5 Best Raclette Cheese Melting Machine & Grill Reviews – [Top Picks of 2021]

Lots of people are fond of Raclette because they love to have that cheese. Most of them are like, without cheese they can’t spend a single day. Thus among them are using Raclette cheese melters. Many of them don’t know about Raclette as well as cheese melters.

Those who don’t know much about Raclette, as well as the cheese melting machine, do not need to worry about this anymore. Are you one of them as well? Well! If you are one of them, then do not worry about it. You are not alone.

If you read this article correctly, you do not need to stay numb anymore about this machine. You are going to know about those cheese melting machines as well as the Best Raclette Cheese melters in my article.

So do not waste Bucks asking people about the best cheese melting device indeed you better read out this article and judge by yourself.

Jump 15 Best Raclette Cheese Melter Grill Reviews of 2021

Best Raclette Cheese

What is the Thing, ‘Raclette’?

Lots of human beings are fond of Raclette because they love to have that cheese. Raclette is a semi-hard cheese made from cow’s milk. Raclette has a design like a wheel which is about 6kg.

Cheese lovers use Raclette cheese while melted cheese. This Raclette Cheese has another name, which is ‘Swiss Dither.’

Swiss Dish is entirely dependent on how much you heat those cheese and scrape off the melted part from that cheese. In Switzerland, Raclette cheese also serves as a dish of indigenous.

In front of the fire or using a particular machine the Raclette cheese heats up. And then that cheese is scrapped onto diner’s plates.

Mainly the term ‘Raclette’ came from a French word which is ‘Racer.’ And it stands for “to scrape.” Melted cheese must be scrapped from the unmelted part and then served into plates.

Melting cheese in fire is very common whole over the world. But because of this fire’s heat, more significant pieces of those cheese melts very quickly.

Details about Cheese Melting Machine

Now let’s get to know about cheese melting machine melts cheese of any type. Thus cheese lovers are using these machines instead of melting cheese directly with fire.

This equipment is used as a cooking device in most restaurant kitchens for decades. Cheese melter is powered by electricity or by direct flame.

This machine allows Raclette cheese to melt as well as to cook any other type of food which has shredded cheese on top.

The latest Cheese melters are almost as same as the Salamander Broiler. But these melters represent the most exceptional control on various dishes. Thus cheese freak humans are buying lots of products of cheese melters.

Burning cheese on fire sometimes ruins the cheese’s flavor and taste. But these machines don’t spoil anything. But still, very few of them are buying cheesing melters knowing that, those products are best which they hear from other people. But all cheese melters are not always the best.

Thus they need to face a lot of issues with those products. But this article contains the five best products of cheese melters. These products are found by well researching. Thinking about your comfort as a priority, we arranged the five best cheese melters.

Top 5 Best Raclette Cheese Melter Reviews

You may have used multiple products of cheese melting machines. But I am pretty sure that most of you didn’t find comfortable using those products. Thus, you are searching for better cheese melters comparing with the previous one.

So make sure that you don’t go for something which someone refers you. Not everyone is used to every product. Now see these five best raclette cheese melters. I can bet you that you are going to love them. These five products have no protest and get easily synced with every cheese freak.

1. Nutrichef Raclette Cheese Melting Machine

The best portable cheese melter ever made is Nutrichef Raclette Cheese Melting Machine. Thus you won’t be able to find any other product like this one.

Moreover, it has a very efficient and affordable cost. This unique machine is straightforward to operate and also has less weight compared to old cheese melting machines.

Features: You will find a direct function in this machine. Everything is involved to make the Raclette cheese, and it includes a whole complete setup. Lastly, the most impressive part is, this machine is entirely made up of insulating material. And that is how it is avoiding danger for a user.

best raclette cheese


  • The most useful side of this machine is the adjustable angles. This machine will keep the cube of the cheese at perfect position for users. Edges also help users to scrape off the yummy cheese in the plate directly, avoiding to spill out anywhere else.
  • This electronic machine can give same taste of cheese which you used to get on earlier wood fire times.
  • Very easy to wash or clean. You can remove this machine with a lot of ease.
  • Comfortable to everywhere and on any surface but depending on its requirements.


  • Heights of this cheese melter machine are shallow which turns to a disgusting point for few buyers. This machine’s shorten height not adjustable to a few users.

