The 5 Best Torpedo Heaters ( December-2020 )

Best Torpedo Heaters

Do you know the perfect torpedo heater?

A torpedo heater is an electric, gas or kerosene torpedo heater. In our research states that people are little confused about buying a heater for a garage. A torpedo heater may be propane, kerosene, and battery operated heater. 

Are you know the best torpedo heater if no then it is also necessary to know which fuel you have to use.  Let’s read all reviews to know the perfect guideline.

Without adequate research, you will end up buying the torpedo heater that doesn’t match the standards or the one that costs too much. Factors like the fuel type and BTUs should be kept in mind while purchasing the best torpedo heater.

In addition to this, you can’t simply ignore the safety factors. Likewise, quality construction and durability standards are also important. Confused already? Don’t be, we have done the legwork for you.

A smart buyer would calculate the pros and cons of every popular model. And, we are here to help you in the daunting task.

Here, top 5 heaters are reviewed to let you find the most convenient and high performing.

5 Top Best Torpedo Heater Reviews 2020

A number of things should be taken into considerations while buying a torpedo heater. With the vast availability of models, it is quite confusing for buyers to make the final decision. Getting a model with a large tank size is not really required if you simply want to use it in your shop.

Some models are safe to be used indoors and outdoors as well, therefore, they are designed with variable heat settings. Not only this, there are torpedo heaters designed with adjustable angles for optimal heat distribution.

The features and options are endless; get help from the reviews based on the BTUs, heating radius, user-friendly functions and safety factors of most popular models.

1. Dyna-Glo RMC-FA60DGD Liquid Propane Heater

It is the best propane torpedo heater available in the marketplace. The gas powered heater is small, compact and very easy to move from one place to another. If the size of your room is around 1350 Square feet, then this smart and efficient model is the best choice available.

The model is designed with easy connect regulator, which means you don’t have to be a professional to get the installation process done. The thoughtfully developed model is second to none in terms of performance, thanks to its continuously variable BTUs.

The fully enclosed steel base and safety features like auto shut off protection switch add more feathers to the hat of this model. The model received great response from buyers because it comes with adjustable heat angles that offer greater comfort in typical working conditions.

Overall, the CSA certified propane torpedo heater is a great buy under $100. However, one needs to ignore the noise it makes to keep you warm in the harsh weather conditions.

The only downside with the model is that it makes bothersome noise and the ignition also makes clicking sounds even when the heater is already lit.

best salamander heater

2. Pro-Temp PT-70T-KFA Kerosene/Diesel Forced Air Heater

The biggest reason behind the higher ratings on this model is the built-in thermostat. The highly versatile multi-fuel heater runs on kerosene and diesel. It efficiently heats up to 1700 square feet of area.

Ideal to be used at shops and garages, the model is believed as a reliable choice due to its 70000 BTUs capabilities. The model never fails to amaze buyers looking for a safe, reliable and cost-effective torpedo heater.

The impressive design and sturdy built are definitely what you get by paying more than $200. Besides, the full tank lets you continuously generate great heat for 9 hours. The model is equipped with a cold start system to enhance performance standards.

Overall, it’s a great multi-fuel model to fight with the chilly weather. Buyers using the models in their 3 car garage are giving great ratings to it.

However, running the heater on diesel can trip the safety system of the model. Avoiding the safety aspects is not usually recommended.

best kerosene heater for garage

3. Mr. Heater Forced-Air Kerosene Heater

The model is loaded with numerous features that make it one of the top torpedo heater options. To start off with, it has impressive 175K BTU capacity that renders a remarkable amount of heat in chilly weather. The model is designed to work without fail for heating up to 4375 square feet of space.

The high performing model features a 14-gallon fuel tank to provide up to 10 hours of continuous heat. The CSA certified model meets the expectations of buyers looking for a value for money torpedo heater. For an easy start at extremely low temperature, the heater is equipped with a continuous ignition.

Features like cord storage, auto shut off functions and overheat safety sensors are highly appreciated by buyers. Not only this, the model comes with gigantic pneumatic tires which makes transport a less challenging task. The heater is reviewed as the best of all times.

However, the model may take up a lot of kerosene. It heats up a large area quite quickly, but at the cost of lots of fuel.

best salamander heater

4. Avenger FBDFA60V Portable Propane Heater

A ready to use a heater that runs on propane is certainly the best thing you can get for the chilly weather. This heater compact, remarkably light in weight and very easy to use. An ideal choice for factories and warehouses, the heater is specially engineered to offer power-packed performance with its variable 30000-60000 BTU output.

