The 5 Best Tent Air Conditioners Reviews 2019: Top Pick

Get The Perfect Cordless Ratchet Wrench

During hot sunny days, camping is usually seen as an unpleasant experience. This is generally because of the effect of the solar ray on the campers.  With this experience, frustration is birthed, and one might wonder what could be the solution to this problem. This is the sole reason we came up with an article on ‘’the 5 best tent air conditioners’’. They are designed to give you the desired comfort and reduce the sweat issues. This article focuses on the best camping tent air conditioner as well as “how to heat a tent without electricity.” Keep reading because you will surely get enlightened.

Top Pick Tent Air Conditioner

Top 5 Tent Air Conditioners Reviews For Camping

1. Frigidaire FRA052XT7 5,000-BTU Mini Window Air Conditioner

This air conditioner comes with amazing features. With this device, the tent can be cooled to 150cq.ft. One of its distinguishing characteristics is its potency to ensure maximum efficiency as a result of its two-way air direction. The system is built with a cooling capacity of 5,000 BTU.

Its mechanical control has also increased its advantage over other routine tent air conditioners. It comes with two cooling speeds and two fans. This gives you room to enjoy maximum comfort without a sweat.

The Frigidaire FRA052XT7 5,000-BTU Mini Window Air Conditioner helps you save your energy and money because it has a low voltage start-up. It is adjustable. Hence, you can always adjust to suit the size of your window. The air conditional is also well-equipped with an antimicrobial filter that fosters the reduction of microbes such as bacteria as well as giving room for fresh air to come into the tent. The air conditional is simple and very easy to use.

2. Vshow Mini Personal Air Conditioner Fan

After much research, the Vshow Mini Personal Air Conditioner Fan was added to our list because it always produces fresh air when needed. The system generates proper humidity alongside with fresh air. The standard version of the Vshow Mini Personal Air Conditioner Fan can recycle water.

The cost of operation is fair enough as it does not consume much power. This will enable its user to save more money for other expenditures.

The Vshow Mini Personal Air Conditioner Fan is about 27.16 oz in terms of weight and 9.5 inches in height. This makes it a very portable device that can easily be transported from one tent to another after a camping season. It gives room for more space, unlike some regular air conditioners. The system comes with no blades thereby reducing the tendency of accident occurrence. These are some of the reasons it was able to make it to our list of the best tent air conditioner.

3. Homedics MyChill Personal Space Cooler

The Homedics MyChill Personal Space Cooler is designed with two amazing fans that are more effective during hot climate conditions. This feature makes it the outdoor tent air conditioner during summer.  It saves more power and also protects the tent against mildew and molds. It is highly durable and easy to use. It has three operational steps and they include: the addition of water, plugging and turning on.

One of its exceptional features is that it notifies the owner when the water content is low. After alerting the user of water shortage, it automatically turns off for safety purpose. The outdoor tent air conditioner is environmentally friendly because it does not cause any detrimental effect on the environment.

4. O2COOL 10-Inch Portable Desktop Air Circulation Battery Fan

This is a camping air conditioner that is mostly battery operated. The air conditioner can also be powered with an AC adapter. This makes it possible to be used in the absence of electrical power.  It can also serve as an outdoor tent air conditioner. It can reduce noise pollution to the barest minimum and also produce fresh air that will give maximum comfort to its users.

The O2COOL 10-Inch Portable Desktop Air Circulation Battery Fan is a durable air conditioner that can be conveniently used for some years without incurring many maintenance costs. One of its significant features is its portability. This creates room for easy mobility. It has an excellent handle that makes it easy to be carried about.

5. OPOLAR Battery Operated Fan

This air conditioning device was able to prove itself worthy of making it to our list because of its distinguishing features. It has a way of enhancing the comfort of its users by providing fresh air with minimal noise. It can also be used as an outdoor tent air conditioner.

It has a very effective cooling unit which rotates at an amazing speed of about 3200rmp. Since it has adjustable speed, you can easily make some adjustments to suit your needs. It has a super battery which can last about 13 hours after charging. It is very portable. Hence, mobilization is not an issue with it. It is one of the best camping tent air conditioners.

How to Heat a Tent without Electricity

There are so many methods that can be applied to heat tents in the absence of electricity but we are going to outline some of the 5 best methods, and they include;

  •    Applying Heating Rocks
  •    Using Insulated Pads
  •    Engaging the services of your Sleeping Bags
  •    Using Hot Water Bottle
  •    Utilizing Catalytic Heaters


From our research, using any of the above-stated camping tent air conditioners will always reduce stress as well as enhance comfort on the path of every user. They will save you stress and other monetary requirements. During hot seasons, these air conditioners have some outstanding features that will tackle the heat problems.

You have to always make a good choice when it comes to camping air conditioners, and this is the reason we performed some online survey, and we discovered that many customers gave these air conditioners good rating and reviews.

This is the most important thing that made them inclusive in our ranking. We hope in your next purchase you will be able to get one of these air conditioners and enjoy the amazing benefits that come with it.

The 5 Best Cordless Ratchet Wrench (3/8″ drive) Reviews 2019

Get The Perfect Cordless Ratchet Wrench

Top Cordless Ratchet Wrench Ranked

1. Milwaukee 2457-21

The basic yet reduced and one of a kind construction design used in the Milwaukee 2457-21 cordless ratchet encourages its conveyance of up to 35 feet-lbs of excellent torque at around 250 RPM. Once more, low profile and limited head help its incredible performance in tight spaces and other hard-to-achieve places.

Its superior, excellent torque, just as its lightweight nature team up to allow you complete even the rock-solid undertakings inside a brief time. Once more, it's excellent generally speaking construction makes it durable to serve any expert in an ideal way.

This ratchet will convey its centre reason paying little heed to the working conditions or your dimension of ability in a given field.

An excellent feature of Milwaukee 2457-21

Powerful 12-volt motor and speed - Milwaukee 2457-21  has a powerful 12-volt motor which conveys up to 35 ft-lbs of torque. It delivers a 250 RPM for the power and speed of a pneumatic ratchet without the air hose. It empowers the ratchet to offer you upgraded performance.

Low profile - It standout amongst the best features of this Milwaukee 2457-21. The low profile and thin head empower it to upgrade its incredible performance. Regardless of whether the spaces are tight or hard to achieve, the ratchet can give an astonishing achievement.