2. Boska Holland Light Raclette

Boska Holland Light Raclette machine is very user-friendly, which helped a lot for cheese lovers and also helping till now. This machine is almost like a pan.

It helps you to work faster and easier when you have a guest in your home. And you need to cook different types of dishes drowned with cheese. In that situation, this cheese melter will help you a lot.

FeaturesThis cheese melting included an enamel-coated pan which makes it very easy to use. Used a wooden handle, so that heat doesn’t hurt your hand.

To illustrate the best part of this pan is the plastic spatula which uses for scraping off the cheese or making cheese to turn over and over again.

best raclette cheese


  • Parts of this machine are manufactured well thinking about the safety of users’.
  • Pan is non-stick because of that enamel coating. This machine also helps a lot in washing the pans very quickly.
  • Very easy to handle everywhere and can be carried as well because this pan is foldable which makes it easier to move.
  • The price fact of this product is very less. You can directly heat the pan with a candle


  • In other words, the problems with this cheese melting machine are its size. If you need less amount of cheese, you can quickly do it with this machine.

3. Boska Holland Raclette Cheese Melter 

This Boska Holland Raclette is a perfect product for which you have been waiting for too long. This product makes your dishes tastier by just garnishing the bowl with melted cheese. Once anyone uses this product, cheese lover keeps on using this machine instead of trying another one.

Feature: This machine also includes a lamp, a stand which can be fixed but still, angles are changeable. You can change perspective according to your use.

Just plug in the cable in the point and turn on the switch placing a cheese bar inside it. It will start melting that cheese bar.

This melting machine is perfect for cooking a half cake with complete cheese, but you can’t use a full-round cheese bar at once.

best raclette cheese


  • The most impressive features of this cheese melting machine that most human loves, is that, the safety features. The insulating material use, as well as the plastic coating, makes it safer to use.
  • Very easy to use, keep that half cheese bar and let it melt. After the cheese melts, pour it on the dish like traditional decade’s Swiss Fashion.
  • Taste of cheese after melting from this machine is much more remarkable compared to other ways to melt that cheese.


  • Only good for half wheel bar cheese. You cannot use a whole wheel bar at once.
  • Heights of this machine’s lamp are not adjustable comparing with sizes of the cheese wheels

4. TTM Raclette Cheese Melter

TTM raclette cheese melting machine, the most beautiful cheese melter to melt the cheese following traditional ways. This cheese melter is very famous because humanity loves using them. TTM Raclette cheese melter contains loads of features that made it favorable.

FeaturesYou will find the complete package of this product. The kit comprises an incredibly designed and furnished cheese melter. This cheese melter melts the cheese very quickly without even hurting human hands or other human parts.

The cheese holder used in this machine can handle a quarter of a half-wheel bar of cheese. The best-known culinary equipment in this world which has tools that are professionally qualified is the TTM Raclette cheese melter.

best raclette cheese


  • Best mechanism is present in this machine. This mechanism makes cheese melter very easy to control.
  • This machine uses very less energy which is about only 110V. This melter uses much less power comparing other melters.
  • Long-lasting product. TTM Raclette Cheese Melter used lasting parts which makes this product non-sticky as well as will stay alive for long.
  • You can cook multiple times on this machine.


  • Specifically, the price is very high for this product. Thus many cheese freaks may face a bit shitty problem to buy this product. Though the cost of this product is okay compared to this product, still it is high for lots of people.

5. Bron-Coucke Quarter Round Raclette Cheese Machine

This Bron-coke cheese melter is mostly used to melt a quarter wheel bar of cheese, not even half cheese bar. This machine contains lots of features which make it more impressive. Check out the highlights down below.

Features: A unique part of this machine is the V-shaped part. All you have to do is to fit that cheese inside this machine. Later on, that cheese will start to melt by the heat of the bulb which is glowing from around the sides. This full machine is made up of steel coating.

best raclette cheese


  • This product is very safe to use. You won’t get any hurt while using this machine.
  • Very long lasting product because materials present in this melter will keep the device last for long
  • It takes 120v to use. This machine takes very low voltage to work
  • Very easy to clean as the parts are not sticky and don’t get rust. So you can quickly wipe it after you use it.


