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Do you know how to install a wood burning fireplace insert?Fed up with the messy performance of a traditional fireplace? How about trying one of the best wood burning stoves? It’s a unique heating appliance that is efficient in terms of less fuel and more heating.Thus, we can say that apart from offering the cozy feel in your home, a wood burning stove can be the best option to warm up the place.

Before you make the purchase decision to get your hands on one of the wood-burning inserts you need to do a little bit of homework.

Which model is the best, which is the best wood to burn in the wood stove, is it easily available near you and questions like what is the best firewood for a wood burning stove must be answered.

In this ultimate post about wood burning stove reviews and guide, you will find answers to all your queries, so keep on reading.

Benefits of Wood Burning Fireplace Insert

A wood-burning stove is an energy efficient heating system. It is used in households to generate heat in an easy and stylish way. As compared to traditional fireplaces, the best wood burning stoves that are EPA certified are less polluting and more efficient.

Those who are considering this elegant, high performing and eco-friendly way of generating heat in their homes should know about its benefits. You can easily make the purchase decision based on the benefits of the wood burning stove over the traditional open fireplace. Take a look:

Eco-friendly heating system: Wood burning stoves use wood heat and wood is a renewable source. This way, you can be sure that you are using a sustainable product to generate heat. The latest models of wood-burning stoves generate low smokes and fumes as compared to traditional fireplaces. In addition to this, most of the models are EPA certified and spread very less pollution.

Cost-effective: Rather than spending on a fireplace, find out which is the top wood burning stove for a small room and you will save more money. With the rising rates of fuels, the winter nights can cost you more if you are using any other heating system in your room than a wood stove.

Stylish addition: The energy-efficient heating system not just helps to cut cost on fuels, but also helps to infuse the elegance in any room. Small or large, all sizes of homes can get the warm and cozy feel of the wood-burning stove that is available in timeless designs.

5 Best Wood Burning Fireplace Insert Reviews

Wood stoves or log burners are great to cut cost on heating systems in households. Lots of models are available in the market. Confused homeowners can take help from the 5 excellent wood burning stove reviews and buying guide:

1. Drolet EPA-Certified Escape Fireplace Wood Insert 

This model works as an insert for the traditional fireplace. Once loaded this model can burn for up to eight hours. It is a good looking wood stove model available at a great price.

With its firebrick lining, this model grabs great reviews. The only downside is that the model doesn’t feature silent performance and make a little bit of noise while running.

best wood burning stove

2. Vogelzang TR004 Colonial EPA Wood Stove

With 75% efficiency rating, this wood stove is the best choice to create a focal point in any room. Featuring large air washed ceramic glass, the wood stove is the most preferred option by homeowners looking for a value for money product. The only thing that makes this wood stove little less than other is its smaller firebox.

fireplace insert reviews

3. La Nordica Rosa XXL With Cook Stove

Designed with a large baking oven, this wood stove is definitely a great investment to make most out of your money.

It is big in size, finely finished with enameled quoting and it also comes with a cast iron frame to add to the look. The stove gets great reviews in the market for its 85% efficiency.

The model features sturdy built, great looks and excellent heating performance, but the only problem is with its price. The cost for this model is a bit on the higher end.

fireplace insert reviews

4. HQ Issue outdoor wood stove

A great buy with its easy to assemble design. This wood stove tops the list due to its portable design and pipe sections.

The model weighs less and it is very easy to transport it while camping. Besides, the durable quality wood stove can last for years with minimal upkeep.

Consumers providing great reviews who are buying this model for walled tented accommodations. The only downside is that the model only works for outdoor use and it also needs good ventilation.

best wood stove insert

5. Vermont Castings 2461 Cast Iron Stove

The beautiful curves and intricate detail on this catalytic cast iron stove make it one of the most premier wood-burning stoves available. Featuring colonial design, this stove has 9 hours of burn time with an efficiency of 75%.

Everything is best about this classy wood stove except its higher price. It might seem a bit pricier to people looking for cost-effective models.

wood burning stove reviews

Which is the perfect wood burning fireplace Insert for small room?

If you live in a tiny home, then the purchase decision for wood burning stove must be made on heating capacity. Out of all those best stoves available in the market place, the leading wood burning stove for small room and tiny homes are listed here. Based on their reviews the list is prepared. Go through it to pick the most suitable model for your home.

1. Vogelzang TR001 Defender

Based on the positive reviews, the model seems to be the top pick by homeowners. The heating radius for this model is up to 1200 square feet. Besides, it features the heating efficiency of 82%, extremely impressive, isn’t it? Designed with a huge glass door, this model would definitely be the classiest focal point in a small room. This model boasts great reviews because of its wall mounted design, which is another great point for tiny and cramped spaces.

