Best Fireplace Remote Control Reviews ( December-2020 )

Best Fireplace Remote Controls

Fireplace remote control has made our life a lot easier. Imagine the same convenience of being able to change the channels on TV can be enjoyed while changing the temperature of your fireplace. You don’t have to walk across the living room and get down on your knees to set the wood logs in your traditional fireplace.

When you are using the modern version of the fireplace, you can efficiently turn on and off the flames sitting at your cozy couch or recliner. Fireplace remote controls are easy to use, a lot more convenient and can turn off the fireplace once they reach the set temperature.

But the question is where to find one of the most suitable remote controls for your fireplace? How to make the purchase decision to invest in the quality remote control? How do you know whether you need to buy a new fireplace remote control or simply investing in a new receiver would be enough?

Technology is not everyone’s cup of tea. You have to learn using the new remote control you just got for your fireplace. Besides, you also need to make sure that the model you are going to buy must be compatible with your appliance.

To ease the process of buying one of the fireplace remote controls, we have done the legwork for you.

The 5 Best Fireplace Remote Control Review

The wonderful convenience can only be achieved if you are able to find out one of the fireplace remote controls. We have put together the reviews of the 5 universal electric stove remote controls to help you make an informed decision.

1. Skytech Smart Stat II Fireplace Remote Control

Designed with keeping the user convenience in mind, this particular model tops the reviews and ratings of the fireplace remote controls. It is extremely easy to use and one can enjoy using the remote within a radius of 20 feet from the fireplace unit.

The codes on this remote are programmed at the factory, thus you can be assured that only your remote will work with your unit. Quite safe and reliable isn’t it? With its countdown timer, 24-hour clock and LCD display, it becomes the most user-friendly remote available.

The remote comes with a tiny little door to cover the thermostat buttons, which is bothersome for buyers. People think that it adds one extra step to open the cover and change the temperature.

best fireplace remote control

2. Acumen RCK-K Fireplace Remote Control

Acumen RCK is easy to use the model to have for comfortable temperature settings. The remote control is loaded with features like current temperature display, LCD screen, a clock, and a timer.

This is an easy to install remote control and boasts millions of positive reviews in the consumer reports for being the most decently priced model.

This model comes with all the information and accessories required for hassle-free self-installation. However, you need to buy the wall mount separately, if you want to put your remote in a safe holder.

best fireplace remote control

3. Skytech 9800324 SKY-3301 Fireplace Remote Control

If your fireplace is fitted with servo motor valves, then look no further and pick this remote control for a wonderful performance. The great convenience it offers makes it one of the top fireplace remote controls in the marketplace.

It displays the thermostat in both Centigrade and Fahrenheit readings. Further, the model comes with all accessories requisite for easy self-installation. Equipped with the latest technology, the remote can be operated from 20 feet of radius, which can make your experience of using a fireplace far more enjoyable.

best fireplace remote control

4. SkyTech Sky-MRCK-TH Fireplace Remote

SkyTech Sky-MRCK-TH has a smart display that tells you the temperature of the room and the temperature that you have set in the fireplace. Icons for flames and low batteries are also designed to make it more user-friendly.

In terms of performance level, the remote is great. Consumers are very satisfied with the price and performance of the product.

Unlike Acumen remote controls, this Skytech remote control comes with a wall holder as well. The only downside is that the for velvet finish on the outer surface of the remote makes it look flimsy and cheap.

best fireplace remote control

5. Ambient RC-RB / RCRB Remote Receiver

The Ambient RC-RB has wire harness provided with it that makes the installation process easier. The receiver works great for many types of remote transmitters.

Designed with 4 dip switches, the receiver is one of the compatible options for most 7 and 8 dip switch remotes. Manufactured with both black and white face place kit, the receiver ensures seamless replacement of the existing controller.

Rather than spending money on an all-new remote control, you can vouch for the performance of this remote receiver and also save a few bucks. The only downside with this receiver is that it only works with Ambient brand remotes.

best fireplace remote control

Benefits of using an electric fireplace remote control

Technology has replaced the need for harvesting and seasoning the wood for those nights when the temperature drops to all-time low levels. In winters, all you need is a warm and cozy place to curl up. When traditional fireplaces are replaced by electric fireplaces, there comes the rise in the level of convenience the models can offer.