Variable speed metal switch - Milwaukee 2457-21 has this feature to allow you to choose your preferred speed. Along these lines, the utilisation of the tool is easy as you can work at your pace.

Lightweight - The tool weighs just 4.6 pounds making it easy to move to start with one spot then onto the next. You can convey the ratchet for a long separation, absent many battles. It makes it advantageous to utilise the tool anyplace.

Durability and design - It develops a standout amongst the best. It is because it has exceptional however smaller construction design utilised in making it. The material that covers its external part it is durable. Thus it limits costs.

2. ACDelco ARW1201 Kit

The ACDelco ARW1201 Remote Ratchet is a particular product. It ranks among the few ratchet wrenches with the turnaround and forwards lever. It accompanies a robust aluminium gearbox covering. You will love its variable speed, reversible control and in particular, its electric brake button. This product additionally features an enemy of slip delicate hand grip to improve user comfort. In the bundle are two Li-particle battery packs (12v), and a reliable charger. The gave conveying home encourages simple portability of this ratchet wrench. When contrasted with an air ratchet, this product works better with the end of the burden brought about by the air hose.

It accompanies a solid aluminium gearbox covering which shields its inward constituents Fran om mischief or extraordinary climate. Its packaging is among the variables that make this electric remote ratchet sturdy.

The gave conveying home encourages simple .portability of this ratchet wrench. Once more, its little size and lightweight nature are or more to its portability and storage. You can convey it in your pocket over long separations without feeling uncomfortable. It additionally requires little space for storage.

Regardless of it's superior and toughness, this ratchet comes at a reasonable cost.

ACDelco ARW1201 Remote Ratchet is a standout amongst the best ratchets available. It ranks among the best ratchets in its class. If you need an aluminium-made product, this is the best.

An unusual feature of ACDelco ARW1201 Remote Ratchet

Forward/turn around the lever - This ratchet has a forward and a turn around the element, which adds to its helpfulness and execution. The feature encourages you to return or ahead in this manner controlling how you do your work. It guarantees you produce a quality product toward the end.

Variable speed with reversible control and electric brake switch - You can check the speed of your work. If the rate is beyond what you can deal with, the electronic switch brake button is the arrangement. You can also return utilising the invert lever. The variable speed enables you to control it and set it at your favoured rate. Along these lines, you can pick the particular speed you need, which relies upon where you are utilising it and your ability.

Against delicate slip grip - The product features an enemy of delicate slip handgrip, which helps in improving user comfort. The grip isn't just comfortable to hold, yet additionally upgrades your wellbeing as it can slip out of your hands. It makes utilisation of the ratchet simple and effective.

Tough aluminium gearbox lodging - We as a whole love product made of aluminium. These sorts of products turn out to be tough. The product has a stable gearbox lodging that guarantees you a great administration. These by themselves make it emerge among different products in this class. Purchasing these products is confirmation that you are not going to buy a similar product any soon.

Reliable battery - Stuffed with the products are a reliable charger, battery, and a conveying case. It gives you the comfort of not going to search for the battery somewhere else. The battery makes it emerge, as it will work well for you after being energised. Everyone trusts different product batteries are the best. Indeed, this ratchet joins its array. Moreover, the conveying case makes it travel-accommodating.

3. Milwaukee 2456-20 M12

12-volt motor everybody needs to have a tool which can't disappoint him. The cordless ratchet accompanies a 12-volt uncompromising motor. It produces 250RPM and conveys up to 30 ft-lbs of torque. Its voltage makes it offer effective execution.

Built-in LED light this cordless ratchet made in China; its engine accompanies a built-in LED light. It Illuminates work surfaces in dim areas. Therefore, it makes working around even at the time to be agreeable. You can utilise the view to see things around you. It makes it fitting to use in dull and in tight regions.

The extended lasting battery the power engine of this specific cordless ratchet originates from the M12 REDLITHIUM™ batteries. The different sold batteries are chargeable and can work a long time. You can revive the cells once and use them for a long time. When contrasted with those from other focused brands, they are a standout amongst the best.

Weight the cordless ratchet merely weighs 1.6 lbs. This component alone makes it a standout amongst the best. You can carry it and move to wherever you need absent much battle. Regardless of where your place of work is, it is the best tool you can carry along.

An excellent feature of Milwaukee 2456-20 M12

Manufacturing materials - The external body of the ratchet has a reinforced steel housing. As we as a whole know, items produced using steel are solid. The materials used to make it shield every one of its segments from any outside effect or stun. It makes it last never again.

5-year restricted tool warranty - Numerous comparable items, for the most part, have a one year warranty. Be that as it may, this cordless ratchet has an excellent warranty of five years.

Variable speed metal trigger - Adding to its extraordinary highlights is the customizable speed metal trigger. It gives power over the execution of the tool. Hence it gives you great outcomes.

4. Ingersoll Rand 2317G

This elite pack brings you all that you require for accomplishment in your calling. All the highlighted parts accompany an ergonomic design to improve the client's solace. The capacity case furnished with this bundle makes moving with this pack from spot to put agreeable.

The highlighted air impact cordless ratchet wrench is minimal, very much sturdy and lightweight to offer you the best performance and solace. It accompanies a selective double sledge impact taking care of the system. The cordless ratchet length is about 7.3 inches. It weighs just 5.8 pounds in this way simple dealing with and transport from spot to put. Its strength has been a noteworthy point in numerous clients' input. Its quality enables it to perform an uncompromising errand for a long time without deteriorating. It is an indication of sturdiness because of its brilliant development.

An excellent feature of Milwaukee Ingersoll Rand 2317G

Socket set and carrying case - Not all items accompany a socket pack or a carrying case. The Ingersoll Rand 2317G Ratchet Pack and Impact tool accompany a five-piece socket set. It additionally attends a blow-formed carrying case.

The socket is a 9/16-inch socket, a ½-inch, and a 3/4-inch. It additionally has a 5/8-inch, a 7/8-inch, and a connector. Moreover, the plug has a design, which empowers it to fit a ½-inch drive. It makes it an adaptable pack, as you can use on better places and machines.

Air impact wrench - It is likewise lightweight, and tough. It has a select double mallet impact taking care of the system and a 6-vane engine.

The tool gives a fantastic capacity of to-weight proportion. The wrench is about 5.8 pounds and measures 7.3 inches. It incorporates a handle exhaust, and turn around/forward power control. Another element is the variable speed trigger. The variable speed trigger enables you to set your favoured speed while doing different occupations.