2. Dickinson Marine Newport 

Probably the smallest model available, this is the best wood stove for small rooms. With a heat radius of up to 500 square feet, the model is a great buy for homeowners looking for a small wood stove. Although the model is not EPA certified, it boasts great reviews and ratings in the market because of its removable ash drawer. The drawer makes clean up easy and hassle-free. The only disadvantage with this model is the need for proper ventilation. The model works great when there is a fresh air vent nearby, which is sometimes difficult in smaller rooms.

3. Hi Flame Shetland

Yet another smaller wood stove model that works great for tiny living areas and bedrooms. This model features a heat radius of 800 square feet.

Homeowners looking for the top wood burning stove for the small room should consider buying this great looking model. With the highest energy efficiency of above 85%, this model is a great buy but it’s a little bit expensive.

Wood burning stoves vs Wood fireplace insert

Definitely, a wood-burning stove is better than a fireplace. The reason is its high performance that a fireplace can’t beat. You put just one tiny log in the wood-burning stove and it will offer remarkable warmth for a really long time. The enclosed appliance is less messy than a fireplace. Its heating performance is higher with lesser fuel requirements.

These days, lots of models offer 8 to 10 hours of burning time, which means only one log of wood can go whole night long. In simpler words, wood-burning stoves are easy to use, look classy and offer great savings than traditional fireplaces.

Apart from performance and cost factors, the best wood burning stoves win the race due to their looks also. Latest models are sleek and seamless and infuse a great character to a room, which is a little difficult to achieve with a giant fireplace.

Buying Guide: How to Buy Effective Wood Burning Insert

1. Choose a wood stove that is made from the durable quality material. For instance, you can opt for welded steel or cast iron models. The welded ones are less costly but won’t last for years. Whereas, the cast iron models are great in performance and look classy as well.

2. Depending on the combustion technology, there are two varieties catalytic and noncatalytic. Catalytic models have an exhaust to pass the smoke, and they can last for good 6 to 7 years with proper care. Noncatalytic models combust in the firebox that creates attractive fire glows. But these models need periodic maintenance.

3. Whichever model you choose, make sure the smoke emission standard is approved by EPA.

4. The purchase decision can also be made on the basis of heat output rates. An average size of the house requires a wood stove between the range of 5000 and 25000 BTUs per hour.

5. Depending on the size of your house, you can pick the models designed in three heating capacities that are small, medium and large.

What is the best firewood for a wood burning insert?

Wood burning stoves don’t use petroleum or any other non-renewable source of energy. They simply rely on woods. So try out in the local market for the best wood to burn in the wood stove and you are good to go. It is important to the stock vast amount of clean and dry wood in the winters. Your query about what is the best firewood for a wood burning stove is answered in the below list that is further categorized into two parts:

These are some of the best wood to burn in the wood stove. Softwoods are great to kindle the fire but they burn too quickly. On the other hand, some hardwoods are less expensive and can easily be found in the marketplace.

Apart from that, hickory and hornbeam trees are also great options hardwoods. If these are available in your area, then you can also rely on them to harvest great quality firewood for your stove.

  • Ash
  • Apple
  • Maple
  • Oak
  • Birch
  • Black thorn
  • Cherry
  • Pine
  • Yew
  • Fir
  • Spruce

Tips for stocking up wood to burn in the wood stove

Now that you know what is the best firewood for the wood burning stove; you must follow the expert guide to choose and stock the woods before winter comes.

  • Plan for the chilly nights of winters in advance. A year, at least. The reason is, seasoned and dry wood works great. And it takes about six months to season the wood before you can use them.
  • Plan for the storage of good dry, clean and seasoned wood. As mentioned earlier, you are planning a year advance for the next winter, which means you have to store the wood logs at some safe place.
  • Try to stack the woods off the ground and make sure the woods get good air circulation throughout the year.
  • Your seasoned wood needs to be protected from the snow. So create a shed that covers the wood only from the top and there should not be any sides to the sheds.
  • You need something sharp like a chainsaw or other cutting tools to prepare the logs. Alternatively, you can avail the services of wood trimming companies.


Finding one of the best wood burning stoves can save you a lot of money in the chilly winter nights. The energy efficient models are great in looks and offer impressive heating performance. Forget about the messy handling of the traditional fireplace and get a model which is EPA certified.  To start off with the hunting, compare the 5 Top Wood Burning Stove Reviews mentioned in this go-to-guide for homeowners.

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