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We have made enough research on room fireplace insert. People are getting so many good and bad experiences in different sizes fireplace room insert, like; 18 inches, 23 inches, 36 fireplaces electric fireplace insert. So, Don’t worry we have made an awesome list of best room fireplace insert reviews.

Hundreds of consumer reports and thousands of buying guides are available on the internet to help you find out the best fireplace insert. The abundance of fireplace inserts reviews can confuse homeowners who simply want to make the smartest investment for an efficient home heating system.

Don’t get confused and get help from the reviews and buying criteria mentioned in this post to pick the best-priced room electric fireplace insert.

Room electric fireplace inserts are the electric substitute to the traditional masonry fireplaces. These days, a model of room electric fireplace insert is specially designed to become the focal point in a room.

Picking a model that meets all your requirements based on looks, performance and cost is somewhat difficult. We have done the legwork for you and compiled a list of 5 best room electric fireplace insert reviews.

Why buy a room fireplace insert?

Room electric fireplace insert is simple, elegant and hassles free way to get warmth in winters. The electric version of the wood burning fireplace won’t require any chimney. This means, great performance and no pollution at all. If you are planning to get curled up in cozy winters then consider the benefits of investing in the top room electric fireplace insert.

Ease Of Installation

Costly remodeling done by breaking the walls is not really needed for installation of room electric fireplace. You just need a socket to plug in the appliance. Rest assured, the models are very easy to fit inside your existing masonry fireplace.

Vast Design Options

Some models feature the traditional looking curves and detailing and some models feature the much applauded minimalistic design standards. There are plenty of styles and design options available that can suit your style preferences.

Long-Lasting Performance

Clogged chimneys, rust on the outer parts and other maintenance issues are not present with room electric fireplace. In other words, you can vouch for the durable and long lasting performance of the best room electric fireplace.

Safe With Children And Pets

Electric fireplaces are safe to touch as they are cool on the outside. Besides, they don’t combust any toxic fumes. So if you have pets and children in your home then substitute your traditional fireplace with the electric version right away.

Very Easy To Use

Harvesting, seasoning and trimming the wood logs are some of the scariest things about a fireplace. But, you don’t have to worry about all these things while using a room electric fireplace insert. Simply plug in the device and you are good to go.

Pollution Free

Since you are not burning any fuel there won’t be any fumes in the atmosphere. Thus, room electric fireplace is a great way to contribute to the society where pollution has become one of the biggest concerns.


You don’t have to do any heavy remodeling, you don’t have to stock woods for the entire season and you don’t have to pay for periodic maintenance of chimneys. Thus, it is obvious that finding the effective room electric fireplace insert is a low-cost option to get the much-needed warmth in your home.

5 Best Fireplace Insert Reviews

The fumes, smoke and hassled maintenance of fireplace is a thing of past. Now it’s the time to transform your old and messy fireplace into an electric one. Get help from the 5 best room electric fireplace insert reviews to pick the right model for your home or office.

1. Duraflame DFI020ARU-A004 Electric Fireplace Insert W/ Heater

It is a compact, pocket-friendly and the most efficient log style fireplace insert. The logs are designed with embedded LED lights to offer a realistic look of flames. The small-sized log set works great for small rooms with an area of up to 400 square feet. It also comes with a remote control to adjust the heat settings.

The brightness settings for flames can be changed up to three levels. Getting orange hues and realistic flames at the price of this electric fireplace insert is a great investment. But only for smaller rooms as the heating capability won’t be noticed in larger areas. Apart from that, the downside of this model is that the realistic logs lack fumes and crackling sound.

best electric fireplace insert reviews

2. Dimplex Synergy 50-Inch Electric Fireplace

The style and functionality of this fireplace insert work great for homes with modern style décor settings. Its seamless look, classic black colored trims along with a smooth glass in the front are some of the design elements that are most popular in contemporary décor standards.

Coming to the performance, the 50” long fireplace insert comes with lifelike flame technology. The heating functions are energy efficient and cost saving too. The model can be used in three types of installation, such as wall mounted, new construction or retrofit into an existing fireplace.