Ergonomic design - The Ingersoll Rand 231G air impact wrench and 170G air ratchet wrench has a remarkable ergonomic design. It gives the best torque precision. The design makes it simple to utilise, adds to the client's solace, which adds to its superior performance.

Air ratchet wrench - The best air ratchet has a warmth treated ratchet head and a 3/8-inch drive.


Simple to utilise - The impact tool, which has highlights, for example, a turn around/forward power control, makes it simple to utilise. You can turn off when not using the tool. With these settings, you needn't bother with somebody to show you how to employ the ratchet.

Great quality and long lifespan - The Ingersoll Rand is of high calibre since it can take a shot at anything running from autos to 18 aeroplanes. The materials and the warmth treated ratchet head, empower this impact tool to have a long lifespan.

Expanded profitability - Utilising the impact tool builds efficiency and wellbeing. It is because of its ergonomic design, which likewise makes it simple to use the device and adds to the client's solace.

Lightweight - It is one of the tools that you bear without calling somebody to support you. Its lightweight nature furnishes you with the best performance just as solace.

Customizable speed - Something great about this tool is the customizable speed trigger component. You can utilise this element to increment or diminish the speed of the impact tool, as you need.

5. Aircat ACR802R 3/8-Inch

This Ratchet is among the best air ratchet accessible available today. In its class, this cordless ratchet emerges as the strongest. It presents to you a loosening torque of about 90(ft-lbs) and quick speed of up to 280 RPM.

It produces extraneous noise while giving you much torque and power. It has been verified to work at 83-86 dBA, far much underneath the OSHA measures, an advantage to the technicians as well as different experts.

It includes an exhaust suppressor instrument technology that permits extraction of air with no advancement of back weight, along these lines more performance and less noise.

An excellent feature of Aircat ACR802R 3/8-Inch

Loosening torque - The cordless ratchet gives you a loosening torque, which makes it emerge as one of the strongest. The torque, which is at around 90 ft lbs is more than what different contenders offer, giving it an edge. It means it is past the required most point of confinement of 70ft lbs for an all-inclusive period. Because of this, it gives you a large torque and power.

Ergonomic handle - The aircraft ratchet accompanies an ergonomic handle intended to make its use easy, in the meantime improving your wellbeing. The grip is additionally firm, which means it can last more, than different brands. The handle configuration additionally enables it not to slip from your hand while utilising it. Aside from the abovementioned, the handle gives you an easy use trigger, all around situated, so no pressure.

Polymer case - The ratchet joins a delightful polymer case. The durable case can handle any cruel and unpleasant use. Regardless of whether you drop it from an abnormal state, the ratchet can't break. It means you get an additionally preferred standpoint on toughness alongside a neighbourly cost.

Patent calm technology - The AirCat ACR802R Ratchet Vast accompanies a licensed channel technology. It enables it to decrease the power and the dimension of the noise and yet does not bargain its performance and speed. The calm patent technology allows released air to go without making back weight. It adds to keeping more power while diminishing noise.



The 10 Best Track Saws Reviews and Buying Guide ( 2019 Edition )

Buy Perfect Track Saws From Thousands

A good track saw is considered as one of those power tools that one must own either for personal use or for professional use. A perfect track saw is essential for all your woodwork, remodeling and flooring projects.

Track saws are powerful multipurpose tools that can be used to cut wood and considerably other materials too. It enables you to accurately cut smoothly and slice material into perfect desired shapes and sizes. The track saw can cut and separate material at ease and fast, unlike the other traditional saws which take ages.

Why Buy Track Saw?

People buy track saws simply because there are perfect for cutting through different types of material be it thin or thick for example, lumber, plywood, melamine, and moldings. In addition, track saws make accurate, precise cuts that do not have splinters or require finishing and polishing. It is an excellent collection for either professionals or DIY enthusiast.

Because it is just the ideal power tool to utilize to cut big sheets of material at once with precision and accuracy, unlike the other traditional saw models that either chip or break the material.


It is highly advisable that, in order to achieve the best results or reap the true benefits, there is need to purchase the optional accessory pack which surely consist of an anti-tilt bar, rail clamps, guide rail, and a rail connector.  The Grizzly is a good scenario of a model that requires all the accessories to function at its full potential.

It is also essential to ensure that the track saw that you would have purchased have the right necessary features and power to execute that particular project.


The Makita SP600JI tops it as the best track saw on the market with an impressive powerful 12A soft start motor and a 55-inch guide rail. To add on, it has sharp blades which can cut out precisely just about anything even tough material. Not only that, the Makita model is one of the most exceptional affordable models on the market.

The Makita offers real value for your money as it is fully loaded with a lot of advanced features that optimizes performance. Furthermore, it is comfortable and easy to handle because it has rubber soles that ensure that it stays firm in its position.

The Dewalt DWS520K is also a great recommendation simply because its brand is highly trusted for providing powerful strong durable power tools. It has 120 volts, 12A motor and 47% bevel capacity which can shove a maximum of 4 000RPM to the blade. In addition, the Dewalt DWSS520K has easily adjustable controls which have a thick magnesium base and robust tilt controls.

Top Collected Track Saw Reviews

We took the initiative to view a wide range of track saws available on the market and selected the best 8 from that wide array.


The Makita SP600JI is one of the most trusted brands that produce high-quality products and it is highly considered as being the best at creating enhanced power tools in the industry. On this list, the Makita SP600JI is rated as one of the most exceptional affordable models on the market. Fairly inexpensive than other models on the market with better value, great speed, power and precision that is necessary to attain exceptional results.

This model is fully loaded with a lot of advanced features that optimizes performance. With an impressive powerful 12A soft start motor and a 55-inch guide rail, this model is versatile, easy to set up and use and it cuts faster too. To top it all the model is accompanied by a free handy carry case, which makes the model very portable and easy to carry around.

The Makita SP600JI consist of a powerful 5 200 revolution per min (RPM) and has sharp blades which can cut out precisely just about anything even tough material. In addition, the speed can be fixed between 2 000-5 200 RPM as the adjustable speed permits it.

It maintains a constant speed even when under load as it is equipped with an inbuilt electronic speed control system. It is comfortable and easy to handle because it has rubber soles that ensure that it stays firm in its position. Furthermore, the anti-slip lock aids to keep the track saw from falling off the track when it is fixed for bevel cutting.

