Best HVAC Multimeter Reviews ( December-2020 )

The HVAC multi-meter is used to conclude by analyzing the problems in the HVAC heating, air conditioning, and ventilation machines. This multi-meter always helped for personal use as well as commercial use.

You will find out that other multi-meters also have the same reasons as the HVAC multi-meters. But the HVAC multi-meters are unique for having extra features which includes the input of the temperature, ranges micro-AMP and capacitance and much more.

Well! Are you searching for the best HVAC multimeters? Are with you one of them, who can’t make the best choice from the HVAC multi-meters? Well! If yes then nothing to worry about, because you are not alone. Many people are there who don’t know much about these HVAC multi-meters.

In this article, you will get the Top 10 Best HVAC MultiMeters which is perfect from all the sides. Well, research was executed to find out these ten products. Thinking about your comfortableness, we arranged this ten products chronologically. Let’s not stay in suspension anymore and let’s get to know those products in details.

10 Top Selling hvac multimeters 2020

Keeping all the things together HVAC meters are a little bit expensive, but it was always the best product to buy. Make sure that you go through all the products down below and choose the perfect one for you, which you love the most.

1  Fluke 116/323 HVAC Multi-Meter And Clamp Meter Combo Kit

The combo kit of the HVAC Multi-meter, as well as HVAC Clamp Meter which was introduced by the Fluke, is one of the top names in the HVAC Industry. The company is very reputed for providing very high-quality things.

The devices are very reliable in case of operations and are very affordable in prices. This package is fantastic and perfect for making your work much easier to do.  With the help of this Combo Kit, you can easily do your job very comfortably and very quickly as well.

best hvac multimeters

Highlighted Features:

  • The best HVAC clamp multimeter is from Fluke, and this machine can measure 400A AC. It can also measure voltages of 600V AC and DC.
  • The Fluke 116 HVAC includes features that have micro-amps, thermometer (built in). It also consists of the input impedance which is very low to take a calculation of various sensors in the application of the HVAC or any false reading.
  • This machine includes a 323 True-RMS Clamp Meter which always provides the accurate readings. It offers perfect readings even at non-linear signals.
  • The resistance, continuity, capacitance, as well as frequency, can also measure by the HVAC machines along with their combo kits. The HVAC machines also avoid the high voltages.
  • The backlight LED light is a lot bright, and that is what helps you a lot to have a clear vision of the reading.
  • The unique and ergonomic design makes it much stylish as well as comfortable to handle and to use the machine.
  • The company also offers hassle-free product purchasing providing a lifetime warranty with this product.
  • Both professionals, as well as beginners, can use this HVAC Multi-meter in the field.

2 Fluke FLK-3000 FC HVAC Wireless HVAC System

If you are one of them who are searching for the best HVAC  clamp meter, then the FLK-3000 FC HVAC wireless Multimeter would be the best option to choose. The kit involved with this machine is always helpful to you in working with the electric panels safely and quickly. All you have to do is to connect the remote modules so that you can get the readings even from a distance.

This machine includes the T3000 thermocouple thermometer, AC Clamp module of A3000 FC wireless, 80PL-1 K-type bead thermocouple, AC175 clips of the alligator, TL175 leads test as well as hanging strap that is magnetic. It also includes the records of the 65,000 readings of different criteria. Therefore you don’t need to write those readings separately.

fluke a3000 fc review

Highlighted Features:

  • Digital Multimeter of HVAC that is Wireless.
  • Functions present that measures the wealth.
  • Can keep the records of 65,000 different readings.
  • It can measure up to 400 A AC.
  • AC clamp meter of True- RMS.
  • Recording of MAX/ MIN.
  • AC and DC can measure up to 1000V.

 UEI Test Instruments DL 369 Digital Clamp-On Meter Review

People who are searching for less price and affordable and having a good quality multimeter. The instruments DL 369 Digital Multi-meter won’t make them depressed. You won’t believe that the manufacturer of this machine, name UEi, has an experience of more than 45 years in this industry. So the performance of this meter should not be doubted.

It includes compatible features as well as a compact design so that they can carry the machine comfortably. This machine also includes a carrying handle, and that’s what makes it easier for transports. This machine also consists of the resistance, frequency, capacitance, micro-amps, continuity as well as duty cycle too much more stuffs that’s make working much more comfortable.

uei test instruments dl369 digital clamp-on meter review

Professionals love to use this machine, as it has double deck displays. And having those displays makes the professional’s work much faster and easier. The features including the test lead storage, auto-shutoff, an indicator of the low battery also the holder of the test lead on the head of the clamp make it an excellent machine within affordable price.

