How To Make a Cool 3D Drawing

How To Make A Cool 3D Drawing

3D means three dimensional. Which means you can see something is not real but seems or sounds real. So, this can drive you crazy. 3D objects are magical.

This is astonishing that you are seeing something fake or hearing something fake but you are feeling like these are real. This is a great source of entertainment. This is more like virtual reality. Feeling like real but not real. Seeming like actual but fake.

In a cinema hall, 3D movie plays and have got enough popularities. In 3D hall movies seem real as if this scene is happening in front of you! 3D games are so exciting. It feels like I’m literally running, driving or racing.

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3D drawing

3D drawings are so cool. Only skillful artists can draw this kind of drawing. By seeing 3D drawings, we think the object is real or the picture is real.

In fact, there are some drawings of which you can never find any difference between the real object or whatever. You will find many cool 3D drawing on google or you can see youtubers drawing on YouTube. Those amazing pictures are something to see.

How to draw?

3D drawings can be done with pencils, pens, and colors. 3D drawing by color seems more natural. An artist should be aware of the light and shade of the object he is going to draw off.

The balance of light and shade makes a drawing more realistic. If you want to draw a 3D drawing, you have to learn first. Select an object of which you want to draw. See the objects carefully.

Observe the shade and light of that object. Even the texture is important too! you have to give the best to show the object’s every detail.

Start with drawing circles, oval, square, lines, curves and other shapes. The hand should be free. Drawing these shapes like warming up.

Ideal for starting specialists, 3D drawings will enable you to make mind-blowing optical dreams to trick your cerebrum and bother your faculties. These will take your brain to another level of confusion.

Where we actually see 3D drawings?

You will find several videos on YouTube where they play a game like “which is real?’’. We see the real material and the art both at the same time then we guess which the real material is. This is a good source of entertainment. However, this is a profession too. Flawless drawings are precious in every way.

Be an expert

From incomprehensible shapes to three-dimensional portrays and trap workmanship, you will have a hard time believing your eyes as you figure out how to attract optical deceptions graphite and hued pencil.

Jonathan Stephen Harris at that point guides you well ordered in making amazing pencil illustrations, beginning with fundamental optical figments and advancing to more troublesome two-and three-dimensional trap workmanship.

The good sides

Point of view and measurement are hard to catch for both start and set up specialists, however, now you can sharpen those abilities in the most one of a kind way that could be available, while additionally practicing your psyche with these cerebrums boosting, fantastic traps!

Try not to abandon figuring out how to draw before your creative excursion even begins!

Try not to be terrified from the clear page since the point of view is a test, The Art of Drawing Optical Illusions has you secured the entire way.


As an artist, I should reveal some tips an tricks. You have to change the pattern of your looking. Not everyone’s point of view is the same.

An artist’s point of view should be different from others. You have to observe an object’s shape and shades, the brightness, from which side the lights are coming, changes of size for the distance between you and the object, etc. Then draw the shape-dimension-sketch-light & shade consequently. Follow the videos on YouTube. Draw with them.

Maybe now you will be able to draw 3D drawings. As I said before, Practice makes a man perfect, do practice more and more.

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