2. Dewalt DWS520K

The Dewalt DWS520K is also one of the top performers in the market, whose brand is highly trusted for providing powerful strong durable power tools. The Dewalt is fully accessorized with a 59-inch guide rail, which is essential for cutting long materials all at once. With a 120 volts, 12A motor, and 47% bevel capacity which can shove a maximum of 4 000RPM to the blade.

Thus, the soft start motor makes it easier to control, to precisely straight cut more material at a faster rate and ensure that there are no splinters. The spring-loaded riving knife works wonders to avert material clutching around the material as you cut.

Moreover, the Dewalt DWSS520K has easily adjustable controls which have a thick magnesium base and robust tilt controls. Therefore, the model is extremely durable and comfortable to handle as it features a zero-tolerance track and a pair of comfortable rubberized grips. With a 6.5 inch blade, however, this model has its shortfall as the blades have to be changed and the process takes a long time to accomplish. It consists of an 8-step process, where the lever has to be unlocked and locked, thus it is not user-friendly.


The Festool TS 55 is one of the best real deals on the market and top choice for professionals and DIY hobbyist. This model has similar advanced features like the Festool TS 75 model that produces exceptional results. Characterized by a FastFix easy blade removal system that reduces the threat of kickback and delayed results. Well-designed with a spring-loaded riving knife to keep the cut of the material open so no blade nips happen.

The Festool has a replaceable splinter-guard that enables the material to be accurately cut, be smooth on both sides and also clears of splinters cut. It is very portable and can be carried around just about anywhere. In its own right, the Festool TS 55 offers incredibly impressive high-performance levels and it is a plus due to its versatility as it can cut ultimately just about anything. Moreover, it is highly flexible as you can cut it up against any other surface like a wall.

The model features a 55-inch guide rail that ensures that the material is cut straight and at a faster pace. The guide rail helps to maintain and keep the blade on the cutting track. The blade speed can be adjusted by directing the variable speed control. However, this model has low-performance levels, due to low motor power, thus it is strictly restricted to certain projects.


The Grizzly T10687 is also one of the most affordable track saw on the market. It offers versatility and power that you would expect from some of the most expensive models on the market. It is a useful track saw that provides the best value for the product and it saves money. Cheap as it the Grizzly T10687 has greater control, capability, and accuracy just like the other pricey models on the market. The model is highly ideal for the DIY hobbyist who does not necessarily utilize the product every day but maybe once in a while.

The Grizzly T10687 is characterized by a non-slip backing underneath the rail, which enables easy handling of the saw when operating or cutting the material. It features a 9A motor speed and a riving knife to ensure ripping is secure and safer. However, this model does not have a soft start motor or a guide rail. Therefore, it is highly advisable that, in order to achieve the best results, there is need to purchase a guide rail and an accessory pack that is inclusive of the anti-tilt bar, 2 rail clamps, and a rail connector.

5. TRITON TTS1400 6-1/2-INCH PLUNGE Track Saw

The Triton TTS1400 is also one of the most affordable models on the list, with a 59-inch guide rail and 3132-inch deep scoring and changeable blade. This model can cut bevels of up to48%. It is heavily weighted, hence it is not easy to carry and use.

However, it is designed in such a way that you can use it against another surface or wall and the guideline helps to keep it firmly into place.

The model consists of a 12A soft start motor and variable speed control that ranges from 2 000-5 300 RMP. This facilitates the track saw to cut straight smooth cuts without fragmenting the material. It is also user-friendly as it equipped with a plunge lock that aids you to start and stop the cutting in the middle of the process. Furthermore, it has an anti-kickback feature that avoids the track saw from shaking when you execute plunge cuts.


Highly recognizable brand with a good reputation in the power tool industry. The Festool TS 75 is an expensive option but it also in the same league with powerful durable models like the Dewalt DWS520K. It is infused with the versatility of a portable saw and the straight cut capability of the table saw. The Festool TS 75 model uses a FastFix system just like the Festool TS 55 to change the blades and ensure ease of cutting at a faster rate.

Low risk of accidental start-ups as the saw’s power arbor and switch are locked at the same time. Plus it has an inbuilt current and thermal overload protection, which signifies if there is a fault or an overload. The Festool is effectively designed with a high-quality gearbox that protects the vital elements such as the motor and the blade from unnecessary wear and tear. In addition, the gear system also reduces the risk of a kickback or heavy-duty slip. Moving on, the model permits you to uncover only the fragment of the blade essential for the cut through depth adjustment.


With 20 volts, 9amp motor and a 5 500 RPM the Shop Fox does not necessarily outperform the circular saw. It is okay for a variety of household projects that you will be using once in a while. However, the Shop Fox is very affordable but it does not perform so well like the other models on the list. It falls short on so many levels. Technically it is not ideal for professional heavy projects that require more power.

In order to get the most out of this model, it is advisable to purchase the guide rail and the accessory kit. As these will help increase the chip-free cutting results and accuracy.


The Dewalt DCS520T1 operates on a 60v max rechargeable battery that is cordless, thus it is flexible, easy to carry around and disregards the requirement for an extension cord. It is impressively powerful and versatile model that is ideal for a variety of household and professional projects. It is a well-designed model with massive potential to outshine other track saws models and traditional models like the table and panel saws if the guide rail is purchased too.

This model has immense power and optimal performance that is akin to many of its corded contenders. Fully equipped with a dual-edged track, that enables the track saw to cut material in a straightforward manner. A constant anti-kickback tool and riving knife stops binding and removes the threats of kickbacks when functioning alongside a track. Lastly, the Dewalt DCS520T1 is sturdy enough to withstand years of heavy use.


Track saws are extraordinary multipurpose power tools that are very valuable and ideal for professional woodworkers as it offers them accuracy, durability, and portability which the other saws have failed to cater for.

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The 10 Best Nail Guns Reviews 2019 [ Buying Guide Updated ]

Are you Searching Best nail guns for fencing, nail guns for trim.

A nail gun is an essential tool for tiresome tasks of framing, roofing and fine jobs like stapling and finishing can now be done with shots of nail guns.

Thanks to technology, people are toss away their hammers and switching to the easy and productive option of nail guns.

Each project is different and requires a different type of nail gun. To make your jobs easier and faster, find out the tone of the best nail guns.

In order to ensure, remarkable productivity and your safety, you must know about the top nail guns for your project requirements. Also, you must know about the best model nail gun available in the market.

Here is the ultimate guide that tells you about the 10 best nails guns and how each gun in different than the rests.

