How to choose the Best Metal Detector for Coins and Jewelry ( December-2020 )

How To Choose The Best Metal Detector

Are you looking for the best metal detectors for coins and jewelry? Here I come with a list of the top metal detectors on the market that can help you do your job effectively.

Detecting metal is fun. It starts to add more contentment once you begin to find stuff. Some people take it professionally, and some take it as a leisure task. It benefits in many ways, even if you take it as a hobby.

Things to consider

There are various metal detectors on the market made for multiple purposes. However, all the detectors serve a basic need, and every machine from $50 to $1000 are capable of hunting coins, relics, and jewelry. Still, the price varies in terms of their effectiveness and some other features.

If you hunt for relics than the frequency of your machine should be higher, but if you want to hunt for coins, the lower frequency machines are preferable. However, multiple frequency-based detectors will serve all your purpose.

The same thing happens when you consider the coil. Though having multiple coils would be a plus point for different ground conditions. Furthermore, detectors that use VLF technology are better at searching coins than the detectors that use pulse induction technology.

Besides, I don’t prefer gold detectors for coin hunting as they specifically help to find gold nuggets rather than hunting other targets.

Let’s see what I have picked for you after profound research

  •    Garret Ace 300 metal detector
  •    Fisher F75 metal detector
  •    Minelab CTX 3030 metal detector

# Garret Ace 300 Metal Detector

The garret ACE 300 is regarded as an entry level machine, but it is excellent for coin hunting and detecting other metals in its price range.

It has an operating frequency of 8 kHz, which is low than high-end metal detectors but optimal for finding coins and jewelry. However, you can slightly adjust the frequency if you need. You can set the frequency between 8 to 6.5 for searching for small jewelry.

It comes with an easy to read LCD screen appearing with 2-digit numerical target ID along with five specific search mode. It also features sensitivity control and discriminates control for frequency adjustment.

Especially for coins, you can select the coin mode, and there is a coin depth indicator in the LCD screen that indicates depth up to 8’’. For a precise location of your desired coin, the pinpointing mode would be useful.

The 7 X 10’’ concentric search coil allows it to find metals at a suitable depth with three audio tones and eight sensitivity adjustment. You will require 4 AA batteries to power it up, and it will work around 25-40 hours.

best metal detector for coins and jewelry

# Fisher F75 Metal Detector

The F75 is a mid-range metal detector from the Popular Fisher brand of USA. It is a well-balanced VLF detector with an operating frequency of 13 kHz. It is an outstanding choice for searching for jewelry, coins, and relics.

Basically, it is not designed for finding gold nuggets, but it can definitely find a gold necklace or jewelry. Like other mid-range metal detectors, F75 has a numerical target ID indication system. It functions on a 0-99 based scale. So, if you are looking for coins like the US quarter (80), clad dime (70), US silver eagle (91), etc. the target ID may help you.

It includes Motion all metal, static all metal and discrimination search modes. The motion all-metal mode works at the best sensitivity, while the static all metal mode is suitable for deeper and bigger targets. The discrimination allows separating trash from treasure.

There are four different tones to identify the types of metal lying underneath the ground. For an accurate location, the pinpoint mode will work just fine.

It’s an easy tool for the intermediate users coming with a three-button design. The control panel has a knob setting control and menu button.

The waterproof 11’’ elliptical DD search coil will allow you to search for coins and jewelry on shallow water. The ground balance option helps to work on the tough ground condition and find your desired target.

best metal detector for coins

# Minelab CTX 3030 Metal Detector

One of the advanced and exclusive metal detectors is the Minelab CTX 3030. It is definitely a game changer for pro users. The full colored backlit LCD screen gives a new life to your hunting experience by showing more target information and allow you to work at night.

Though it’s a bit expensive, it is worth every penny. It will outstandingly work in all ground conditions. The multiple frequencies (1.5 to 100) will help you to find coins and jewelry of any size.

The 11’’ DD smart search coil and the waterproof construction can find metal objects underneath the ground and water (up to 10 ft). Though Minelab offers an additional headphone, the wireless sound system makes it much easier to work. It comes with ten fully customizable detect modes with five preset option.

It’s a bit heavy compared to other low-end detectors weighing around 2.36 kilogram but, its ergonomic body structure lets you use it with ease. It features adjustable tone ID and ultimate Fe (Ferrous) & Co (Conductivity) discrimination that can separately ignore the trash from the target.

It comes with many adjustable options, and without the proper experience, it might be difficult for you to handle. However, the GPS and PC mapping feature will allow you to mark your location and keep the data on your computer.

There are nine different languages for you to control the machine with ease. The standard pack comes with li-ion battery and fast charger. In conclusion, it is the best metal detector in our list for coins and jewelry.

best metal detector for coins

Final Words

We have listed three best metal detectors for coins and jewelry from tons of metal detectors on the market. It is a difficult task, but still, the performance and their features attracted me most. However, you can suggest to me if you have any other detector in mind. I will appreciate that. If you like my collection of metal detectors, don’t forget to recommend them to your friends or family. Stay tuned for the latest updates. Take care and spread the goodness. Peace!!!

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