Best Roofing Tool Belt of ( December-2020 )

best roofing tool belt

If you still use one of those heavy toolboxes in this day and age. I suggest it is high time you upgrade to a tool belt by the best roofing tool belt. Just imagine the struggle of having to climb a ladder carrying one tool at a time.

Moreover, think about the risk and possibility of tools falling over hurting someone on the ground. With that vision in mind, it is therefore undoubtedly clear that as a roofer is of essence that you own a roofing tool belt.


The best thing about having a roofing tool belt is that it is portable, durable, safe and easy to carry all the necessary tools all in one go.

With so many tool belts on the market, you might find it hard to choose the right tool belt. I have compiled a list of the 5 best roofing tool belts from which you can choose from.

When purchasing a tool belt there are a number of important factors you have to consider. Durability and quality are one of them.

It is wise to purchase a tool belt that is of high quality, durable and can last longer. Rather than spending money on tool belts that would not last for a long time.

Carrying capacity is one of the factors you should consider. Should purchase a roofing tool belt which is strong enough and capable to carry the necessary tools you need to get the job.

Tool belts with additional features such as loops, hammer holder and cell phone holders are always the best. That is because they offer more storage space.

1. Occidental Leather 8580 XL FatLip Tool Bag Set

Occidental brand is well-known for producing well-designed, high-quality tool belts and tools. This tool belt comes with 20 pockets which are 10 inches deep. Highly durable as it made out of strong nylon.

The bottom and corners are reinforced with high-quality leather and also has several tool holders and a 2-in-1 hammer.

Occidental Leather is the best tool belt for roofing simply because it comfortably fits all sizes. Comes with an adjustable belt that can easily be adjusted to perfectly fit your need.

The tool bag set cost around $296.64 (approx).

Consumers highly impressed this tool belt for its quality. It has a rating of 4.7 out of 5 and the ability to carry many tools without them spilling out.

best roofing tool belt


  • Made out of high-quality leather which makes it ideal for contractors to use.
  • Convenient to carry and the tool holders make it easy to use.
  • Durable and resistant to all weather conditions.
  • Can carry a number of tools and is strong enough to carry heavy weight tools.
  • The belt is highly adjustable to fit all sizes.
  • User-friendly, double layered which makes it comfortable to use.


  • poor design and functionality
  • the tool holder is not correctly fixed which can inconvenience the user

2. CLC Custom Leathercraft 5608 Carpenter’s Combo Tool Belt

This tool belt has 17 pockets, 7 big main pockets to carry all the big tools. In addition, it has a metal clip to hold all types of measuring tapes and 2 steel hammer loops.

One of a kind as it comes fully equipped with a patented easy to carry handle design that makes the tool belt portable. Can easily store tools without them falling out. Well-designed front pockets which are accessible and offer greater capacity.

It is made from a double layer of lightweight rugged ballistic poly fabric.  This tool belt has a double tongue steel roller buckle and a 5-inch wide padded to enable comfort.

The belt is easy to adjust and fits waist sizes ranging from 29-55 inches. Priced at $74, 95, it has a rating of 3 out of 5. The best tool belt on the market which is worth the price.

Not only it sturdy but also versatile, as all the parts can be interchanged. However, it falls short as the belt comes off and the tool belt. is poorly structured.

best tool belts for roofing


  • Suitable for carrying heavy tools as the pockets are large and strong enough.
  • Portable with a  handle that is firmly fixed.
  • User-friendly as the belt can be adjusted and is fitted with 5-inch padding.
  • Made out of leather, the polyester is properly stitched and has double-layered protection.
  • All the parts can be removed and interchanged.


  • The possibility of heavy tools spilling out of the bag
  • possibility of the belt becoming loose

3. Dewalt DG5650 31-Pocket Tool Belt

Dewalt DG5650 has a good number of pockets both big and small, altogether amounting to 31. This tool belt is accompanied by loops to put pencils and nails.

It has carabiner to put keys and zippered pockets to put valuables things such as phones and rings. The bag has on-hook storage which makes the tool belt easy to carry with just one hand.