Different Types of Nail Guns

Nails are used pretty much everywhere. Rather than using the hammer and nail to done the job, professionals have switched to shoot hundreds of nails quickly to perform a variety of tasks. The types of applications are actually the basis of the different types of nails.

The unique use of each type of nail gun can be understood by looking at the various types of nail gun models available in the marketplace.

Framing Nailer

These are the toughest nail guns ever engineered. The nail guns are ideal for heavy-duty jobs like construction and building.

Designed with two types of heads, round head, and clip head, the framing nails use with wood. You must buy a framing nailer if you wish to build rooms, decks, fences and wood siding.

Roofing nailer

The design and functionality of roofing nailer are somewhat similar to framing nailer. The only difference lies in the application area.

Apart from wood, these nailers can efficiently drive nails in other types of material. Professionals and DIY experts widely use these nailers for roofing applications. Roofing nailers are usually available in spring-loaded, pneumatic and solenoid models.

Flooring nailer

These nailers are most helpful to drive nails at the right angle and depth into the floorboards. They can be availed in pneumatic and manual models.

Flooring nailers uniquely design for the purpose of shooting nails into floorboards. Don’t expect these nail guns to do anything else.

Siding Nailer

These are the perfect nail guns use to work with thin pieces of material. You can work with these nails to install both wood siding and aluminum siding.

Palm nailer

As the name suggests, they are a mini version of fully functional nailers. The guns lie comfortably in hands and ideal for smaller projects and light duty applications. The small size makes them accurate for tight spots.

Brad Nailer

Professionals doing the finishing jobs often use a brad nailer. Ideal for trim work on door and windows, the nail guns use 15-16 gauge of nails. Efficient nail guns are widely renowned for their better holding power.

Pin nailer

Crown molding, carpentry and trimming jobs on thin veneers and small furniture items can be done with pin nailers.

Similar to brad nailers, pin nailers use for finishing jobs. The nailer uses headless nails, thus the gun usually has no holding power; it just holds two materials together until the glue dries.

Staple gun

The highly versatile gun most favor by DIYers. Ideal for applications like upholstery, carpeting and home repair, this small yet powerful tool even use to create smaller constructions like dog houses.

Finish Nailer

As the name suggests, they are specifically designed for carpentry work. Only a specific size of the nail can be used with these nail guns.

Similar to brad and pin nailers, finish nailers are ideal for crown molding applications. However, finish nailers are effective nail guns to handle bulkier pieces.

Understanding of different types of nail guns can enable you to make an informed purchase decision.

PORTER-CABLE PCC790LA 20V MAX Lithium 18GA Cordless Brad Nailer Kit

Top Electric Nail Guns Reviews Ranked

Nail guns can make your work faster. You will be more accurate and powerful in driving the nails. There are lots of trusted brand developing the nail guns with features like easy depth drive adjustments, higher magazine capacity, comfort grips, and quick jam release.

The vast availability of options can confuse anyone. Either you are a professional or an avid DIY lover take a look at the 10 best nail guns reviews and decide which one is the best for you.

1. DEWALT DWFP12231: 18-Gauge 2-Inch Brad Nailer Kit

Designed to provide outstanding performance for years to come, the high-quality pneumatic gun tops the consumer ratings for being one of the best selling nail guns. This ultimate buy allows users to adjust the driving depth in a tool-free manner. Besides, the model equips with a maintenance-free motor that trusts widely for its long life.

The model design with sequential style triggers to increase the productivity levels even for the heavy duty jobs.

In addition to this, the model seems to be quite comfortable due to its lightweight magnesium body and a rubber grip that is integrated.

The nailer is great in terms of performance, adjustments and comfort levels. Although, the model lacks an adjustable exhaust, which is the biggest downside of this great priced pneumatic brad nail gun.

2. NuMax SFN64 Straight Finish Nailer

Looking for a dependable nail gun? The ultimate find can be this high performing finish nail gun that features air exhaust adjust, tool-free depth dial, tool-free jam clearance along with no mar safety tip.

Longevity is assured with this powerful and compact model that is made out of the aluminum body. The high performance of this nail gun can enjoy multiple areas such as trims, casings, molding, base boards, and cabinets. Not only this, the high quality nailer is hard to beat at the price they offer it along with oil, wrenches and even a pair of goggles.

The handle believes to be ergonomic for improved comfort, but some reviews mention that it’s not really comfortable to use the handle for long hours.

3. Bostitch F21PL Framing Nailer

A powerful nail gun design for enhanced versatility. The innovatively designed model is beating the competition by performing dual functions. The 2 in 1 nailer can be used as a framing nail gun and as a metal connector. Nail depth adjusts easily with push buttons.

Further, the model is remarkably lightweight and durable due to its high-quality magnesium housing.

The model seems to be quite expensive as compared to other brands. Though, it comes with 7 years of hard to beat warranty that makes it worth the price.

4. Hitachi NT50AE2 Brad Nailer

It is an excellent gun designed to be used all day long. Indigenously design with elastometer grip, the brad nailer works great to provide comfort and to prevent slippage. The best part about this nailer is the tool less clearing of nail jams.

It is an efficient brad nailer designed with dual fire mechanism. Further, the decently priced nail gun is extremely light in weight and has a higher magazine capacity. The reliable brad nail gun is made from high quality material and comes with 1 year warranty.

The model allows adjusting the drive depth easily for the more professional finish. However, the nailer won’t work well for heavy duty jobs.

5. PORTER-CABLE PCC790LA Cordless Nailer Kit

The cordless brad nailer is just what professionals need to get their jobs done with ease. Forget about the hassles of compressors, hose and gas cartridges that are adding up to your bills. You can get rid of the stuck air hose because it is not needed with this battery power cordless model.

Porter Cable cordless nail model also has too free release lever. Besides, the easy to use depth adjustment wheel lets the users avail remarkable levels of productivity.

The LED style display and 3 years of limited warranty further make this model popular among its rivals. The nailer is great for finishing jobs only, don’t expect it to perform tasks like framing.

Porter Nail Kit model is not ideal for heavy duty framing applications, so the downside is; you need to buy a separate nailer for the purpose.

6. Freeman P4FRFNCB: Framing Nailer, Finish Nailer, Brad Nailer & Narrow Crown Stapler

Reviewed as the best kit, the offered package comes with three powerful nail guns by the brand Freeman. The combo kit has both finishing and framing guns along with brad nailer and a crown stapler to make it the most valued deal.