In this competition of making the fireplaces more convenient to use, many companies are manufacturing lots of fireplace remote controls. The fireplace remotes are appealing to a large customer base because of the following benefits:

1. Great for aged individuals: The biggest reason behind the popularity of fireplace remote controls is that unlike traditional fireplace you don’t have to get down on your knees to turn the flames on.

Most fireplaces are usually installed close to the floor, which means one then to kneel down to operate it. Kneeling down won’t be the favorite thing for most of the aged individuals.

So if you are planning to gift a fireplace to your elderly parents, make sure you buy one of the top fireplaces remote controls with it.

 2. Increase productivity: The biggest advantage of technology is improved productivity. Forget about all the distractions that you experienced while changing the logs in the traditional fireplace. Now you don’t have to stop working on your laptop for the sake of changing the thermostat settings. With the help of a compatible fireplace remote, you can be more productive and improve your lifestyle.

 3. Easy to monitor: Sometimes, it feels like rocket science to understand the functions of a fireplace by looking at the buttons on it. In such cases then, remote control can be the savior. They are specially engineered to ensure ease of use.

Even the younger members in your family can operate a remote control with help of the user-friendly buttons designed for ON/OFF, thermostat, timer, fan control and more. Thus it will be easy to change the settings of your fireplace with remote control.

 4. Convenience:  No one wants to get up and walk to the fireplace when they were already curled up on the couch with their favorite throw blanket. The ultimate laziness can trigger, especially in the chilly winter nights. At that time, a remote control comes handy for every appliance in the house, then why not for a fireplace.

Depending on the performance and convenience, there are lots of remote controls available in the market, find out one of the best fireplace remote controls and enjoy being a chugging champion without getting up from your warm and cozy recliner chair.

Buying Criteria for the Universal Electric Fireplace Remote Controls

Going through the technical specifications won’t be enough to make the smartest decision of buying one of the fireplace remote controls. You need to determine a few key notes to get your hands on the product.  

To find out which remote control is compatible with your fireplace and which model will work perfectly for your needs, here is the ultimate buying guide for you. Check it out.

1. Ensure that the remote control is compatible with your fireplace

Compatibility is the most obvious point to keep in mind while choosing a remote control for your fireplace. Most of the fireplaces are compatible with the many remote control models available in the marketplace. Though, the vast variety of gas fireplaces, including vented, vent-free or log set systems can make the buyers even more confused.

The simplest method to find out whether a remote control is compatible or not is to understand the type of gas valves used in the fireplace. To find out about the type of the gas valve, refer to the wiring diagram mentioned in the owner manual of your fireplace. The varied types of gas valves and the models of fireplace remote controls for them are suggested below:

Millivolt gas valve: One of the most common types of valves used in the fireplace, millivolt gas valve enjoys the compatibility with a vast number of remote control models available. These valves operate with help of a standing pilot which continuously burns. Your remote control will come with a receiver that is used to complete the circuit of the valve.

If the power is not present then the valve automatically shuts down the fireplace. Most compatible models are developed by Skytech in their SKY range for this type of valve.

Maxitrol: These valves are believed to be the most precise options to control the on/off position. These valves operate with a defined servomotor. Using a fireplace with this type of valve will allow you to modulate the flames with more precision and adjustments. The SKY and RCK range of remote controls are well for these valves.

Latching solenoid: In this valve, the current is controlled by a solenoid. Unlike millivolt valves, latching solenoid valves don’t use electric current every time.

When using the remote control, the receiver will send a large amount of voltage to turn the valve on. The SKY-CON series remotes are compatible with these types of valves. Refer to the rating plate inside your fireplace to make sure that your appliance is equipped with a latching solenoid gas valve.

 2. Ensure that the receiver and power supply won’t create any problem while installation

Next important thing to make an informed buying decision is to ensure that the installation is not getting on your nerves because of the short cables of the receiver that comes with the remote control.

Sometimes the cables fall short to reach to the power outlet in your home. This leaves you with no other option than to regret your buying decision and seeking the help of a local electrician to change the shorter cable to a longer one.  

3. Compare the price range of different models

Most of the fireplace remote controls are priced between the range of $100 and $200. You don’t have to go overboard and buy a remote control that is pricier.

Sometimes, pocket-friendly things work the best. You need to do a little bit of homework to compare the price range of different models. As an easy alternative, you can take help from the fireplace remote control reviews discussed in the next section.

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