It is one of the most preferred heating devices offering features of adjustable heating angles and quiet performance. The atmospheric burner makes very little noise.

The heater gets brownie points for its thermally protected motor that adds more years to its longevity. Without any worries, use this long-lasting and rugged heater on combustible floorings.

No assembly is required to use this device, though you need to read the instructions carefully to go through the steps for the first time use. The tank fitting may seem a power-packed little bit confusing to first-time buyers. But that’s not really a downside. Overall, it is a competitively priced best propane torpedo heater.

best kerosene heater for garage

5. Master MH-220T-DFV Dual Fusion Forced Air Heater

If noisy performance is your concern, then this model is the ultimate choice for being the quietest of them all. Developed using the latest technology, the dual fusion heater actually runs silently, to be more precise, 50% quieter than others. The dual-fusion technology patent is pending, yet the model is gaining vast popularity for being 46% more efficient than other rivals in the market.

The CSA certified model runs on kerosene and the latest design is loaded with lots of safety features. This great working model throws an impressive amount of heat with its 170K/220K heat output. Many consumer reports state that this is by far the best model to heat up the area of 1550 square feet.

The kerosene heater is nice and toasty and needs very little maintenance. The great performance is flawed with only one downside that lots of unburned fuel will be wasted at the front side of the unit. You need to adjust the pump pressure again and again to solve the issue.

best salamander heater

How to find the best torpedo heater?

The most important factors that buyers need to keep in mind while getting the premier torpedo heaters are performance, size of your room, safety aspects and certifications.

Many brands are developing models to enhance the user-friendliness. Apart from BTUS, the aspects that measure the performance standards are the thermostat, timers, remote control and more. Picking a model with these features can help you manage the temperature of the room more efficiently.

Rather than wasting money or energy, pick the heater by keeping the size of your room into consideration. Take a look at the heating radius and BTUs of the models that are going to buy. This way, you will be sure not to buy a heater that is too small or too big for your space.

If you are going to use a torpedo heater where your pets and children are nearby then getting a taller model is beneficial. Besides, the ultimate choice can be made on the basis of safety factors like auto shut off functions, sensors to prevent overheating along with switches to prevent tipping over.

Certifications are important to get peace of mind. The torpedo heater should meet all kinds of standards confirming safety and quality. The accreditations for the best propane torpedo heater include certifications from CSA and USA safety standards.

Yet another important thing to consider while buying a torpedo heater is the amount of noise the device is going to produce. In contrast to popular belief, not all torpedo heaters are noisy. Ensure that you are using the best fuel for torpedo heater and picking a model that is innovatively designed to perform with lesser noise levels.

Basics of Torpedo Heater

What is a torpedo heater?

The device generates heats by combustion of fuel. It operates on the forced air function. Torpedo heaters can run on a wide variety of fuels including kerosene torpedo heater, propane torpedo heater, natural gas torpedo heater, diesel and more. The best fuel for the torpedo heater is obviously propane because of its low-cost availability and clean burning.

What are the applications of the torpedo heater?

Torpedo heaters work great to heat up the environment in a cost-effective way. The only basic requirement is good ventilation. Thus, the application areas of torpedo heaters include workshops, construction sites, and commercial events.

Why torpedo heaters are so popular?

Attractive features like cool to touch and portability make torpedo heaters popular in both the commercial and industrial sectors. The compact and lightweight heaters run on fuels like kerosene and propane, which makes them cost-effective heating system for warehouses and construction sites.

They are quite effective to put up the heat and the biggest advantage of using torpedo heaters is their durability. The rugged built ensures that the heater will last for years with minimal upkeep.

Which is the best propane torpedo heater?

Kerosene is widely used to run torpedo heaters. Though, the best fuel for a torpedo heater is propane. The reason users prefer it over kerosene is that it doesn’t smell bad. The clean burning gas leaves no smell and a few emissions that don’t bother much.

Dyna-Glo RMC-FA60DGD is recommended by many users as the best propane torpedo heaters. The heater works great for indoors and outdoors. Detailed discussion on its performance standards and salient features is available in the review section.


You might expect to find the best models after considering the safety, efficiency and pricing factors. Choosing a model that offers multi-fuel flexibility is a great idea; though, you need to keep in mind that diesel and kerosene burn dirty and propane is the best fuel for a torpedo heater.

The worth knowing models are discussed in the top 5 best torpedo heaters reviews to help the confused buyers. Share your views about our favorite picks and tell us in the comment section that which model is the best?

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