Iwatani 35fw Portable Butane Stove Review ( December-2020 )

iwatani 35fw portable butane stove

Humans have been cooking food ever since they discovered fire. Indeed, cooking is an integral part of life. Those who have a passion for cooking are always looking for Iwatani 35fw Portable Butane Stove that can enable them to make tasty food.

For those who enjoy traveling extensively, or those living in adverse natural conditions, portable stoves are a blessing. The Iwatani Corporation of America, a subsidiary of the Iwatani Group of Japan, has introduced the portable stove range that makes cooking faster and enjoyable experience. The Iwatani 35fw portable butane stove is ideal for those who work on a tight schedule.

Iwatani 35fw Portable Butane Stove

Why Buy Iwatani 35fw Portable Butane Stove

The 35fw portable butane stove is a sturdy, durable and reliable stove. It is easy to operate as it has a limited number of parts. These parts are long lasting, giving long life to the stove and preventing failures.

The heat panel system of the stove draws out heat from the central flame to the butane canister. The stove maintains the pressure required constantly while the fuel consumption makes sure the output is optimal.

The butane in the canister is utilized fully, leaving no residue, this making this stove extremely eco-friendly and economical. These stoves can be used in areas of natural disasters as it helps in easy and healthy outdoor cooking. You can use these materials on a butane stove:

  • Pans made from carbon steel or copper work well on a butane stove without emitting carcinogenic fumes.
  • Non-induction cookware should be used as heat transfer is rapid and even.


  • Provides energy of 15,000 BTU/hr or 0.3W.
  • The body is made of sturdy aluminum.
  • It comes with a magnetic locking system.
  • The stove has a patented heat panel.
  • It has two windbreakers.
  • The brass burner is solid and sturdy.
  • Has a Piezoelectric ignition.
  • It comes with a carrying case.
Iwatani 35fw Portable Butane Stove

Advantage of Iwatani 35fw portable butane stove

High Power – Iwatani has used its advanced technology in building this stove so that the output power is up to 15,000 BTU/hr. So cooking meat or stir-frying is very easy on this stove. Such high power makes it ideal for picnics or outings or even putting together a good meal at home.

Piezoelectric ignition – A separate lighter is not required to fire up this stove. It gets lighted by simply turning the knob. So the need and cost of a lighter are eliminated. The knob deforms the ceramic, which is torn, generates a spark which lights up the butane.

Magnetic locking panel – When you push the butane canister onto the magnet, it locks in safely. This feature makes it impossible to load the canister incorrectly and eliminates the chances of accidents.

Heat Panel system – Iwatani has developed a technology which allows the heat panel to maintain constant pressure required and so will yield proper output. It increases the efficiency of the stove and ensures the entire amount of butane in the canister is used up without leaving any fuel residue. This is beneficial economically as well as environmentally.

Dual Windbreakers – The windbreakers protect the flame from high winds or air conditioning. They come in helpful when you are cooking outdoors or in a commercial indoor area.

Special safety features – It comes with special safety features like Pressure Sensor – This device keeps a constant check in the pressure. If it detects the pressure rising, it cuts off the flame to ensure safety.

Pressurized Receiving Guide – The receiving guide of the regulator has two rings to ensure double protection. It provides an airtight seal to the stove’s regulator and canister. Canister Setting Safety

Device – This device eliminates the risk of butane escaping through the burner without ignition as the canister cannot be attached to the stove when the knob is in the ON position. Inverted Drip Pan

Prevention – This feature ensures that the stove doesn’t operate when the drip pan is in the inverted position.

CSA approved – It comes with a CSA approval which ensures the highest level of safety and peace of mind.

Iwatani 35fw Portable Butane Stove

Disadvantage Iwatani 35fw Portable Butane Stove

Clogging – Over time, the stove’s piping may get clogged up, decreasing the power output of the stove and reducing its life.

High cost – It is costlier than the other stoves of the same range in the market.

No manual lever – The stove doesn’t have a lever to disengage the canister. The user has to remove the canister from the magnetic lock by hand to release it.


Iwatani 35fw portable butane stove is a good choice if you are looking for a portable stove that is not only easy to handle and simple to manage but also tough and sturdy. It can be used outdoors or indoors, gives good power and comes with inbuilt safety features that provide you with a good cooking experience in minimum time.

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