Best freestanding fireplace Stoves in 2020

Best Gas Fireplace Stoves

Lighting up the wood logs to get warmth in chilly winters is a great idea. But, the aftermath of using a traditional fireplace is not so great. Handling the ash clean up and lots of other hassled tasks are the reason behind the rising popularity of fireplaces that run on gas. The roaring flames and amazing coziness can be availed in a clean and hassle-free manner. All you need is to find out one of the best freestanding fireplace stoves.

With the bare minimum hassles of clean up and the satisfaction of getting cozier with just one push button, gas freestanding fireplace stoves are ruling the marketplace. They are aesthetic appliances to offer warmth and inviting feel to any style of decors.

Some people are still loyal to their traditional fireplaces. They keep wondering whether a gas fireplace is really worth it. If so, then you should consider this ultimate guide.

Find out about the top gas freestanding fireplace stoves and the myriads of options available to suit the requirements of every style and budget.

A freestanding fireplace is a worthy pursuit to make your home more welcoming and classy. The top 5 gas fireplace stoves reviews can help you save tons of money that you are otherwise going to spend on a complete renovation.

5 Best freestanding fireplace Stoves

Freestanding fireplace stoves that run on gas can offer you the convenience of modern heating systems along with the magnificence of traditional looks. The flickering flames, high BTUs and great price range are some of the USPs of the 5 gas fireplace stoves mentioned below. Take a look at the reviews to find your ideal model:

1. Pleasant Hearth 46″ Vent-Free Fireplace

With the ease of choosing between natural or propane gas, the dual fuel fireplace tops the charts because of its unique style, higher performance, and overheating safety switch.

One of the best features of this elegant freestanding fireplace is the ignition spark that is electronic and offers great value. The only downside with the classy vent free fireplace is that buyers need to buy a remote control separately.

best freestanding gas fireplace stove

2. ProCom Vent Dual Free Fuel Stove

It is a free-standing dual fuel freestanding fireplace stove. The great life like fire viewing experience is the USP of this model. This fireplace works exceptionally well in a room of 1100 square feet.

The model comes with five logs that look so realistic and offer great enjoyment. Besides, the beautiful looking fireplace has only one downside that there is no blower provided with the unit, you need to buy it separately.

best gas heating stoves

3. Duluth Forge Fuel Vent-Free Fireplace Insert

The insert works great for a large room of 1350 square feet. With its patent dual-fuel technology, this insert becomes one of the top favorites for buyers. You can pick either natural gas or propane gas to run this fireplace. The easy and efficient model eliminates the need for a chimney.

The high heating capacity of this model is equal to 26000 BTUs. Further, the light in weight freestanding fireplace insert comes with a remote control but no blower. You need to buy a blower separately and that’s the only downside with this model.

best gas fireplace brands

4. Deluxe 36″ Direct Vent NG Millivolt Fireplace

Featuring 85% efficiency ratings and 20000 BTUs, this is surely one of the excellent gas freestanding fireplace stoves that one needs to consider. The glass is tempered, heat resistant, and offers great views. For masonry lovers, it is a great buy because of its aged brick liners.

One of the biggest reasons that buyers prefer this model is that you don’t have to buy a remote control separately. The unit comes with its own factory-programmed remote millivolt control. However, the installation process is quite difficult and you must need help of a professional.

best gas fireplace manufacturers

5. Kozy World 36″ Compact Freestanding Fireplace

Featuring a beautiful finish and brown colored mantle, this freestanding fireplace boasts great reviews in many consumer ratings. Performance won’t be compromised as the model features 20000 BTUs.

Apart from that durability standards are also up to the mark. The frame of this fireplace is carved out of solid steel, which is sturdy and will definitely last for years to come.

Besides, the attractive fireplace has few downsides like its heavy weight and the problem with being continuously lit in the absence of proper cleaning.

The beautifully finished models of the fireplace are now available with remote controls. Some models are equipped with vents and some are vent free. Some of the gas freestanding fireplace stoves are priced decently at $300, while for some high-end models you need to spend around $700.

One must consider the price range to make the purchase decision but the performance and value for money are some factors that can’t be ignored.

best free standing propane fireplace

How do gas freestanding fireplace stoves work?

A freestanding fireplace that runs on gas is basically heating systems designed to work with or without a chimney. They usually run on natural or propane gas. These types of fireplaces are definitely a value for money product because:

  • You are not sourcing for wood or coal which are expensive as compared to gas
  • You are not using any limited natural resource like coal or wood
  • You are using a less polluting way to keep your home warm

The great warmth that gas freestanding fireplace stoves provide actually needs a vent to deal with the fumes and pollutants of the burning fuel. Besides, the heat is distributed in the room directly from the burner.

