Best Gaming Computer Desk For Multiple Monitors

best computer desk for gaming

One of my friends once asked me to buy a gaming computer desk for his home but he didn’t know which one is the best gaming computer desk. 

With the rising popularity of gaming consoles, the market has been flooded with vast types, sizes, styles, designs, and colors of gaming desks.

In Amazon, eBay, Walmart he sees lots of desks but finally, he thinks custom gaming desk plans. But I have also found some amazing gaming computer desk,  Let’s have a look in the bellow to find the best gaming computer desk for you and your kids.

Gaming computer desks are just like any other furniture item that people buy after a lot of consideration. It is quite confusing to find out that one piece which will eventually be the best gaming computer desk of all time.

You can’t just use your office desk to house all your Xbox, PlayStation and gaming consoles. The gaming desks are little different and depending on the needs of the games, the designs are also modifying.

Some desks are wide, some are L shape and some desks are also designing with drawers and storage options to neatly organize all the gaming equipment.

We will help you find out the most spacious, most valuable and most good looking gaming desk. The consumer reports are based on the reviews of the best gaming computer desk models available in the marketplace. Take a look to find out how to buy the best gaming desk that has everything you need.

7 Best Gaming Computer Desks

Lots of models are in the race to become the best gaming computer desk. Here is a comparison guide cum consumer report to help you find the most suitable one for your gaming needs. Features like comfort, durability, pricing, and looks are considered while preparing the report.

In order to make the playing session more comforting and enjoyable, we have shortlisted some of the coolest and most popular desks reviewed by avid gamers. 

1. Atlantic Gaming Desk For Pros

It is a sleek desk design to fulfill all your gaming needs. The standard type table is a decent price and it is one of the most popular gaming desks in the year 2020. Made from sturdy material, the table adorns with charcoal color carbon fiber to add to the looks.

Besides, the table is not so heavy, thus you can move it around very easily. Atlantic desk is a feature-rich gaming desk solving all your requirements including ample space for a monitor, speaker, charging stand, game storage, power strip holder, headphone hook and even a cup holder.

The spacious table is designed to fit a 27-inch monitor perfectly. Atlantic Gaming desk is definitely an ultimate find for game room organization. The simple and elegant desk requires minimal assembly and you are good to go.

It’s simply the best gaming computer desk of all times and avid gamers must consider buying this mid-price desk.

best computer gaming desk

2. Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk

Gamers with a funky personality simply fall in love with the cool pattern on the desktop of Arozzi Arena gaming desk. The desk is 5’3 inches wide and offers ample space to house three large-size monitors altogether.

In other words, the huge field this wide desk creates can get anyone into the inevitable gaming environment. The table has a wide-open space for all your gaming equipment.

Apart from that, the competitively priced table tops the consumer reports in the year 2020 because it features 14 square feet of the mouse pad surface, which is water resistant.

Not only this, the desk comes with a unique cable management system and users are giving it higher ratings because of the five attractive color options.

The bottom line is a Swedish designer, done a great job on this ultimate gaming desk with wide space and cool looks.

best computer desks for gaming

3. Walker Edition Soreno Desk

The L shape desk boasts great reviews and top ratings in the category. The three-piece corner table adorns with a polished glass top to add elegance to your gaming station.

Apart from the luxurious looks, this model is ruling the marketplace due to the option of separating it into two desks.

Its sturdy looks, sliding keyboard tray and 51” of overall depth make it a perfect desk to do the double duty. The desk features three desktops and works great for cramp spaces because of its L shape.

The desk is quite light in weight and gets wide acclamations for its built quality. But the only problem is that the legs are hollow and if you are want to screw holes in it then you have to be careful.

The only deal breaker for this desk is that there is no in-built cable organization option with this model.

best computer desk for gaming

4. Apex Desk Elite Series

The table boasts thousands of positive reviews due to its simple and spacious design. The ergonomically design desk features height adjustment options.

It is an electric height adjustable desk that is powered by a dual motor that efficiently lifts monitors and other gaming gears of 225lb in weight. Not only this, the desk can go from sitting to standing position in just a matter of a few seconds.

The desk is made from best quality MDF and topped off with high-pressure laminate to ensure that the elegance would last for years to come without any scratches.

The desk is very easy to assemble due to its screwless design.

The center beam in this desk gives it the required stability, though one needs to spend a lot of money to buy this desk.

It’s pricey for gamers looking for a budget option and that’s the only downside.

best computer gaming desk

5. Origami Foldable Gaming/Computer Desk

A wonderful option for tight spaces. This amazingly designed computer desk folds flat in just a few seconds.

It’s a multipurpose table and due to its foldable design gamers living in condos and dorm rooms simply love it.

Origami gaming desk gets too many stars in the ratings due to its lightweight, durable quality, 7 square feet of desktop space and convenient setup. The wide desk gives ample space to house LCD and monitors at the same time.

