Makita 5377mg Hypoid Saw Review (2021) | Should You Buy?

A hybrid tool that can provide you with multiple chores in the shortest time is very important for seasoned woodworkers. It’s especially true when it comes to cutting large planks of wood quickly.

When building a deck or other woodworking project, it’s important to have the right tools for the job. A good example would be this Makita magnesium Hypoid circular saw that will cut through any type of lumber with its durable titanium blade and high torque it operates a smoother motor.

There are many saws on the market so what makes this one different? Let me take you through a Makita 5377mg review to determine just that.

makita 5377mg hypoid saw review
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makita 5377mg reviews Makita 5377MG 7-1/4″ Magnesium Hypoid Saw Color: Teal
Note: Included ‎7-1/4″ 24T Ultra-Coated C.T. Saw Blade (A-94530-A), Hex Wrench.
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Technical Features

Now to the technical features.

Power Motor

The Makita 5377mg circular saw is a powerful tool for any woodworking lover. It has a 15 AMP motor that will deliver up to 4,500 RPM at the best speeds so you can get your cutting done as fast as possible with less effort on your part!

Light Weight

The saw comes with compressed winding technology, which makes it more durable and compact.

The new lightweight magnesium saw has a design that’s about 13.2 pounds in weight and is well balanced to reduce wrist fatigue, making it the perfect tool for hours of working on your project without any issue with feeling tired or exhausted because you’re holding onto something too heavy.

The recent updates made to this durable, lightweight magnesium construction have been nothing short of genius as they add up an extra measure of durability into everyday use while also reducing handwear from being overworked after long periods which makes this lightest version even more desirable!

makita 5377mg 7-1/4-inch hypoid saw

Retractable Hook

The retractable hook technology on the new model of this saw is an ingenious idea that keeps it close, yet flexible. This allows for easy entry into tight spaces and provides a comfortable grip.

Powerful Gear

The best circular saw is just one of many powerful tools that can be found in a typical workshop. To maximize efficiency, there are high-quality heat-treated gears that will provide the best cuts even on demanding jobs thanks to their durability and strength as well as being able to withstand tough situations where other metals would wear out too quickly.

The gear system also ensures maximum performance for any size job and with every cut made

Oil Bath Technology

The Makita 5377mg is, in essence, a saw-like tool. Most discussions about it have highlighted its use of oil bath technology; this comes with a built-in fan and sealed gear housing for 100% oil surface coating that leaves you less maintenance work to do.

Cutting Capacity

The best circular saw is perfect for both home and professional use. It has a large cutting capacity of 2-3/8” when the angle setting is set at 90°, which can be used to cut through most materials with ease.

In addition, this product offers an acute beveling ability that ranges from 0°-51.5°with positive stops on the 22.5 °and 45˚ marks.

Large Markings

The saw is made to be easy and user-friendly. The blade settings are large, which makes it easier for the operator’s eyesight to read easily without any hassle or confusion. It also has rubberized levers that make adjustments quick and simple with just one hand because they provide a smooth adjustment experience every time!

The model features an adjustable motor foot pedal that can customize the height of your work surface so you’re always at eye level when cutting materials on board – no more bending over awkwardly in search of those last few inches missed by other tools!

Attached Blade Wrench

makita 5377mg blade change

The circular saw is the perfect tool for cutting through all types of materials, from wood to metal. The blade wrench provides a fast and convenient touch when looking to change your blade so you can always have just the right type at hand.

Makita 5377mg Price

For those on a budget, the Makita 5377mg is one of the best circular saws you can buy today. It’s under 200 USD and offers competitive pricing with never overspending for something that will be used infrequently.

The low price and high customer satisfaction lead this saw to be one of the best on the market. The features are endless, making it an excellent choice for all cutting needs!

The durable design makes this saw a cut above other options available at its affordable cost.

We spent a lot of time searching for discounted prices, but we didn’t find any. However, the price was not that bad so we are still happy with our purchase.

Makita 5377mg hypoid saw review: Other Expert Opinions

makita 5377mg review

This circular saw has been around for well over a century and is still going strong! It’s seen an evolution in technology, but it remains one of the most reliable tools that professional woodworkers use with ease.

After a user reviews the Hypoid saw, they have found it to be highly versatile and quick. It has been noted as being able to make quick cuts very smooth noise at favorable speeds by most experts reviewed in the united today!

One of the most popular models for a circular saw is this one, which has caught the attention of many users.

The experts focus more on its durable design and how it gets better use out of regular blades too- an ideal choice that can be found at any affordable price point.

Why Should You Buy It?

The Makita magnesium components Hypoid saw is the perfect tool for a multitude of cutting needs. It delivers up to 4,500 RPM and will never warp out your cut-edge with its clean blade design.

Makers of saws know that the last thing you want is a slightly forward-heavy due tool. The Makita 5377MG has been designed with this in mind, and as such, it’s lightweight. It also features an easy setup due to its user manual which can be used for any type of cut.

Makita 5377MG Circular Saw is guaranteed to provide superior longevity because of its durable materials. This Hypoid saw will last a long time, and it also guarantees you can rely on this tool for all your cutting needs.

The hook on this tool is retractable, which means that you can keep it close by and use the quick reach when needed. This makes tight spaces easier to manage with a more controlled grip for your speed of work.

The tool is a wonderful combination of convenience and safety. Thanks to the sealed gear housing, you never have to worry about an accidental cut with this handy device!

FAQs about Makita 5377MG Circular Saw

Is the skill saw the same as the circular saw?

A skill saw is just a name given to one of the many circular saws in existence. Circular Saw brands are known for their SKIL, but when you get down to it they’re all pretty much the same thing!

What is a circular saw used for?

Circular saws are widely used in carpentry. They can be utilized to make both large cuts and small, detailed cuts depending on the blade that is installed within it.
The circular motion of this tool allows users to cut through a wide variety of materials with ease- including wood, metal sheets, plastic, or other similar substances.

Why can a circular saw get stuck?

If you set the blade too deep into your wood, it could cause many different issues. One of them is a bind or getting stuck; another one might be that kickback!
Remember to keep an eye on how much depth there’s left before plunging in and taking care not to go any deeper than necessary.

Video: Remove and install blades – Makita circular saw


If you need to cut boards, metal pipes, or thick sheets of wood for DIY projects around the home quickly and with precision then a hybrid circular saw is your best option.

These tools are one of the most complexes that any workshop owner will buy but once you have it in hand – productivity doubles as jobs become fast and efficient!

When you are looking for a saw, one of the most important features to consider is its longevity and durability.

Fortunately, with better care comes an improved product lifespan–the Hypoid will be easy to maintain without much effort on your part!

The Makita 5377mg has quickly become a favorite among experts who have an affinity for heavy-duty. It is so powerful that even novice users can enjoy it and save tons of money in not having to purchase other tools!

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