Dewalt DG5650 has a patented pouch handle which makes the belt easy to adjust. It is priced around $102.70

The bag has an exceptionally sturdy tool belt with a number of pockets that can accommodate a number of tools.

best tool belt for roofing


  • fitted with a 6-inch heavy duty padded belt and a Diplex liner, it offers comfort
  • double –tongue roller buckle keeps the belt in place and secure
  • has zippered pockets to store valuables
  • a number of pockets which enable proper storage of tools
  • portable can easily carry it with one hand


  • The belt does not last long, it stretches out
  • Oversized bag
  • Has a flat pocket which serves no purpose at all

4. Style N Craft 93-428 10 Pocket Top Grain Tool Belt

The Style n Craft tool belt is made of heavy duty grain leather which makes it sturdy and durable. It has 2 metal hammer holders, tape and square measure holders.

Fully equipped with 10 pockets which are reinforced at the bottom top grain leather. Rivets come with caps for safety purpose.

The heavy-duty poly web belt has a metal buckle which makes it easy to carry the tools. It fits waist sizes ranging from 29-46 inch.

Has a number of pockets and compartments that are reinforced at the bottom to ensure durability. However, it is stitched with nylon thread which easily comes off.

Additionally, the quality of this tool belt maybe compromised by water, flames, and heat. This tool belt has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

best tool belt for roofers


  • Rivets with caps to ensure safety
  • 10 pockets that are reinforced at the bottom
  • Made out of top grain leather which is sturdy
  • Has 2 hammer, a tape and square holder

  • The stitching easily come off
  • Exposure to water, heat and flames destroy the quality

5. IIT 911127 Pocket Toolbelt

The tool belt has 11 pockets of which 4 are the main ones and the other 7 smaller ones are for things like nails and gauges. It also comes with 1 leather loop plus 2 steel loops to hang tools.

IIT 911127 is made out of heavy duty leather. It is also fully equipped with a tool apron and rivets which are not prone to rust. The polyweb belt is easily adjustable plus it has a quick release buckle.

The tool bag fit waistlines ranging from32-52 inches.

best tool belt


  • Ideal for electricians, contractors  and carpenters
  • Made from heavy duty leather also coupled up with rust proof rivets
  • Has an adjustable belt which is equipped with a quick release buckle
  • With 7 pockets, 3 loops and holders, this tool belt has an extra carrying capacity
  • The price is affordable
  • Comfortable to wear


  • The buttons come off with time
  • Poor quality stitching
  • The color comes off
  • The belt does not stay buckled
  • The pockets are small

Roofing Tool Belt Buying Guide 2020


  • The tool belt portable, you don’t burden yourself with unnecessary tools.
  • Hassle free, with a tool belt you do not have to go up and down a ladder when repairing. It saves you time and energy.
  • Much safer, the chances of tools falling onto the ground and hurting people are pretty slim as compared to when the tools are just lying on the roof.
  • It is an efficient and effective way to carry tools especially if you are a roofer.
  • The tools are well organized, visible, and within reach.


My top pick is Dewalt DG5650. It is best because of the extra storage capacity to carry both small and big tools.

The bag is also comfortable to wear and use as the belt is Dri-Lex padded. The belt can easily be adjusted so that it fits.


The tool belt is of utmost importance to check the material for the belt. The belt is the one that carries all the tools and keeps them intact. It is advisable that you buy leather belts because there are strong and can handle heavy tools.

Choose a tool belt that is comfortable to wear. Not one that wears you down or causes you to have back pains at the end of the day. Consider purchasing tool belts that are well padded.

Always choose a tool belt that has an adjustable belt or fits your waist size. Purchasing a tool belt that is tight or oversize will hinder you from efficiently doing your job.


There are a number of great benefits that can be derived from owning a tool belt. It ensures increased productivity, it saves time and energy.

Your safety is of the essence, with a tool belt chances of accidents are reduced as compared to when you don’t have one.

You should consider the quality of the product. Check prices and buy one which is within your budget. Should research and see if the brand produces good quality tool belts.

Most importantly search for what other consumers are saying about the product by going through customer reviews.


In conclusion, roofing is not an easy job. Even if it’s just fixing a leak or nailing the roof. This difficult task requires a lot of time and energy. However, a roofing tool belt is the simple answer that simplifies all this.

A tool belt is ideal for a roofing job as it offers efficiency and ease of doing the job. With a tool belt you can organize all the tools you require all in one bag and carry them all in one go. It is easy and safe just like that.

However, factors such as quality, price, durability, and carrying capacity have to be considered before purchasing a tool belt.

Henceforth, it is advisable that one should choose a tool belt that best suits their budget, needs and wants.
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  1. I have used Dewalt tool belt for just a little while now and I have not had any issues with the belt/suspenders combo. I have no sliding of the suspenders off the shoulders and they feel comfortable.


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