The wood top and chip-resistant black finish adds to the looks of this decently priced desk. The easy to set up table needs no assembly and tops the consumer ratings due to the assurance of ultimate gaming convenience.

best computer desks for gaming

6. Z-Line Belaire Glass L-Shaped Computer Gaming Desk

Gamers looking for strong, sturdy, durable and best quality gaming desk can vouch on the endless features of this L shape computer gaming desk. Z-Line Belaire desk design with large size slides out the keyboard tray.

Gamers love the ample space on the tray that the keyboard and mouse don’t have to live separate from each other.  The best thing about the desk is the rais height of the monitor shelf that gives ultimate viewing and gaming experience.

Many gamers attract towards its black accents that come from the high-quality powder coat finish. The tempered glass top gives it a sleek look.

If you are looking for a desk that lasts for generations, then this model with reinforced plates on all of the welding joints is definitely worth a try.

The epic gaming station desk gets lots of positive reviews for its sleek glass top. Though, the glass surface is the only downside in this table. One, glass top leaves lots of fingerprints; second, glass makes cable management a hassle for gamers.

best computer desk for gaming

7. E-Blue USA Wireless Glowing LED PC Gaming Desk Table

A glowing desk is no doubt an excellent gaming computer desk ever desired by a gamer. It is said to be the first glowing desk in the world and therefore it gets great ratings in terms of popularity.

Design to offer ultimate convenience for long gaming hours, this desk has an extended desktop and a feet bar. The desk is loved for offering great arm and hand support.

Apart from that, the glowing desk has options for wireless light effect controls to set the mood right for the epic battles.

The aesthetics of this desk are great, built quality is quite appreciable; however, assembly of this desk is synonymous to lots of trial and error phases.

With a little patience and skills to assemble the nice looking desk, you will get the ultimate find for your gaming station.

best computer gaming desk

How Gaming Computer Desk Differ With Office Desk?

Office desk design for various kinds of works, such as writing, typing and taking phone calls. However, gaming desks are solely designed for the purpose of gaming. The specifically designed gaming desks are different from office desks.

To know why you can’t use an office desk to create a gaming station, take a look at the differences between these two:

Customizing features: Gamers spend lots of time on the desks. That’s the reason; gaming desks are designed with height adjusting features and offer ultimate comfort. Not only this, some gamers use a keyboard, whereas others use different devices to play the game.

Therefore, some gaming computer desk models are designed with removable shelves to meet the specific need of every gamer. We never saw any office table that comes with height adjustment features or having shelves that can be removed easily on the go.

Working space: Office desks are usually made a rectangle and designed in a way that they don’t take too much of office space. However, gaming desks are wide and spacious and can easily house all the gaming equipment.

Office desks don’t offer too much of working space, but gamers can easily move their hands freely on gaming desks which are spacious and wider as compared to an office desk.

Price range:  The gaming desks are designed with so many customizable features and by keeping the convenience factors in mind. It is obvious that they cost higher than a standard rectangle old school office desk which is made for a user with the average height.

Pro Tips for The Buyers

Finding the best computer desk is not easy; you need to focus on many things. Here are some pro tips to help you pick the perfect model for your gaming needs.

  1. A roomy desk is most preferable. No one wants to feel cramped for long gaming hours. Make sure to pick the desk which has ample space to fit your gaming chair, gaming equipments and other essentials like cups, cables and mobile phones.
  2. A decent price gaming desk can cost you around $100 to $200. But there are also desks that are priced above $500. These days, feature rich desks are designed to fit every pocket. So keep your budget in mind and find the desk of your dreams.
  3. L shaped desks work great to get multiple screens fitted in a cramped space. U shaped desks can be opted when you have lots of space and don’t want to move around to switch between the screens.
  4. Gaming desk are usually made from steel, glass, wood and engineered materials. Keep the needs for stability and durability in mind, you can pick from either of the materials.
  5. Some models design to avoid the hassle of assembly; however, there are some gaming computer desks for which you need to be a pro of assembling. If you are not bothered with spending hours with screws and misaligned bolts then go for this desk.
  6. Cable management is a nightmare for gamers. Always try to pick a model that comes with dedicated spaces for the organization of multiple hardware devices and chunks of cables lying around at your gaming station.

Final Verdict

Gaming desks are designed to provide ample space. Besides, they are different from office desks because the best gaming computer desk assures the gamers sit in the right posture for long gaming hours. The abundance of great looking and best-priced models can confuse anyone.

To get some help in your buying decision go through the Top Gaming Computer Desk Consumer Reports in 2020.


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, gaming desks do not only improve body posture, but they go a long way to keep all the equipment is neatly organized. All in all, this increases productivity

They do so very effectively by freeing up enough tabletop space to ensure that gamers can focus on the game at hand. It additionally offers up the right angles and views to users so that they can make use of the increased mobility they have.

Typically, gaming desks are made from a range of materials, each of them great in their own way. The glass options though classy and aesthetically pleasing are expensive and fragile. Wood is ever dependent yet still pricey. A cheaper alternative is MDF, but it soaks and swells and eventually loses its shape. In this case, it is a buyer’s choice.

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