  • Only can melt a quarter of a cheese wheel bar one time. Will take a long time to melt a full cheese bar.
  • This machine costs a bit more compared to all other products.

These are the best five products of Raclette cheese melter which many of you guys don’t know. But most of them are also using this product with a lot of ease. I can guarantee that they love these products. People who were searching for Best Raclette Cheese Melter, you guys should check it. These details will make you take your decision very quickly.

Raclette Melted Cheese Dish

The very casual way to serve the Raclette cheese includes using a table-top of electricity which is used to make grills and a few small pans. The pans are knowns as Couples. The sliced cheese is then bought to the table, astonished with the help of the boiled or steamed potato platters or other vegetables. Sometimes you can use the charcuterie as well.

After that, the potatoes need to be mixed up with all the ingredients I mentioned. And then at the top, you can pour the cheese maintaining a small Coupelles wedge-shaped.

This dish then needs to be placed under the grill so that the cheese can melt and makes the cheese looks brown. You can also use these cheese by melting them and just pouring them on the plate and then have it like sauce. The raclette meal is all about relaxing and eating or drinking sociably.

This cheesy meal often takes too long to finish. You can easily find the grill apparatus as well as the ready and complete sliced cheese on any French and European supermarkets.

You will see it at Christmas. Many of the restaurants are also providing the Raclette evenings for the dinners sometimes for the parties etc. This dish is impressive in taste. And these machines are perfect to make the cheese melt easily without ruining the flavor.

Final Thought

It is not like that all other cheese melters are weak or unfortunate. They also manufactured well, but according to those products, these five products are much better. Not just in my opinion.

User’s comments, users rating, products buying rate, etc. I took care of all those things and choose the Best Raclette Cheese Melter for you. Even I used those 5 of them as well.

You can check it out as well! I can assure you that, the comfort you will get using these products, you won’t be able to find this comfort in any other products. Overall these five products are fantastic.

Best Raclette Grill Reviews of 2021

Raclette cheese originated in Switzerland and the ancient Swiss people used to keep the cheese close to fire to melt it. This way, it got a lovely texture and taste.

Thankfully, in today’s times, we don’t need a fireplace or go to Switzerland to taste this traditional cheese with potatoes. It can be done in the comfort of your home using a Raclette cheese melter.

This works quickly and is more sophisticated, adds great elegance to your family dinner parties or just an informal get-together, or even a date night. Just melt and pour and you are done.

Raclette is similar to fondue, in a way. But it is different in the sense that fondue is essentially a dip while you pour raclette on the grilled food of your choice.

Top 15 Best Raclette Cheese Melter Grill Reviews of 2021

Before choosing a Raclette melter, there are various things to be considered, like size (small or a big one that feeds up to eight people), dual top (having a flat surface on one side and a ridged surface on the other, that can be used to make crepes, pancakes and omelets and grill vegetables, meat or bread),

whether you prefer washing by hand or you prefer a nonstick cooking surface, temperature control, the options are many. Once you shortlist and zero in on the melter you want, you can go in for any of the following top options.

1. Milliard Raclette Grill

The Milliard Raclette Grill is a large melter which can cater to up to eight people at a time, making it suitable for parties.

The cheese melter is two-tiered, the upper level for grilling vegetables or meat or fish of your choice and the lower level for melting cheese of your choice.

It has an indicator light that glows while the grill is switched on. This ensures you accidentally don’t touch the grill when it is on and the grill includes nonstick cheese pans, a reversible grill top, and a granite stone top.

best swiss raclette grill


  • Feeds up to eight people. 
  • Has adjustable grill temperature. 
  • Has nonstick cheese pans.


  • Takes some time to heat up. 
  • Nonstick coating may peel off with continuous use. 
  • Wooden spatula included with the kit is flimsy.

2. Raclette BBQ Grill

Raclette BBQ Grill by King of Raclette is a large melter which can feed up to eight people at a time. The melter can be used indoors as well as outdoors, making it perfect for a BBQ party.

Raclette BBQ Grill operates on 1200 watts of power. It is two-tiered, the upper level consisting of a granite surface to cook vegetables or meat and the lower level to melt your favorite cheese.

The granite top can just be wiped down after use, making it very easy to clean. BBQ Grill has a temperature control knob, an indicator to show if the grill is overheated and antiskid feet.

best raclette grill

  • Feeds up to eight people.
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • Easy to clean.