The nail guns are pneumatic and work exceptionally well for heavy duty jobs. The oil-free design and quick jam release mechanism are widely favored by hobbyists and professionals.

7. NuMax SFR2190: Framing Nailer Ergonomic & Lightweight Pneumatic Nail Gun

It is an ergonomically designed framing nailer that boasts great reviews for its power packed performance. The model is a 21 degree pneumatic gun that comes with depth adjustments. Apart from just framing, the innovative design of this nail makes working with decks, fences and sheaths a total breeze.

The manufacturers picked magnesium to frame the body of this gun, which makes it light in weight and remarkably durable. This nail gun has a unique interchangeable trigger that effortlessly allows the user to switch between quick shots and single shots.

The full head framing nailer is tough in quality and has all premium features to enhance your productivity. Equipped with the , fire feature, the nailer stops shooting when three nails are left in the gun, which is quite great to prevent internal damages. The only downside is that the model is a little bit heavier when compared to other models.

8. Bostitch BTFP3Kit: Nail Gun with Depth Adjust & No-Mar Tip

The kit comes with three tools and reviewed as the best compressor combo at the price range. The kit has brad nailer, finish nailer and stapler along with cordless air compressor.

The heavy duty guns are trusted by professionals to perform a wide variety of applications. Bostitch BTFP3Kit is preferred for its longevity and oil free operation. Though, the model seems a little bit louder and that’s the only downside.

9. WEN 61720 Brad Nailer

Crafted out of aluminum, it is an extremely light weight brad nailer. The model is worth considering due to its capability of accepting various lengths of nails. With its affordable price tag, the nailer becomes quite a preferable option to perform mid-level jobs.

The nailer operates at 60-100 Psi power and loved by finish carpenters. The nailer can easily substitute hammers for hardwoods, fencings, paneling and trims.

The nail gun comes with a kit that includes oil, wrenches and a carrying case. Besides, the highly efficient nail quite impressive compares to its high priced models.

Clearing the jam nails would be a breeze in this model because it comes with a quick release latch that takes seconds to access. The only downside with the model is when the magazine is full, the nailer sometimes shoots a blank.

10. Stanley TRE550Z: Electric Staple/Brad Nail Gun

It’s a compact and one of the best nail guns known for its highly versatile performance. It can be used as a stapler or as a brad nailer to perform a variety of tasks. Besides, the nailer comes with two adjustments for high or low power levels to complete the job with require precision.

Overall, it’s a great heavy duty electric staple that load with countless features. Buyers love it for the quick jam clear mechanism and its compact size.

The only problem with the model is shooting blanks when you are holding the gun in a weird angle. Users might find it frustrating to hold the gun in the upright position every time they use it. Though the nailer is designed for outstanding driving power, the heavy duty nailer gets lesser ratings due to its 8-foot power cord which is quite short.


Some nail guns are used to provide strength and durability to wooden panels, whereas some innovative designs are also engineered to drive nails into heavy duty concrete blocks. Each nail gun is unique and the variety of options is endless in nail guns specifications. To shoot multiple nails efficiently, you must know the right fit for your project and how to buy one of the best nail guns.

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The 5 Best Electrician Tool Belts – A Cheap Tool Belts Reviews And Guide

electrician tool belts and pouches

A electrician or carpenter tool belt with suspenders helps to carry all tools in the belt pockets. Now a days tool belt is a mandatory belt for electrician or carpenter. Let's have a look of top electrician tool belt reviews.

You may see well-equip masons in American movies, with their reflective worker jackets, protective helmets, yellow gloves, and tool belts strapped to their belts, also called tool belts.

Well, if you are a bricklayer, a handyman or you have had to do a work in your house, you know that going equipped with all this clothing is not free and that you must put all these accessories on the job for your safety, although here For our country we do not have such a healthy habit of protecting ourselves when it comes to work.

These belts are very easy to find, they are for sale in any store specialized in bricolage or masonry. If your interest is to acquire some of it so that you do not make a mess.

We will try to show you in the following post the different models that exist of belts of this type. Because there are different types according to the work that you are going to make, the quality and the tools that you have to use.

Buy 5 carpenter tool belt pouches Reviews

It is time to organize your tools and have them at hand when we work. What better than having a tool belt tied to the waist?

As if it were a football line-up, we have chosen the 11th title, where we will describe, in our opinion, the best belts of this type:

1. Occidental Leather 9855

We have chosen a model that gives you the possibility to contain all tools like hammer, nails, sandpaper, segues and more in its 24 pockets.  This belt features leather reinforced corners and bottom which makes it one of the best electrician tool belts reviewed.

The best part about this belt is that you can wear it all year round without worrying about the sizing. The fully adjustable sizing works well with all types of seasonal clothing. Apart from the waist adjustment feature, the belt has D rings pre-installed that are handy to use with the suspension system.

The belt is extremely light in weight and very comfortable to wear all day long. One of the key features of this bag is the rugged commercial quality canvas material used for fabrication. This way, you can be sure about one-time investment in a quality product.

2. DEWALT DG5641

This model received great reviews from buyers who were looking for an extra capacity belt. It’s a combo apron designed with large gusset-style pockets that hold everything that you need while working on an electrical project.

For extra comfort, the belt comes with a double tongue roller buckle. Not only this, the spacious and comfortable belt is also trusted by professionals for its fully adjustable suspender design that distributes the weight evenly.

You don’t have to work extra to go back and forth forgetting the hammers. The belt has 2 steel loops designed to carry larger tools easily. The well made the construction of this belt lasts for years. Moreover, the best buy belt has simple belt adjustment features that make it one of the top reviewed electrician tool belts with more than 20 pockets.

3. CLC Custom Leathercraft 1608

Electricians simply love this model for its uniquely designed pocket that efficiently holds the cordless drill. Designed with padded suspender the model is also easy on your lower back. It distributes the weight evenly and doesn’t strain your lower body.

Offering plenty of storage in its 28 pockets design, the amazing quality belt can be used for waist sizes of 29 to 46.

The best part about this bag is its zip feature on the top flap that prevents spillage of tools.

The 4 piece rig tool belt is very easy to carry. It’s highly comfortable and for the price, it’s definitely a value for money product.

4. Occidental Leather 5590M

A heavy duty, comfortable, and above all, the best deal for a modern electrician. The handmade leather bag speaks the highest of quality standards. This is the lightest of all the leather tool belts available out there. Besides, the belt comes with hand-specific tool holders that offer the best working rhythm.

