How to Use a Wine Opener to Open a Corkscrew ( December-2020 )

How to Use a Wine Opener

After finished a long tiring day, you may back home with a wine bottle for refreshing your mind and body. When you reach your kitchen with glass, and you remind your wine opener is broken. We know a bottle of wine is expensive and it has become worthless if you don’t have any way to open the bottle.

A wine opener an essential tool when you want to enjoy a glass of wine. A corkscrew is a cheap tool to open the bottle quickly in a second but when it is missed beside you, it may a very painful for you.

You may know Corkscrews and wine opener are very essential, establish tools to serve wine easily. There are so many corkscrews and wine opener in the market, so it very commonly varies the choices of the customers. Read 10 untold ways to open wine without a corkscrew.

What is Corkscrew – How to open wine without Corkscrew

In the present market, we see different types of and stylist of corkscrews those are very popular for easy to use, well parts & materials. If anyone wants to know precisely about a Corkscrew he/she first need to know worm, handle, boot lever, Foil cutter, Bottle cap remover.

Corkscrew worm: You see in the corkscrew a metal spiral staircase that drives into the wine cork to remove it from the wine bottle.

Corkscrew Handle / Lever: Handle or lever which is necessary and provides grip to out corks from the wine bottle. The handle or lever style, design, lengths, and materials differ in a variety of corkscrews and wine opener.

Corkscrew boot lever: Gives you extra leverage to pull wine corks out of wine bottles. This is found on the waiter’s corkscrews.

Foil cutter: A little wheels that use to slice open the foil covering at the top of the wine bottle.

Bottle cap remover: It helps to remove the bottle cap smoothly and effortlessly. Bottle cap removers are available on many styles of corkscrews.

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Top 5 Types of Wine Opener

Many of us may not know, so many ways to open a wine bottle. In our review, we are sharing with you some excellent wine opener that will help you to open the bottle quickly. See & Read the full review & guide of best wine opener & how to use a wine opener.

1. Screwpull Corkscrews

Screwpull corkscrew is a simple design wine opener with stainless metal rod & easy to open the cork out. When you screw the worm into the cork, pull on the handle to pop the cork our in a second.

It is a small and cheap tool which you can always keep beside your wine collection. However, you can require some good strength to pull the corkscrew out of the wine bottle. Some people are still fighting with the wine bottle to open the cork from the bottle in different ways, but they may forget or don’t know some great collects of wine opener in the market.

This corkscrew is not so reputed in the market nowadays, but the price and variety of collection make Corkscrew still popular.

best wine key for servers
Best Selling: Professional Wine Opener by HiCoup

Screwpull Corkscrews in Summary

  • A traditional & most popular corkscrew design – Wine fan is undoubtedly like or want to get a collector’s item.
  • More strength needs to use than a newer & latest corkscrew.
  • In using you need massive arm strength.
  • May take some longer time to open the wine bottle than other latest one.
  • The most reasonable price – Pocket version now available.

2. Wine Keys & Waiter Corkscrews

A waiter’s corkscrew sometimes refers to a wine key & a lever to the equation. The wine key allows you to directly pull the cork out from the bottle in quicker time than the traditional screw pulls corkscrew but it will require skill. Once you use the wine keys for the first time, it may take some time, but when you understand the method, it will take a quicker time.

Wine keys or waiter corkscrew is an additional advantage of being lightweight and very easy to carry with you anywhere. You also happy to hear that waiter corkscrews provides a foil cutter build in.

best waiters wine key
Best Selling: Wine Opener & Waiters Corkscrew by GITKO

Wine Keys & Waiter Corkscrews In Summary

• Reasonable & affordable wine open
• More comfortable than traditional to cork out from the bottle.
• This wine opener is lightweight which is portable.
• If you read the use of manual or master, it may take a quicker time to pull the cork out.
• Provides extra benefits with a foil cutter.

3. Winged Corkscrews

Wined Corkscrew is one of the most popular & used wine openers. The wined corkscrew brings an extra dimension in a wine opener tool. Adding additional levers on both sides of the wine opener give you one on each side benefits.

The extra lever will allow you to use the opener in a balanced way to pull the cork out from the wine bottle.
When you turn the handle up top, the wings on the corkscrew will gradually start to rise, and you need to push them both back down and the cork will out from the wine.

