DIY Laundry Stain Remover Works For All Stain ( December-2020 )

Last week, I shared our secrets with everyone, namely excellent homemade detergent. Today, it’s time to share the other half of our laundry detergent. Despite our high success in soaps, for some reason, we are still using chemical detergents and detergents purchased in stores.

diy laundry stain remover

I never really felt that we could convert this product into a homemade version. But now we are already a family of three, and our stains are even stronger. We are using more detergent sprays, and I think it is time to figure this out.

It took a few tries, but I finally landed on the same working spray that seemed to be shopping with something. It excels in all kinds of stains – grass, blood, food, and stains created by some less delightful babies.

In fact, I like this kind of thing. So I have a small bottle of it hidden in a diaper bag and used to treat stains on the road.

Like most stains, the best results can be achieved if the dye can be treated as carefully as possible. And allowed to soak for a while before washing.

Also, I have never encountered any problems with the discoloration of my clothes. But before using it in an absolute favorite shirt, you should test an unremarkable spot. Here’s how you do it.

So why DIY laundry stain remover will work. There is a reasonable explanation of stain remover according to science. Hydrogen is a weak acid, and bentonite soap is a base.

Typically, when you mix the two, they offset each other. So I was shocked. This is the winner. I haven’t even tried to put the two together. But I’ve seen a lot of websites recommend mixing the hydrogen peroxide with the dawn dishcloth.

And I have to look at all the fuss. Only use natural soap instead of dawn and add lemon essential oil to achieve additional degreasing.

Soap may weaken the effect of hydrogen peroxide, making it a color-safe oxygen bleach. Most “color safe” bleaches contain a stable ingredient that becomes hydrogen peroxide when added to water, but it is essential to test the patch before use – even with color-safe products, some fabrics will fade.

Or perhaps soap as a degreasing agent, while hydrogen peroxide enhances stains and decomposes organic components. I am not sure. What I do know is that it is more effective than my old recipe.

Important tips: Sometimes, when I have a particularly stubborn oil stain, I spray a stain remover on it and sprinkle it with diatomaceous earth, bamboo powder or cornstarch. The powder will help absorb the oil in the stain. Recipes for Self-made Miracle Cleaner Detergents

diy stain remover

Laundry stain remover ingredients:

1. blue dawn dishwashing liquid
2. Two parts of 3% hydrogen peroxide

The stains, washing liquids are mixed and pour or sprayed as usual and then disappear like MAGIC.

Meaning of two parts? You can mix this homemade detergent you need. Whether you want to mix enough food to handle a small stain or fill a bottle, you will measure twice as much hydrogen peroxide than the dishwashing liquid. So, if you use 1 teaspoon of dawn, you will need 2 teaspoons of peroxide. Or 1/2 cup dawn and 1 cup peroxide.

Odor removes- Add a little baking soda to increase deodorization and washing power. Apply to underarm stains, pet stains, vomit and oil stains.

DIY stain remover uses

In addition to the standard food and other mysterious stains that appear on the family’s clothes. I also used a miracle stain remover to remove the favorite T-shirts when driving white hats successfully.

Yellow armpit stains, chocolate, blood, and tire grease. After getting lost in the street, it passed. If I’m worried about filthy dyes, such as hats or yellow underarm stains.

I’ll scrub the stain remover onto the fabric with an old toothbrush. Odor and scrubbing ability and left for about one hour before washing.

If the stain on your clothes is large, you can mix the recipe and add it to a bucket of hot water, then soak the entire clothing for hours.

If the stain does not come out entirely for the first time, try again, but it has worked for the first time on everything I have tried. As with any stain remover, spot tests must be done, but what if you lost the clothes due to dirt.

This cleaner work on the carpet also. I used Miracle Cleaner on the rug, and I had great success. And I know that others have used it for interiors, mattresses and many other items in my home.

To handle difficult-to-flush stains such as carpets, upholstery or mattresses. You need less foam, so it is best to use a higher percentage of peroxide (3 or 4 parts peroxide plus 1 part dawn).

At last, I would love to hear if you have tried miracle cleaners and what your results are.


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