Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

If there’s no privacy what is the value of a website? we have the privacy policy as well as value!


We are using a technology by which we can see the date & time of your visit and your spending time of each page.


This is prohibited to copy anything ( video, content or website name ) from our site If we find our content, video or name anywhere else without our permission, we will take legal action against that person or that company!

What Are Cookies?

Cookies are documents. You will be asked to save cookies to your pc or device. Your hard disk has already a file for cookies. But here’s the thing your browser has to allow this. There’s an option for allowing cookies. For your privacy, you may turn it off. But no cookie can retrieve or fetch data from your hard disk or spread viruses. However, browsers are automatically set for accept cookies. So you have to turn it off.

IP Address?

Every computer has the unique IP address. Our server collects IP address automatically It helps to identify your computer. We are ensuring this can’t be used in any bad way. We need this address to know who are our traffics & the number of traffic we get. Traffic means your profile data.

How Can You Correct Your Information?

You can seek permission to access & go to your personal data. To seek permission all you have to do is send the e-mail to the address we provided.

Legally Compelled Disclosure Of Information

We have a plan to disclose our information. Still not compelled to do so. But if it becomes necessary to disclose our permission for identifying or to take actions legally against someone or to contact. This might help the traffic for their safety too.

Other Websites Link To Our Website

There are some links to many websites on our website. Because of the topics and to make your research systematically. If you go to a link after reading the content of the same topic, it will be so helpful! but the thing is when you go to a link provided by us then their privacy policy will be applied. Even if you find our link on any other website, in that case, their privacy policy will be active. PLEASE check our policies first!

Our Commitment To Data Security

YOUR ALL DATA WILL BE STORED SAFELY. Please remember that. We will never misuse your information. We took extra steps for your safety. We stopped access to unauthorized traffic.

Access To Children

Obviously, we can’t stop our children traffic. But there is no content or anything for them till now. Don’t submit your information unless you are 14 years old. It would be better if you take permission from your parents before browsing.

Changes In Ownership

If this website get a new owner or some parts of this website get a new owner then your all information will consider as an asset.

Privacy Policy modification

If we change any policy you will be notified by email if you permitted so. Please do check our privacy policy often so that you don’t miss out.

Whatever changes, you don’t have to worry about your personal information. We will never use your personal information in a wrong way.