Highlighted Features:

  • On the meter, they provided a digital clamp
  • Includes test lead for the voltages
  • Displays of this machines are dual
  • The capacitance of 4000Μf, 750VAC or 1000VDC, 2000 of μA AC/DC
  • Energy doesn’t need any contact
  • It includes a warranty of 3-years.

Fieldpiece HS33 Expandable Manual Ranging Stick HVAC/R Multi-Meter

As you already know much about the HS26 HVAC Multi-meter, the Fieldpiece is the upgraded version that launched as the HS33 Multi-meter that is expandable for all the HVAC/R machines. This meter provides perfect readings that have 100% accuracy.

This best HVAC Multimeter machine is preciously comfortable, compact and very easy to handle as well. The design of the Fieldpiece HVAC HS33 Multi-meter is very stylish being simple and also one of the most favorable choices for all the field technicians.

best hvac multimeter

Highlighted Features:

  • The amperage, voltage, resistance as well as the capacitance of any the HVAC/R machines can measure with this meter.
  • The design of this machine is unique and strange compared with the other meters. But yet, it is convenient and straightforward to use.
  • The rotary switch present in this machine is very smooth and can be rotated very easily. This rotary switch provides much more convenience to the professionals.
  • It is a top-class Multi-meter as it can perform on the voltage testing that is without even having any contact. And that is what makes it more beneficial than the other products.
  • The rubbers attached around this meter always helps the meter to stay friendly even at the rough and tough situations as well.
  • Along with this meter, you will get the accessory of the clamp meter, test leads of silicones, an extension of points, battery of 9V,  manual user and last of all a protective case. This instrument is providing lots of things compared with the price you are in investing in this package.

Fluke 324 40/400A AC, 600V AC/DC True-TMS Clamp Meter Review

This thing is also from Fluke, and it’s the best multimeter for HVAC from all the other serious professional models. This model delivers the readings with a lot accuracy as well as reliability. But, like all the other Fluke multimeters, you will get enough of the measurements of the functions.

You can also use this machine to detect the AC/DC voltages, resistance, currents, temperature as well as the correct tension of the RMS. You will learn about to handle multiple as well as tasks of the full range being an HVAC technician by using this machine.

The bright backlight will allow you to get an excellent visualization of the readings even at the poor light areas. This meter is very lightweight, very compact and comfortable. Therefore, it is highly compatible to use and also very much portable. Having an ergonomic design or style, lets you use or handle the machine even with one single hand. This meter includes carrying case along with it.

best hvac multimeter

Highlighted Features:

  • This meter includes meter of Digital Clamp
  • The actual RMS sensing meter is fantastic and wonderful
  • This machine can measure the conducting current up to 30mm without having any interruption of any circuits, with the help of the jaw opening.
  • Correctly maintains the IEC standards of Safety.
  • The Audible sensor present in the machine is containable.
  • Very large. Thus it makes it easier to view the display
  • It also includes the measurements of the temperature as well as the capacitance.

Fieldpiece SC260 Compact Clamp Multimeter With True RMS

This machine is also included on the HVAC Multimeter review as it is also one of the best tools. The real RMS feature of this machine made the technician fall in love with this machine. This feature allows them to measure the temperature as well as a frequency more accurately than other devices.

The SC260 also involves a simple but bright backlit display that was always helpful for the technicians to read out the measurements even in poorly light areas. This machine also includes a magnet of the durable swivel with which you can easily take measurements without using hands.

Best HVAC Multimeters

In this Fieldpiece meter the Auto select mode was included that has received many praises along with its time-saving benefits. All you have to do is to dial, then connect the leads and then leave the meter. Therefore it will automatically calculate the original measurements.

Highlighted Features:

  • Measurements of Volts in AC/DC
  • 400 amps measured in AC
  • Temperatures measured in F/C
  • Measurements of the RMS is true
  • Includes the Indicators of the Low Battery

This machine also includes a backlit display so that the reading can be easily visible even at low light conditions. On top of it, this machine is also very lightweight, comfortable and also provides a compact design. Thus with the hands, you can easily hold it and comfortably use this machine. This machine includes a durable case with it to prevent all kinds of damages.

Highlighted Features:

  • Provided Built-In Thermometer
  • For testing sensors this meter includes Micro-amps
  • Includes LoZ to avoid too high voltages
  • Bright white backlit display
  • Capacitance, frequency, resistance, continuity can be measured
  • Contains ergonomic design as well as very compact
  • The rating of safety is CAT III 600V

Fieldpiece LT17A Classic Style Digital Multimeter

Do you want the best HVAC Multimeter for the HVAC unit installation, troubleshooting, and repairing? Fieldpiece LT17A Classic Style Digital Multimeter is perfect for your search result. You can blindly trust this machine, and this machine will make your job much more comfortable as well as faster.

