. The saw blade rests on a cast iron table frame that can withstand anything you put in front of it. You’ll be able to cut down any size tree or log without worrying about your tools getting damaged.

The grizzled band saw’s construction from durable materials ensures years of service uninterrupted by breakdowns due to heavy workload demands. It has been designed so that the cutting blade will remain stable at all times, even when bearing great weight – like logs too wide for your chainsaw’s teeth.

This tool is a game-changer! It includes durable ball bearings in every attachment which helps eliminate unnecessary friction while the attachments are moving. This advanced construction means that this product lasts long and it provides smooth service with no wear-offs.

The set comes with a heavy-duty steel stand that makes it easy to use your saw. The tool has the right stability and balance as you do work on whatever project is in front of you.

3. Wen 3962 Two-speed Band Saw with Stand and WorklightBEST FOR MONEY

Do you want a good bandsaw that is perfect for your needs? Well, I have the best small band saw with me- a 10-inch professional benchtop Wen model. It will fall right into your budget and it has all of the features necessary to give you an excellent experience while woodworking.

The first impression that you will get from it is its small-sized body in black. The chic look of the saw matches its standard maintaining working ability, making it just ideal for hobbyists or small-scale woodworkers.

With its easy-to-carry and attachable design, this saw is perfect for workshops. Not only does it have a replaceable stand so you can keep the one that came with or fix yours to your worktable if needed, but also has an adjustable blade just in case any other blades break.

It is a powerhouse, hiding its immense power under an indistinguishable exterior. This saw can cut through 6 inches of wood like it’s nothing and has two different blade rotating speeds for your convenience.

The Wen 3962 band reciprocating saw comes with 2 blades so you have options when cutting various materials at different speeds ranging from 1520 FPM to 2620 FPM.

This Wen 3962 band saw’s one exotic feature is its work light. This smart addition makes the job easier, no matter where you are working; even when it’s dark or there isn’t any sunlight available to illuminate your workspace.

4.WEN 3975T Metal-Cutting Benchtop Band SawBEST FOR METAL

It may be hard to believe, but there is a type of saw you can use for both wood and metal. The Wen band saw does just that with ease. After some fine work on its blades, the blade will cut through either material like butter.

The WEN 3975T is the newest, most technologically advanced saw on the market. It has a sleek and sophisticated design that will catch everyone’s eye in your workshop. Despite being one of their smaller models, it offers many features for all kinds of woodworkers to make cutting quick work.

If you are looking for a band saw that can work in tight spaces, then the Wen benchtop is perfect. It will save space and it’s easy to transport so if you have limited storage options this may be just what your workshop needs.

The band saw is a cross between beauty and brawn. The blade moves just fast enough to cut through metal without too much friction, but not so quick that it’ll sever your hand in the process. And with its speed-shift feature, you can change from cutting one type of material to another on the fly.

You can cut any metal type from a straight angle to 60-degrees with this versatile benchtop bandsaw. It’s also great for making bevel cuts, no matter the size or shape of your material.

5.Delta 28-400 14 In. 1 Hp Steel Frame Band SawHEAVY DUTY STEEL FRAME

Coming to the end of this list, you deserve a good ending! So here’s one of our favorite tabletop band saws. It will not disappoint and has rave reviews from every person who’s used it so far–you won’t regret getting it for your workshop or garage table.

A benchtop band saw is a perfect addition to any woodworking shop. You can find them at almost every major retailer, and they are priced to suit just about anyone’s budget. However, with such an array of options available it may be difficult for the uninitiated person without experience in this trade to know which model would best suit their needs- especially if you have no prior knowledge as well! This article will briefly discuss some of these considerations before helping answer your question: “What makes Delta Benchtop Band Saw so popular?”

Benchtop models offer both advantages and disadvantages compared to floor models but one thing that many enthusiasts seem most excited by when comparing bandsaws side by side is weight capacity since typically all other features tend not to vary widely enough.

