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Your kitchen is the reflection of your good taste in both food making and choosing appliances. Kitchen tools are necessary for carrying out different tasks related to cooking, food processing, and food making. Standard kitchen tools give your kitchen a high-end complete look as well.

There are hundreds of essential and fancy kitchen tools available in the market including- food processor, juicer, blender, rice cooker, stainless steel grater, spatulas, coffee maker, colander and so on. As a kitchen gadget freak, you can have a huge collection of kitchen tools starting from toasters to muffin bakers.

Here is a briefed list of 4 best kitchen tools that are essential for regular use and assists you to cook and make your favorite dishes in a breeze.


Blenders are undoubtedly the most used and essential kitchen gadget for everyone starting from a passionate cook to a home-cook. Blenders can be used for multiple purposes. You can make regular fruit and vegetable juices, smoothies, frozen juices, sorbet, purees, etc. with blenders.

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Uses Of A Blender:

  • You can make the usual fruit and vegetable smoothies.
  • Blend ice cream with other fruits and sauces to make milkshakes.
  • Crush and mix ice to make frozen juices and cocktails.
  • You can make a pancake batter of smooth texture.
  • Home-made fresh sauces can be prepared.
  • Soups can be prepared in a matter of minutes.
  • You can also make protein shakes, condiments, peanut butter, etc.

Some Of The Best Blenders:

New and improvised blender versions are manufactured by different companies nowadays. They offer to fulfill your different needs. Considering the best blender, the Vitamix 5200 series is highly recommended. The best feature of the Vitamix series is that they are powerful enough to crush the toughest ingredients including ice without any hassle or struggle. There are carafes and special blades in some of the models that allow easy grinding of grains. They can be used for multiple purposes.

Considering the budget, the Oster Core speed blender is recommended by me. You can do the basic tasks with it. It is a good choice in low cost though sometimes making a thicker smoothie or frozen drinks can be much of a struggle with it.

The Blendtec  Designer Series is another outstanding gadget to own that will come in handy at all times. You can blend anything with this blender.

A blender is indeed a classic kitchen tool. Various upgraded kitchen gadgets are now available in the market but none can replace the use of a blender. You can bring variety in your regular menu by exploring more with your usual blender. You can find this handy tool at a considerably low cost as well. The cleaning process does not require much effort either.


Haven’t used a juicer yet? Start using it now!

Juicers are not just merely useful in squeezing citrus fruits like- oranges and lemons but in the necessity, they can also juice vegetables with delivering equal results. Squeeing fruits with hands can be a tough job especially when you have a lot of juice to make, hand squeezing cannot extract all the juices either whereas a juicer will take fewer efforts and time to squeeze the ingredients. And it also ensures optimum extraction of the ingredients.

Moreover, you won’t even have to worry about fibres or seeds getting in your juice and spoiling the taste, they are precisely removed and thrown to the compost bin.

You might ask why do you need a juicer when you can buy juices in the grocery store? Well, freshly made juice out of citrus fruits is incomparable with anything from the grocery shops. They are better in both taste and nutritional value.

The starting price of juicers is about 12-15 dollars only. In such a low cost, you can get a refreshing taste and along-lasting kitchen appliance.

Some Of The Best Juicers:

The Omega Nutrition Center Juicer is a quality product that will serve you right. You can also consider buying Omega Masticating juicer, TribestGreenstar Cold Press juicer or the Breville fast juicing machine. These are high-quality appliances with guaranteed performance and durability.


A coffee maker is not necessarily a tool for only the coffee freaks. Whether you are more of a straight espresso drinker or a latte and cappuccino person with outrageous milk uses and decorations, you are certainly in need of a decent coffee maker. Finding the right coffee machine can be a bit challenging and it depends on your choice in coffee mostly.

What is the need for a coffee maker?

You need to work late hours at night, you are running late for work or a simple morning boost up is needed- everything has a simple solution- A coffee maker. You can be craving for a cup of hot coffee but you are not willing to go out in the chilling cold atmosphere or maybe you are just too lazy to go out, the coffee maker will help you in every possible way in this case. You can make your desired cup of coffee with the push of a single button. There are fancy coffee machines found in the market as well where all you need is to pop a coffee capsule in the machine and within a matter of minutes, you will be served with the perfectly made coffee!

Some Of The Best Coffee Machines:

If you are an espresso person, the Breville espresso machine is the right choice for you. It gives a smooth and consistent texture to your espresso shot with high-quality taste. De’Longhi EC155 is a budget-friendly espresso machine if the budget is your consideration. Breville- Oracle will serve you with high-end coffee with saving time and delivering quality in taste. Apart from these, different coffee grinders and makers like Cuisinart coffee grinder, Capresso coffee maker, Gaggia Classic coffee machine, etc. are of good quality and will surely suffice your needs.

You cannot deny the benefits of the right dose of coffee intake regularly. Especially for those who need energy and struggle with work-pressure a coffee machine is a go-to appliance for them.


The absolute mandatory kitchen-tool is a food-processor. Food processors are found in the market with changeable blades. This kitchen gadget alone can make your cooking easier and prove as a cook’s great partner in cooking.


This appliance will reduce your costs regarding food. You can carry out multiple tasks with it including- shredding block cheese, slicing pepperoni, make sauces or food items like- mayonnaise, whipped cream, peanut butter, chocolate sauces, etc. You can also make pates and dips with it and make savoury creams for savory items like- steaks, chicken items, and tuna fish, etc.

Apart from making food items, you can cut, chop or mince food items as well. Food processors allow you to chop different types of vegetables and slice them according to your requirements.

You can also make fancy food items like- guacamole, egg appetizers, deli-style tuna fish and hummus. You can prepare all these in a matter of minutes.

Best Food Processors:

Different types of food processors delivering different services can be found in the market. Upgraded models have scope for processing different food items. Some of the best food processors in the kitchen-gadget market include- Cuisinart Custom 14-cup food processor, KitchenAid 14-cup food processor, Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Duo Plus food processor.

The convenience of usage:

Another advantage of food processors is that they are very easy to operate and clean. You can clean them in a jiffy with no hassle. Pre-packaged grocery store foods can sometimes cost you a lot and they might not even fulfill your requirements at all times.

Food processors have been thus proven to be a necessity in the kitchen that saves both time and money for you. Every day you will discover more uses of this appliance.


Out of all the fancy kitchen appliances, these 4 best kitchen tools are certainly must-haves in your kitchen. These are considered as basic kitchen gadgets for assisting you in your regular tasks related to cooking and food making. Want to check out more products or know more about these? Take a look at kitchen varieties appliances.  If you do not own these yet, hurry up and get yours now according to your choice!

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