Wined corkscrew doesn’t need much strength or skill to use and it relatively requires less effort than any other wine openers.

Wined corkscrew is not preferred for an opening aged bottle & it is not easy to carry or portable like; Screw pulls Corkscrews, Wine Keys & Waiter Corkscrews. Wined corkscrew is not much more giant, but you cannot quickly take it in your bag or purse.

Another advantage of the winged corkscrew is the material build with metal which may last for more prolonged use. If you want to buy different cheap wine opener which is double wing but may be broken in sudden time. So also keep the mind on that opener which will give you long-term services.

best Wing Corkscrews
Best Selling: Stainless Steel Wine and Beer Bottle Opener

Winged Corkscrews In Summary

• Most Popular & affordable Wine opener.
• Less strength and easy to use.
• Not prefer for aged wine.

4. Lever Corkscrews

Lever Corkscrews are more comfortable tool compare any other Corkscrew to open a wine bottle. It has a handle that holds the bottle with using a lever to open the cork out from the wine bottle.
However, Lever Corkscrews never require any extra hand strength. The tools are very viral for style, design & need less effort to cork out.
The Houdini and Rabbit are two favorite categories of a lever corkscrew. These two Lever Corkscrews are looking very smart tool and also affordable for anyone.
In our justification and test team suggests that some lever Corkscrew doesn’t work well with some types of wine bottle and it becomes common in a newer bottle of wine.

how to open a wine bottle without a corkscrew
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Summary Of Lever Corkscrews

• Easy to open wine bottle in a quicker time.
• No need to get the skill to open the cork out from the container.
• More expensive compared with wine keys, winged and screwpull wine openers.
• Make difficulties with synthetic corks.
• It may be an excellent gift item for you near and dear one.

5. Automatic & Electric Wine Openers

Mechanically and Electronic wine opener is the latest addition to wine opener tool. So far we already know some excellent wine opener in the above, but now we will know the best choice wine opener which has electric energy built-in rechargeable batteries inside to open cork from the bottle.

The Automatic & Electric Wine Openers does all work by itself to open the cork for you. You just put the wine opener on the top of the bottle, press the button, and you see the cork comes out from the wine bottle which is now ready to serve.

Automatic & Electric Wine Openers is little costlier than any other wine opener. You need to recharge or may change the battery if damages.

In some time, automatic & electric Wine Openers are one of the most popular wine gadgets for wine lovers. This is a very stunning and stylish gadget which you can gift to your family and friends.

how to open wine without a corkscrew
Best Selling: Electric Wine Opener Rechargeable Corkscrew Wine Bottle Opener Famili FM700WR

Summary For Automatic & Electric Wine Openers

• Super easy to use the tool.
• Quickly open the cork, with no extra work from you.
• Expensive than traditional, waiter’s, and winged corkscrews.
• Battery-operated models and rechargeable ones.

Purchasing Decision of a Corkscrew and wine opener

Is Corkscrew easy to use?

When you decided to buy a corkscrew, you first know that is it easy to use or need muscular strength in the arm to open the cork from the wine bottle.

In our tested, we see when anyone buys traditional ( Screwpull Corkscrews Or Wine Keys & Waiter Corkscrews) corkscrew and wine opener which maximum time broken for using colossal effort to open cork.

If you buy for your home use traditional corkscrew may work well but, in commercial or restaurant use it may break in a sudden for massive pressure on it.

Is Corkscrew cheap or expensive (Cost):

There are a different style and design corkscrew on the market but all materials and parts are not strong enough. Traditional corkscrew is generally cheaper than electronic or lever corkscrew.

When you want to use any traditional corkscrew that also requires skill to use whereas expensive corkscrew works independently and easily to open a cork.

Our recommendation for you to buy expensive wine opener for the high volume operation. Because it is easier to open a huge bottle in a short time for hotel or restaurant services. So you can check Franmara 5411 Stainless Steel Waiter’s Corkscrew with Foil Cutter.

Which size is best?

The size of a wine opener depends on the purpose of use like; if you want to carry or move it with you, I suggest such as waiters and pocket corkscrews. You can quickly jump into your pocket or purse.

Larger Corkscrew, like; Electronic, mount corkscrews are a better fit for a single location. It is faster than a smaller corkscrew.

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