The 1 HP motor is so strong that it can generate two blade speeds. The lower speed does 1620 FPM and the highest 3,340 FPM! With these options, you won’t have to worry whether your edges are too rough or not sharp enough.

With the speed duality, you have an ideal blade for cutting through both metal and wood. The lower speeds are perfect for thinner metals whereas the faster blades give utmost accuracy when going through thicker pieces of wood.

With 9 spokes in total, these two wheels are made of the ultimate material. The rubber coating on them is designed to provide traction for a smoother experience while cutting wood and other items.

Before You Buy a Best Benchtop Bandsaw

Ever wanted to buy a benchtop metal bandsaw? Ask anyone who’s been through the process and they’ll tell you it can be tough. Luckily for you, we’ve got your back with this comprehensive buying guide! What should you look out for when shopping around for one of these bad boys? Let’s find out together.

We’re going over all the features in detail below so that by the end of the reading, not only will have a general idea of what to expect from each model but also know which models are right up your alley based on their specs.

Motor of the Band Saw

The motor is the heart of a power tool. Depending on its proficiency, they will determine how quickly and efficiently it functions or if accuracy can be maintained. It determines what speed limit the saw delivers as well because that also depends on its capacity to store energy.

Generally, the competency of a band saw motor is designated by HP or Amp. You can find this information in different ways depending on which model you’re looking at–it’s usually displayed somewhere near where it plugs into an outlet with either power (HP) or electric energy amp ratings.

There are two main types of motors: brushed and brushless. Brushed motors have higher strength for extreme usage but require more maintenance because they may need to be periodically cleaned or replaced if it becomes worn out from too much use. Brushless motors, on the other hand, do not wear down due to friction-free operation; however as a result there is no way to clean them so you will never know when their useful life has run its course unless something catastrophic happens that stops motion altogether like an electric shortage or surge in power line voltage levels during storms which cause physical damage such as broken commutator brushes inside the motor itself before being able to stop rotation by changing direction again with zero load applied at all times once reenergized afterward

Speeding Options

The dual-speed system in bandsaws is a really cool feature that makes life a whole lot easier. This handy function allows you to switch the blade from one high-speed setting for fine cutting, into another low-speed option perfect for rough cuts or contour shaping. The switching process isn’t difficult either.

With this dual-speed system, you can create a whole new world of woodworking. Start by cutting through metal or using your imagination in carving both woods and metals with the same blade while never changing speeds.

Construction Material

The durability of a bandsaw relies on the material it is made from. If you want to avoid buying another saw in only a few months, find one that has heavy metal construction like this model does.

The construction material of the bandsaw remains a key detail in any purchase. You should always pay attention to this before making your deal so that you can be sure to make an informed decision about what type of product is best for your needs and preferences.

Bandsaws are made of many different materials. Cast iron is one such material, but it can be too heavy for some people to use with smaller woodpiles. Steel frames absorb vibrations better while sawing and come in a variety of colors.

Operating Mechanism

Operating a bandsaw is as easy as water. But some saws have such complicated operating systems, you need specific tools and equipment to operate them; this can be troublesome for the user. If not adjusted in the right way, what will come out won’t live up to expectations. These greatly increase the frustration of your woodworking process that’s why you must find yourself a bandsaw with an efficient working mechanism.

Bandsaws with an easy operating system are the best option for those who want to quickly create a variety of projects. There’s no need for drivers or complicated measurements, as they’re designed specifically so that anybody can use them.

Additional Accessories

This is one of those rare occasions where the more you spend, the better your experience will be. A bandsaw can make cutting wood into a breeze and create beautiful pieces with ease. Several helpful features like inbuilt clamps to hold down large sheets or dust ports that make it easier for sawdust not to fly everywhere are included on some models- these things just aren’t cheap so if you’re looking around at different prices before deciding then pay close attention.

The item “Woodworking Tools” includes so many accessories that are really helpful for woodworkers. These include a miter gauge, rip fence, measuring scale, and more which can be very handy when you need to make adjustments or measurements on the go. A work light is also included with this order as well as a dust port to protect your workshop from sawdust getting in everything.