  • Doesn’t have an on/off switch.
  • The granite stone surface takes some time to heat up.
  • Wooden spatula included in the kit is flimsy.

3. Swissmar Classic Raclette

Swissmar Classic Raclette comes with a nonstick grill plate that is wide and flat. You can use it for making crepes and grilling vegetables, meat, and fish simultaneously.

There are multiple spatulas and raclette dishes included in the kit to cater to up to eight people at a time. It has an adjustable temperature control panel and works on 1200 watts of power. The outer body is made of cast iron, making it sturdy and durable.

best raclette grill review


  • The wide nonstick top which can be used for making crepes and grilling. 
  • Cast iron body. 
  • Temperature control.


  • Doesn’t have an indicator light. 
  • The grill can be hard to clean. 
  • The grill takes some time to heat up

4. Salton Raclette Grill

The Salton Raclette Grill comes in two variants: a bigger one that can feed up to eight people and a smaller one that can cater up to six people.

The kit includes enough spatulas and dishes for cheese and other food to use during parties.

The spatulas help efficient serving of food without letting it stick to the pan or breaking. Grilling different vegetables, fish and meat is very easy on the nonstick surface.

best electric raclette grill

  • Nonstick surface. 
  • Available in two sizes. 
  • Zero food breakage or sticking due to good spatulas. 


  • Nonstick coating may wear off after some time. 
  • Flimsy parts. 
  • Smoky odor when fired up initially.

5. Boska Holland Mini Raclette

Boska Holland Mini Raclette is a small melter. It can be used for small groups or family dinners. This grill can be heated by three tea candles only and is very portable.

The Cheese melter is foldable too. The pan is nonstick coated and very easy to cook and clean and store.

best home raclette grill

  • Small size is ideal for small families or couples, even bachelors.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Foldable and portable.
  • Requires only tea candles to get heated


  • Cannot be used for larger groups of people.
  • Nonstick coating may wear off over time.

6. NutriChef Raclette Grill Cheese Melter

NutriChef Raclette Grill Cheese Melter is compact and ideal if you don’t have the space for a bigger raclette grill. It consists of a high-powered heating element that melts cheese quickly.

The angle of the grilling plate is adjustable to melt any piece of cheese. Just place your favorite cheese on the plate, adjust the angle of the grilling plate and watch the cheese melt! After use, simply scrape off the melted portions off the plate.

This meter is encased in a durable stainless steel body and is perfectly usable on any surface. And of course, it is portable.

best raclette grill review

  • Compact and portable. 
  • High-powered heating element. 
  • Adjustable grilling plate. 
  • Durable stainless steel body.
  • Gives perfect woodfire taste to cheese.


  • Grilling plate cannot be adjusted too much.
  • Small amounts of cheese only can be melted at a time.
  • No temperature control. 
  • May not heat up enough to melt cheese effectively

7. Gourmia Electric Raclette Grill

The Gourmia Raclette Grill works on electricity. It comes with a temperature control knob that allows you to easily cook your favorite foods.

There are enough pans in the kit to cater to six people at a time. This grill is round and has a dome-shaped grilling surface with hooks to grill vegetables, fish, and meat, instead of a flat surface. In addition to the pans, the kit also includes a recipe book.

buy raclette machine

  • Has temperature control knob.
  • Feeds up to six people.
  • Includes recipe book. 
  • Occupies lesser space.


  • Hooks are small, limiting the size of the food to be cooked.
  • Cleaning is difficult.
  • Heat dispersion is not even.

8. Costzon Raclette Grill

The Costzon Raclette Grill is a big grill and it can feed up to eight people at a time. This grill works on 1200 watts of power. Just like the other bigger raclette grills, this one also has two levels, the upper level for grilling and the lower level for melting cheese, sauces, or even boiling vegetables.

The nonstick surface ensures clean cooking and the surface can be just wiped down after you are done, making it very easy to clean. It also has an indicator light that glows when the grill is working.

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  • Can feed up to eight people.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Nonstick cooking surface. 
  • Has indicator light.


  • Doesn’t reach very high temperatures.
  • Body is not very durable.
  • Indicator light cannot be seen from certain angles

9. Aroma Housewares Raclette Grill

Aroma Housewares Raclette Grill is a combination of grill and griddle placed reversibly. The cooking plate is made of cast aluminum.

