Easy Pen Drawings Ideas: Step By Steps Drawing Tutorial ( December-2020 )

Easy Pen Drawings Ideas

Pen and ink drawing depicts the way toward utilizing pens to apply ink on a surface. There is a perpetual measure of pen and ink methods.

Now I will cover the fundamentals of pen and ink drawing strategies, instruments, and materials. You’ll need some materials first. Easy pen drawing means drawing with pen and sometimes with sketching. 

To be honest you can draw better with a pen than a pencil! but you have to learn and know some tricks first, otherwise, your drawing will be like kindergarten baby’s art.

An amateur should draw the shape with a pencil first as there will be an eraser. After drawing the shape carefully start with a pen and then after drawing the shape and drawing the thing you want to draw with a pen, you can start the sketch. Every object should have light-shade.

So, sketch according to lights and shades. After completing this your masterpiece should look like a masterpiece if you do your sketch and shape in a proper way. You can doodle as well.

What do you need?

In fact nothing except a pen and paper. One thing I should say! I prefer gel pen personally. Gel pen is so smooth and gives me satisfaction as gel pen’s drawings are dark and stay dark. So, you can express what you actually want to.

However, ball pens are good too but you won’t get the dark color as a gel pen. Okay, then you will need paper. I would suggest an art paper which is off-white in color. That paper is only for art and better than any paper for drawing.

Easy Pen Drawing Professional

Practice makes a man perfect. So be perfect. You can’t get the expected result on your first stage. Try to see things in a different way. Try to draw in your subconscious mind, give them a shape. Then try to draw them with a pencil than a pen. Start with the easy objects like a box, ball, book, etc.

Search on google and see some images related to easy pen drawings. You will get a lot of clear concepts and ideas. Try to find some famous artist’s drawings. Searching on Youtube would be best I say! you can learn from the youtube by watching. Then do practice with them. The more you draw the more you learn.

Artist DeMoose has been using the pen in art since he was eight and says he cherishes it since it is “not something you come across every day”. Fans of his work have been roused to get a pen and get drawing!

DeMoose is only one of the numerous specialists flaunting their noteworthy pen on YouTube. In the event that you wish you could draw like him, investigate our guide beneath and you will soon be en route to making your first straightforward pen craftsmanship drawing.

Drawing with pen and ink enables an artist to make solid regions of difference. Most ink illustrations are finished utilizing dark inks on white surfaces which prompts substantial complexity in esteem. Keep believing in yourself. Everyone has the potential. Find your hidden treasure.

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