10 Untold ways to open Wine Without a Corkscrew ( December-2020 )

How to Use a Wine Opener

A wine bottle vs. wine cork is very familiar terms to wine lovers because wine is worthless if you don’t know how to open a wine cork out or how to open wine without a Corkscrew to serve you or your guest.

People always forget to buy a wine Corkscrew, but he or she already bought wine from the bar. This is such an annoying job when you don’t know how to open a wine cork.

I have collected so many real experiences from our customers that they are broken wine bottle when they are trying to open the cork. Because if you are trying to open cork for several times, the container becomes slippery and then make an accident. So, you must know how to open wine without a corkscrew or with a corkscrew.

You may know that a wine bottle either sealed with a screw cap or a cork. However, many wineries always prefer screw cap cork for the wine quality, and test. Now, if you don’t have any corkscrew, don’t worry – so many ways to open the bottle.

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how to open wine without corkscrew

Top 10 ways to Open Wine Without a Corkscrew

1. Using Tools To Open Wine Without A Corkscrew

All we have some tools or a toolbox with a hammer, screwdriver, long screw. First, we will stick the pin into the wine cork, then use a screwdriver to screw it in the cork. Then leave at least one or half inch screw out of the k. Now, use the hammer front side and connect screw with the hammer, push it up and the cork will out from the wine bottle.

2. Using Wooden Spoon

This is a straightforward process to open wine without a corkscrew. First of all, you have to remove any foil covering the top, now collect a long spoon and keep it to the center top of the wine cork, apply pressure to the top of the cork. After that, you see the cork will fall inside the wine bottle, and you can now serve the wine into glasses.

how to open a wine bottle without a corkscrew

3. Using A String Yank To Cork Out

When you use the wooden spoon, the cork will fell inside the bottle, but if you do not want it inside the container, you can use a string yank to get out the cork from the bottle. Just enter the String Yank into the bottle and try to catch the cork like a fish, now gradually push it out.

4. Use A Wall To Open The Wine Cork

First, you have to wrap the wine bottle bottom side with a towel. Be sure to cover the bottle both side with the towel. Now, gradually and softly hit the bottom of the bottle base in the wall, after some hits the cork will begin to get out.

5. Using Slap On The Base Bottle To Open Wine Without A Corkscrew

Using the wall to open wine cork is sometimes risky for both sides, it may cause break down the bottle or damage the wall or door. So you can use a different way, and that slaps the base of the bottle to open the cork.

Now, take a seat and put the bottle upside down to your thighs tightly and slap the bottom of the bottle with your flat shoes or a weight lather. In a minute the cork will out from the bottle and now yank the cork out and serve it.

6. Open Wine Cork With Bike Pump

Have a bike pump in your house? Maybe yes if you have a bike or bicycle. It is so easy to open a beer or wine cork with a bile pump. Just put the pump on the top of the cork and start pumping and see the cork fly out of the bottle. I think it is so easy if you have a pump and no need to buy the wine opener.

how to open wine without a corkscrew

7. Open Out Wine Cork By Your Car Keys

When you see no tools besides you, and you must open the bottle to serve your guest. In this situation, we have a tip for you. You can use your car key to open the cork out from the bottle but, it may take little time and little patience. Now, first push your metal keys from a side of the cork and gradually push it up and continue wiggle out by moving around of the cork and you see the cork out slowly from the bottle.

8. Take A Knife To Open A Wine Cork

If I ask you, have a knife in your house? Just kidding you! But some situation, you may don’t have any sword, what you do at that time? The answer already you found in the above ways to open a wine cork without the corkscrew.

This is so easy and takes a few seconds to open the cork. Okay, now let’s know how to out the cork with a knife- Take a knife, push it to the top of the cork and try to move the knife and see the cork out.

9. Slice Off Your Top Cork With A Sword

This is easy if you have brave and have a big sword. Sometimes very dangerous to this process. The process is named sabrage. Mr. Alton Brown shows it in a video to open a cork slice off.

10. Open Cork By Heating

Open your kitchen fire and take some water in a bucket, heat it up, put the wine bottle in the boiled water. Now you can see the cork will gradually pull up.

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