You need to have a gas pipeline to make a fireplace running. This won’t be an issue in urban areas, where most of the homes are already equipped with gas pipelines.

Tips to buy one of the gas freestanding fireplace

When considering the abundance of options of the freestanding fireplace stoves, ensure that you take help from this buying guide. Here are some pro tips to keep in mind while choosing the desired model:

  • Apart from paying to the manufacturers, you need to pay the technicians for installations and to the contractors for periodic maintenance. So make the purchase decision by keeping all these costs in mind.
  • Propane is pricier than natural gas. So go for a model that works on natural gas. Besides, you can opt for natural gas pipeline if that’s not currently available at your place.
  • The performance standards of the fireplace stoves can be measured on the basis of their BTUs. Keep that in mind that the BTUs are suitable for the size of your room and the climate in your region.
  • For optimum looks, go for a model that offers the options for adjustments of the flame heights.
  • Many fireplace models are equipped with a built-in wall thermostat. These types work great to automatically adjust the temperature.
  • Rather than pilot light, go for a model that features electronic ignition this will save you some money in the long run.
  • Other cool things that your fireplace must include are battery backup (for areas where power outage is a major issue), LED lighting (to get the realistic effects), and built-in fans (these fans can heat up the room faster).

Gas freestanding fireplace stoves are great alternative to wood fireplace

With the increasing number of hyper-realistic gas freestanding fireplace models, it is apparently clear that they are better than the old school wood fireplace. Traditional things have their own values, which obviously make people confused between the two options to get a warm and cozy atmosphere. If your story is somewhat similar then consider the below-mentioned benefits before making the purchase decision.

The atmosphere of dancing fire flames and fumes can also be attained easily with the help of the latest technology in the fireplace stoves.

Earlier the models were too flimsy and artificial looking. With the latest innovative designs and styles, it has become a reality to get the life aura of burning logs without actually using the wood.

Convenience is the biggest USP of gas fireplace stoves. Gas fireplace stoves are quick and easy to light. With one push button, you can get the desired temperature in those wintry nights that you would otherwise spend in burning the logs and dealing with the mess.

Talking about the mess, traditional fireplaces are second to none in terms of creating untidiness of wood, ash, fumes, and clogged chimneys.

Another point to consider when thinking about convenience; what happens when a wood log eventually gets burned out. You need to replace it, but not with the gas freestanding fireplace stoves that get consistent gas supply which means consistent heat supply.

No doubts, the masonry look of traditional fireplaces was to die for. But in the contemporary minimalistic décor trends, seamless and sleek models are preferred by homeowners. Rather than investing in a giant fireplace cavity, consider choosing the sleek, glossy and magnificent looking gas fireplace stoves.

Gas freestanding fireplace stoves are cost saving as well. You don’t have to purchase wood, invest in sheds to store the logs, avail trimming services for the logs and pay for massive cleanups. In simpler words, the cost of running and maintaining a traditional fireplace is way more as compared to a gas fireplace.

What are the types of gas fireplace stoves?

Different households can invest in different types of gas fireplace stoves. The major difference between the available models is based on the types of vents used in gas fireplace stoves, which are a direct vent, top vent and ventless.

Top vent gas fireplace: Homeowners having the cavity of an existing fireplace can go with the top vent gas fireplace. In this model, the pollutants created by fumes can go up in the chimney of the existing fireplace.

Direct vent gas fireplace: These fireplace models feature a two pipe system. One pipe is for getting fresh air into the firebox and the other one is to vent out the pollutants created by the flame. The second pipe goes through the walls of your house towards an exterior opening.

Ventless gas fireplace: As the name suggest the models are vent free means the appliance is engineered to burn extra clean. Clearly, there won’t be any pollutants emitted in the firebox, which means they are a little bit pricier than the other models.

Log sets: They are the most pocket-friendly style of gas fireplace stoves. A gas burner along with some realistic looking logs is provided. You need to use it inside your existing fireplace.

Fireplace Inserts: Just like log sets, they are also used to fit inside the fireplace cavity. The log set and burner set are housed inside a metal box and can be installed easily into the existing fireplace without investing in heavy remodeling projects.

Built in the fireplace: These are the nice gas freestanding fireplace stoves that you can hang on the wall just like your TV. They are built in which means the burner set and log set are framed inside a glass panel and offer a seamless look when used as a standalone unit.


With the advancements of dual fuel technology, gas freestanding fireplace stoves have become the most preferred and economical option to get the warmth in freezing nights. Depending upon your preferences you can get the desired model to enjoy the lifelike flame viewing experience and heat in the chilly weather.

Further, reviews of the 5 top gas fireplace stoves can help you find the most classic, most modern or the most valued model. Tell us in comments, which is your favorite model and why?

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