It has a built-in safety switch that prevents accidents. It is easy to handle due to its cool touch handles.

The melter can cater to up to six people at a time. A recipe book is also included in the kit.

There is a removable drip tray at the base of the unit to collect excess oil. It is also dishwasher safe, making it easy for you to clean it.

best electric raclette grill

  • Combination of grill and griddle.
  • Feeds six at a time. 
  • Has a built-in safety switch. 
  • Has a drip tray at the base. 
  • Is dishwasher safe.


  • Takes some time to melt cheese.
  • Kit does not include wooden spatulas.
  • Cooking temperatures vary. The bottom tray gets heated more than the upper one

10. Swissmar Stelvio Raclette Grill

The Swissmar Stelvio Raclette Grill is a big grill and can feed up to eight people at a time. It has a sturdy granite cooking surface.

You can make crepes, pancakes on it as well as grill your favorite vegetables and meat.

It has to stay cool handles for easy handling even during high heat. The body is made of brushed stainless steel. Cleaning is easy, as several parts of the grill are dishwasher safe. The kit includes spatulas and pans that are helpful during parties.

best cheese for raclette

  • Granite cooking surface. 
  • Feeds up to eight people. 
  • Stay cool handles. 
  • Comes with enough spatulas and raclette dishes.


  • Doesn’t have an on/off button.
  • Spatulas are flimsy.

11. Boska Holland Raclette

Boska Holland Raclette cheese melter from Boska Holland, is also a mini grill. It is small, handy, and portable.

The melter has a heating arm on a stand and the angle of the lamp can be changed according to usage.

It operates on electricity. The body is made of insulated plastic. A small family dinner or a quiet couple’s date night can be completely satisfied by this little melter.

best raclette grills

  • Safety features are good. 
  • Portable and compact. 
  • Gives authentic traditional taste.


  • Doesn’t cater to a big group of people.
  • The angle of the lamp can only accommodate half a wheel of cheese.
  • The height of the lamp is low.

12. TTM Raclette Cheese Melter

The TTM Raclette Cheese Melter is a small cheese melter. The cheese holder can hold a quarter or half a wheel of cheese. The base is sturdy, the body is made of quartz, which is one of the best materials that is used in making professional culinary equipment.

It caters efficiently to a medium-sized gathering. The parts are made of nonstick material.

It also uses less energy to work as compared to the other melters. You can simply wipe down the surfaces once you are done, making it extremely easy to clean the grill.

best raclette set

  • Nonstick coated parts. 
  • Portable and compact. 
  • Quartz parts that are durable and reliable. 
  • Easy to clean.


  • Nonstick coating may wear off over time. 
  • Doesn’t cater to large groups. 
  • Holds only up to half a wheel of cheese

13. Bron-Coucke Quarter Round Raclette Machine

The Bron-Coucke Raclette Cheese Melter is used particularly for quarter wheels of cheese. It has an inverted V-shaped design in which there is the provision for heating the piece of cheese. Due to this design, the cheese melts faster and more easily.

The collection pan can be placed below diagonally. Once the cheese is melted, you can just scrape of the parts, making clean up very simple.

The parts are all made of nonstick material. The body is made of powder-coated steel, giving it an elegant and sleek look. The voltage consumption is less, only 120V.

As a result, the life of this melter is longer. It can easily feed a medium-sized gathering of people. A knife, that is not included with other grills, comes with this kit.

best raclette grill

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  • Fully safe to operate. 
  • Feeds a medium-sized gathering. 
  • Knife is included in kit. 
  • Cheese melts easily and faster. 
  • Low voltage consumption. 
  • Easy to clean.


  • Doesn’t cater to a large group.
  • Can melter only quarter a wheel of cheese at a time.
  • Price is high.

Summary of raclette grill reviews

The above-listed products are some of the best ones in the market for melting raclette cheese easily. Whenever you have friends over, or you decide to throw a party, these products will never let you down.

They give you the taste of the original and traditional Swiss cheese and make you the star of the show. You can show off your culinary skills to family and friends or just for yourself too. Now you don’t have to go to Switzerland to enjoy the taste of woodfired cheese right in the comfort of your home!

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