A majority of woodworkers know it well, that slipping an inch in the wrong place can ruin hours or even days’ worth of work. Exact measurements are crucial to a successful outcome; luckily with reliable accessories like rip fences and miter gauges, there is no chance for errors due to accurate measuring scales built-in.

One of the most important parts of a bandsaw is its dust port. It lets you collect all your sawdust without letting it fly everywhere, and has an optional work light to help you see better what’s going on with the blade inside while cutting or scrolling through wood pieces for more precision.

Many things can help you become a better woodworker, but most people have yet to discover the power of accessories.

FAQs about Benchtop Band Saws

Let’s now check the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the bandsaw (benchtop or not).

What is a band saw? 

A band saw, also known as a cut-off machine or resawing machine (depending on the type of blade used) in America and Canada respectively, can be found almost anywhere. They range from benchtops to industrial variants that are most often paired with CNC equipment for making precise cuts across large pieces of material like steel sheets. If you need any advice about choosing one then read below!

Is a benchtop bandsaw the best choice for you?

A saw is only as good as its blade, and that rings true when it comes to differentiating between two types of band-saw. Benchtop (or portable) models are often designed with portability in mind, meaning they might not be able to cut through thicker materials than what your typical table saw can handle. And while bench tops typically don’t have much more capacity beyond this limitation – their smaller size makes them perfect for tight spaces or quick projects like cutting up plywood into thinner strips so you can join together multiple boards at once on an even surface instead of having one board extend past another crookedly.

Do you need a band saw? 

Well, if it is for heavy-duty professional use or to cut large pieces of lumber then the answer would be yes. However, smaller saws are becoming more popular as people look to limit their spending on things they don’t need any longer. Even so, there’s no way around investment in one type of this remarkable device that can help meet your needs and improve productivity.

What cuts can a band saw make?

A band saw is a potent tool made for cutting straight through the large, unyielding logs of wood without flexing. This versatile saw can be used to make various cuts including rip cut, crosscut, miter cut, and more! The band-saw also has another handy use; it’s capable of duplicating pieces in one go by chopping multiple stacks together at once.

Is buying a bandsaw worth it?

Buying a bandsaw is worth it, not only for the satisfaction of using one but also to provide you with quality time in your workshop. The tool will allow you to cut through wood and other materials at high speeds without much hassle or need for precision.

Can bandsaw do the tasks of a jigsaw?

A jigsaw is a hand-held saw that has small blades. It can work by cutting through wood, and it moves back and forth to cut the piece of material in its entirety. A jigsaw will be able to carve out pieces of hardwood with ease so you get your desired shape for any given project.

A jigsaw is a versatile tool that can make accurate and intricate cuts in timber. However, because of the blade’s short length, it cannot be used for resawing or cutting larger pieces of wood than those with thicknesses less than its own width. For an additional solution to this problem look into getting a bandsaw which will give you even more versatility on your project.

A bandsaw is a must-have for any woodworker. Resawing has never been easier with this powerful machine, and it can also be used to perform other tasks such as cutting curves or straight lines.

The genius of the bandsaw is that it can do anything a jigsaw could, and more. A bandsaw would never be outmatched in front of its lesser cousin for cutting wood because not even an electric saw with a blade attached compare to this versatile tool’s versatility.

Final Words

Of all the benchtop bandsaws out there, it’s tough to make a decision on which is best. Let me tell you about these 5 great contenders that I think are worth looking at.

A bandsaw can be an expensive tool to purchase, but it is a useful and versatile one. Before you buy your next saw, take time to thoroughly research the many different models on the market so that you know which features are important for what projects in order not make any hasty decisions when purchasing.

When choosing your home, you need to consider the details. Your personal needs, any constraints on where it can be located, and what amenities are available nearby— all of these factors will help narrow down your choices. Take a look at everything carefully before making an informed decision that would give you peace of mind in this crucial time period.

So, which one would you choose as the best benchtop bandsaw?

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