For all the HVAC applications, the classic style of this machine can cover up all the different parameters you need. This machine is also capable of measuring the current, voltage, temperature, capacitance as well as continuity. It also includes the micro-amps function that allows doing the diode tests for flames.

Best HVAC Multimeters

The K-type Thermocouple and the temperature calibration plot included in this machine brings much more accuracy. The ABS plastic body makes it bearable even at hardest conditions.

Highlighted Features:

  • Measuring the temperature up to 1400F, Capacitance of 200MFD, 400AAC with the clamp
  • Works with multiple accessory heads
  • Included micro-amps for the flame diode test
  • Easy motor setup for the frequencies.
  • W/detachable tips of the probe for the silicone leads
  • Tilt stand and hangers are of magnets
  • MAX/ MIN hold

Fieldpiece HS26 Original Stick Digital Multi-Meter

Another ranked and best knows HVAC Multimeter is the HS26 Digital Multi-meter within in the tight budget. The low cost doesn’t impact on its performance as well as quality. This machine provides toughness, modular expandability as well as portability.

The machine will easily fit in the pocket as it is very slim and very portable. For the safety of this machine, a carrying case also included with this machine. It also includes plus O-ring seal to prevent any dust from entering the tool and destroy its functionality.

Original Stick Digital Multimeter

Highlighted Features:

  • Expandability modular
  • DC and 400AAC micro-amps.
  • Indicators of High Voltage as well as Continuity
  • MAX and data hold
  • Can measure the Capacitance
  • The housing of the Plastic ABS

10. Klein Tools MM 6000 Electrician’s/ HVAC TRMS Multimeter

This model is exceptionally user-friendly. No matter you are an expert or a newbie, both of you guys can easily handle it and comfortably use it. This machine will provide you with all the necessary details you need while doing work of HVAC. It also includes the CAT IV rating of the safety, so you never need to stay worried while you are using this machine.

This meter includes the functions to measure the temperature, frequency, capacitance as well as duty cycle. Rather than that, it also has features that provide for like data hold, auto hold as well as auto-ranging. The Klein Tools MM6000 is offering the vast mechanism of the measurements functions that will help you to get all the statistics as well as the data you need.

Best HVAC Multimeter Reviews

Highlighted Features:

  • The DC accuracy is all about 0.2%
  • Very low impedance to avoid all the high voltages
  • Multimeter made by American which is very much durable.
  • Indicators for the Low Battery
  • Auto Shut-Down feature installed
  • Bright Backlit Display
  • Safety Rating of CAT IV

Want To Buy an HVAC Multimeter?

The present stock of HVAC Multimeter populated with many models. So if you can’t choose out the perfect one for you, you will be the one to suffer at the end. Take the perfect one that matches your expectations as well as your needs. Check out the following qualities to choose out the best product:


The first important things that explain an HVAC Multimeter genuinely is its Durability. HVAC works in ventilation, heating as well as air condition. As most of the works will be done based on outdoors, and that is what increases the chances of falling your equipment’s. And to ensure that your tools don’t break or don’t have any damage, durable HVAC Multimeter will be perfect.

Very Compact And Light Weight

Make sure that, the HVAC tool you will be using or buying, that is lightweight as well as the design is very compact. The tools you will be using will always be with you inside the HVAC tool bag. So if your devices are lightweight as well as a small model, then it will provide more portability, and you will love to handle them.

Accuracy And Reliability

There are multiple models of HVAC Multimeter in the market. So if you go for a particular HVAC multimeter that doesn’t provide a perfect or excellent result. You will face a lot of difficulties using those tools. You have to be extremely careful while taking the measurements so that it comes up with a perfect result.

Easy To Use

Are you complete new for using the multimeter? If you are, then I would strongly recommend you to go for the model that you find comfortable to use and also easy for you to handle.


The warranty that provided with many products proves that the product’s manufacturer is 100% confident with its product. And he is also optimistic about the reliability as well as the dependability of his or her product. And lets you to go through the tough moments easily with this HVAC tools. Additionally, the warranty that extended provides you more safety from the functionality issues, damages. You can change the device or else repair the machine for free if you have the warranty.

Well! Those of you who are searching for the best HVAC Multimeter, here are the top 10 best  HVAC multimeter I collected for you. Trust me! You will fall in love using any one of these machines. All of them are knowns as the best HVAC multimeter sometimes also known for the best multimeter for HVAC and much more. These products well researched and taking the ratio of all the reviews, and I chronologically arranged the products for you.

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