Not only this, the ingeniously designed tool belt features the widely applauded no spill tool holder system. It has 30 different compartments to house every tool, big or small; you need for your projects.  Both small and large pockets on this belt are designed carefully to ensure efficiency.

The exquisite leather looks and the remarkable craftsmanship of this commercial electrician belt can be availed in a choice of sizes ranging from small to XXXL.

5. TradeGear Medium Electrician Combo

This model is reviewed extensively for its all-round performance. Designed to withstand heavy-duty usage, the ultimate quality electrician combo is finely finished with Bar-Tak switching and metal rivets. What makes it stand out from the rest is its air channel ventilation design in the padding.

Offering utmost comfort with the breathable foam padding, the easy to carry belt has 2 heavy-duty pouches and 27 small and large pockets in total. Besides, the back support is contoured and the interiors are made from DuraTek nylon to get it great ratings for being the most comfortable belt.

Furthermore, putting on and taking the fully loaded belt off can be a tiring task. But, not with this model, as it comes with carrying handles. The handles seem to be extra convenient when the belt is fully loaded, heavy, and becomes a challenge on its own to put it on or take it off.

6. Forge Belt

The carpenter has to be constantly changing tools to do his job correctly: that if a meter to measure, the hammer, nails, sandpaper, segues

We have chosen a model that gives you the possibility to contain all these tools and more.

This belt belongs to one of the most important brands that exist in the world of carpentry, which is the Forge brand.

Among its technical characteristics we will highlight the following:

  • It measures from 25 to 29 cm,
  • It contains a thickness of carnage of 1m8 millimeters
  • The length of the belt is of 133 centimeters
  • It has 6 compartments divided among them

The buckles are adjustable to the maximum and is reinforced with rivets for its greater resistance. Another peculiarity is that it is made of leather and is of classic yellow color.

7. KWB tool belt

A good belt, complete and above all, cheap. The KWB brand shows us its belt model with 7 different compartments, so you can take all your tools well ordered at the time of the job.

In addition to the 7 pockets, you have to know that the belt is adjustable padding up to 110 cm. Its measurements are 27 x 7 x 26 cm.

And best of all, you can find it on Amazon for only 10 Euros. An authentic bargain.

8. Silver line tool belt

Everyone knows this Austrian brand, propelling many of the tools that exist today. And it is that Silver line has collaborated enormously to make our life a little more comfortable. Therefore, you could not miss a tool belt model of yours.

The characteristics of this belt are the following: three bags in the belt, the maximum size of 120 centimeters, high resistance made with nylon and at the same time light, maximum resistance by borders, oxidation proof and closing tape included.

9. Blue Spot brand

I believe without a doubt that this is one of the best belts for professionals. And is that your 8 or 11 pockets will help us a lot to organize.

In addition, it is a polyester fabric that repels water and at the same time very resistant; It is lightweight, its adjustable strap makes it functional for almost all the public (from 90 to 120 centimeters) it contains an easy and fast hook to put on.

belt of the Blue Spot brand

10. Draper 9241

This belt is to take advantage of it. It has a light brown leather finish, which makes it attractive as a whole, is multifunctional, brings more than 10 pockets and belongs to a reliable brand dedicated to the tools in its entirety as is Draper, an English brand par excellence and that , according to them, has the largest stock of tools concentrated in one place in the United Kingdom.

The different sizes of your pocket allow you to carry tools of different dimensions. On the other hand, you have to know that its size is 61 x 23 x 6.5 cm and that you can find it in any large area or internet store for a price similar to 22 Euros.

How to choose the best tool belt?

Size and finish

These products come in several sizes, so you should not buy a single size if your waist is less than 86 centimeters. Also, choose a belt that has padding to have better comfort.

 Quality and durability

Acquire a product that has enough space to contain all your implements, in addition, it must be organized and according to your used tools.

Leather belts

In terms of comfort and durability, leather options are usually the best, in addition, they often have compartments in key places, offer better mobility, and offer greater adaptability.


Acquire a unit that is light, strong and comfortable to use. The hammer loop must be solid, but not so large.

 Choose according to your work

Choose a model that has a key pocket according to the implements you have in your toolbox. Acquire one that provides individual holders inside the largest compartment.

 Number of pockets

Most of these products have between 10 and 12 pockets, although you can get models with more than 30. Choose the most suitable for you.


In general, you will find four types of materials: nylon, polyester canvas, leather, and suede. According to your profession, choose the most convenient material.

 Specific needs

All humans have their own tastes, so based on your personal decision, choose the most appropriate decision for you.


Measure your waist to know your exact size, and choose the model that comes closest to your measurements or you can choose a model that is 10 centimeters larger than the size of your pants.

 Removable accessories

These products come with different types of attachments, and extra accessories that will make the carpenter have an easier job when it comes to transporting implements.

On the off chance that you are in the market for a electricians tool belt device belt, at that point you will know there are hundreds out there. Be that as it may, with such huge numbers of to look over, which one is ideal for you? When purchasing a circuit testers instrument belt there are various elements you have to consider. You may esteem quality and strength.

A belt that can withstand the unforgiving condition of the active site. You could prize customization or long haul comfort. You may simply need to look great while at home doing that DIY you guaranteed your accomplice a year prior.

Whatever your requirements are an extraordinary device belt is intended to make your life less demanding, and in that soul we got the belts in our grasp and assembled a rundown of the best electricians tool belt available and inspected them, to help locate the correct one for you. We have likewise incorporated a convenient purchasing manual to help you further.

Some tips so that the use of the belt does not physically damage you

Once you have decided on what will be your future tool belt, you have to know how it is put and what tools you can fit in your belt.

It is important to know how you have left, you cannot stay or fall, because it will bother you when you have to work in forced positions. Keep a straight posture and put it tight, at waist level, where you usually wear the belt of your pants.

Even though there are belts that are able to hold a lot of weight of tools, it is not advisable to load too much, because you can damage your back in a short period of time.

Some belts bring the pockets on one side, so you can take the tools without problems. If the belt has divided the pockets over its entire surface, place the tools ordered by your own comfort.

The belt, to part, is good for your health because it reduces the damage in the back. For a good profit you should make yourself with belts that allow you to distribute the tools on both sides of it and use belts that contain straps with straps that distribute weight better by the body and above all, do not wear it all day. At each break, it is convenient to take it off.