The only downside with this model is that users can set the temperature with only two heat settings high and low. There are no particular thermostat type heat settings in this model.

electric fireplace insert reviews

3. Classic Flame 39EB500GRA 39″

It is one of the best fireplace insert featuring the log style design. The high technology logs burn just like real wood logs and work great to transform the look of an existing fireplace. The remote control operated fireplace insert is equipped with heating functionality for two output levels. The electric fireplace insert can perform exceptionally well in an area of 400 square feet with its 120V voltage connection. The second output level of 240V is suitable for areas up to 800 square feet.

There are options to change the brightness of flames. The only downside with this fireplace insert is that it lacks the crackling sound of logs burning in a real fireplace.

electric fireplace inserts logs reviews

4. AKDY 28″ Electric Firebox

The firebox features lifelike flames from the logs. This is the builder’s box fireplace insert which is one of the most budget-friendly models available in the marketplace.

The fireplace insert features a supplemental heat radius of up to 150 square feet that means it works great for small sized rooms. It is a budget-friendly variant for one of the top-performing fireplace inserts in the market.

Apart from heating performance, the model is gaining immense popularity due to its faux brick interior. The brick-like detailing of this insert makes it a valued addition for homeowners who love the traditional masonry look of a fireplace.

best electric fireplace insert reviews

5. Dimplex 33-Inch Purifire Built-In Electric Fireplace

If you are looking for a room electric fireplace insert with superior heating capabilities then look no further. The built-in a model of fireplace insert works exceptionally well at 9000 BTUs. The heating radius for this fireplace insert is around 400 square feet. Just like the Classic Flame Fireplace Insert, it also features dual voltage mode of 120V and 240V.

Coming to the looks, the built-in model comes with hyper-realistic logs that are handcrafted. Fitted with LED bulbs, the logs in this fireplace insert burn like realistic logs and embers. Further, the model is equipped with an air treatment system to purify the air which is again a bonus.

With so many plus points, the model tops the list of reviews of best fireplace inserts; though one needs to spend a little bit more to own this model. The only downside of this model is its high-end price range.

best electric fireplace insert reviews

Types of room electric fireplace insert

The modern-day heating solutions are designed with a plethora of options based on their size, style, design, and heating capacity. Choosing the best room electric fireplace is not an easy task. Make sure to pick the best model that meets with your requirements. Varied types of fireplace inserts are further elaborated to help you make an informed buying decision.

Log Inserts

The ambiance of flickering fire looks great in a traditional fireplace, but what when you are out of wood. Forget about the hassles of traditional methods of wood harvesting and invest in-room electric fireplace log inserts that easily fit inside an existing fireplace.

The logs are designed like the real wood logs and equipped with the latest technology to imitate the real look of burning flames. You can get the enticing effect of fumes and flame from these logs without actually the harms of toxic chemicals. A great buy to get heat and style from your existing fireplace.

Plug in Inserts

As the name suggests these inserts offer the convenience to be plugged in inside an existing fireplace. Besides, you can also transform the look of an old cabinet by putting these plug-in fireplace inserts inside the cabinet. These inserts are available to match with the size and budget requirements of every household. Further, you can buy the plugin inserts as a standalone appliance or can also buy a matching cabinet or fireplace mantle for them.

Built-in Inserts

A safe and eco-friendly alternative to the traditional fireplace, the built-in inserts are also popular to get the year-round enjoyment of a fireplace. You can opt for flame only functions or select the heater functions to get cozy in the winters. These inserts can be installed quickly and easily inside or outside the walls.

With a few easy steps, your traditional fireplace will turn into an electric fireplace. And your new fireplace will be budget-friendly, safe to use, and offering the same ambiance as the traditional ones do. The eye-catching flames and the remarkable heating outputs make this fireplace inserts a great investment in all sizes of homes. Pick whichever style speaks to you and get a realistic looking fireplace without actually burning any fuel.


Room electric fireplace inserts are available in thousands of design options to choose from. Your buying decisions can be based on the type of insert. Be it plugin, built in or log style insert the charm has been made inevitable with the help of latest technology.

The realistic looking flames and remarkable heating performance have now substituted the traditional fireplace. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a remodeling project. Transform your existing fireplace by checking the 5 Best Room Electric Fireplace Insert Reviews mentioned here.


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