Fantastic selection of Belts for working tools - Best deals!

It consists of a list with a selection of Belts for best selling tools that may be ideal for you and are available for you to compare. To buy a work tool, you probably need something that is of quality something very common, is to look at the Belts for tools of better quality, among the top sales. Thanks to lists how is, you can make an idea, what is most used, on each occasion.

If anything is Topventas, it has worked well, so, maybe it is a good starting point to select items. If what you are looking for is a good gift to surprise a handyman, or just good material to give it to you, in the lists that we show you in the near future, you will find the most sold in internet stores. Thanks to sophisticated software that constantly analyzes, what are the top sales, every day on the internet, keeps the lists updated, so you can look at them when necessary and select with the best guarantee what you are going to buy online. Better buy today. What you can buy tomorrow.

If you like to make sure you buy, the list of "bestsellers" products is not going to fail you, and it is always good advice to use it. Maybe because of its good quality, its good price, or because it has become fashionable, here you will find the most sold related to DIY, right now on the Internet.

Purchaser's Guide

Presently we have the surveys out the way, in the event that you are as yet uncertain what belt to buy then this convenient purchasing guide will enable you to limit the alternatives. In it, we will detail the diverse elements that you ought to consider when you are hoping to purchase the best circuit tester's apparatus belt for you! Keep in mind, cost doesn't constantly measure up to quality and eventually the choice you make will be founded on how you will utilize it. So how about we take a gander at the diverse components that you will need to consider to settle on an educated decision.


We trust the purchasing guide and the audits of the best circuit repairman instrument belts have furnished you with the data expected to make an educated buy. Whatever belt you choose to run with recollecting this is something that you will utilize by and by every day and eventually it's what you require in a belt that issues most. So our best pick is the TradeGear Medium Electricians Combo. We can't prescribe this belt enough. The GatorBack emotionally supportive network implies it is by a long shot the most agreeable belt, and it is made to an exclusive requirement, the twofold sewing on the pockets and the bolts feel worked to last. It ticks all the cases with respect to toughness and solace and it comes in at an awesome cost. You truly can't turn out badly with the TradeGear Medium Electricians Combo.

In case you're searching for a value for the money, at that point you should look at the CLC Custom Leather craft 1608. When we initially got this item in our grasp we were stunned at exactly the amount it had making it work. A durable nylon belt with loads of little additional items, for example, the zipper, to shield your apparatuses from going all over the place. In particular however was the incorporation of their own bespoke suspenders, when set up accurately they made this belt a flat out euphoria to utilize. A fabulous belt at a superb cost.

So there we have it! The best 5 best circuit tester device belts available and a helping purchasing manual for working out what is best for you. There are numerous variables to think about when purchasing an instrument belt, it is utilized so regularly and consistently making the right buy is critical. So we trust that having perused this the decision about what belt you ought to get has been made less demanding.

The 7 Best Gaming Computer Desk For Multiple Monitors Reviews 2019

Are you want to buy gaming computer desk for multiple monitors?

One of my friends asked me to buy a gaming computer desk for multiple monitors for his kids but I didn't know which one is the best gaming computer desk. In Amazon, eBay, Walmart I see lots of desks but finally, I think custom gaming desk plans. I have also found some amazing gaming desktop in Amazon. Let's have a look.

Gaming computer desks are just like any other furniture item that people buy after a lot of consideration. With the rising popularity of gaming consoles, the market has been flooded with vast types, sizes, styles, designs, and colors of gaming desks. It is quite confusing to find out that one piece which will eventually be the best gaming computer desk of all time.

You can’t just use your office desk to house all your Xbox, PlayStation and gaming consoles. The gaming desks are little different and depending on the needs of the games, the designs are also modifying.

Some desks are wide, some are L shape and some desks are also designing with drawers and storage options to neatly organize all the gaming equipment.

We will help you find out the most spacious, most valuable and most good looking gaming desk. The consumer reports are based on the reviews of the best gaming computer desk models available in the marketplace. Take a look to find out how to buy the best gaming desk that has everything you need.

Top 7 gaming computer desk ideas for you

Lots of models are in the race to become the best gaming computer desk. Here is a comparison guide cum consumer report to help you find the most suitable one for your gaming needs. Features like comfort, durability, pricing, and looks are considered while preparing the report.

In order to make the playing session more comforting and enjoyable, we have shortlisted some of the coolest and most popular desks reviewed by avid gamers. Take a look:

1. Atlantic Gaming Desk for pros

It is a sleek desk design to fulfill all your gaming needs. The standard type table is a decent price and it is one of the most popular gaming desks in the year 2018. Made from sturdy material, the table adorns with charcoal color carbon fiber to add to the looks.

Besides, the table is not so heavy, thus you can move it around very easily. It is a feature-rich gaming desk solving all your requirements including ample space for a monitor, speaker, charging stand, game storage, power strip holder, headphone hook and even a cup holder.

The spacious table is designed to fit a 27-inch monitor perfectly. The desk is definitely an ultimate find for game room organization. The simple and elegant desk requires minimal assembly and you are good to go.

It’s simply the best gaming computer desk of all times and avid gamers must consider buying this mid-price desk.

2. Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk

Gamers with a funky personality simply fall in love with the cool pattern on the desktop of Arozzi Arena gaming desk. The desk is 5’3 inches wide and offers ample space to house three large size monitors altogether.

In other words, the huge field this wide desk creates can get anyone into the inevitable gaming environment. The table has a wide open space for all your gaming equipment.

Apart from that, the competitively priced table tops the consumer reports in the year 2018 because it features 14 square feet of the mouse pad surface, which is water resistant.

Not only this, the desk comes with a unique cable management system and users are giving it higher ratings because of the five attractive color options. The bottom line is a Swedish designer, done a great job on this ultimate gaming desk with wide space and cool looks.

3. Walker Edition Soreno Desk

The L shape desk boasts great reviews and top ratings in the category. The three-piece corner table adorns with a polished glass top to add elegance to your gaming station. Apart from the luxurious looks, this model is ruling the marketplace due to the option of separating it into two desks.

Its sturdy looks, sliding keyboard tray and 51” of overall depth make it a perfect desk to do the double duty. The desk features three desktops and works great for cramp spaces because of its L shape.

The desk is quite light in weight and gets wide acclamations for its built quality. But the only problem is that the legs are hollow and if you are want to screw holes in it then you have to be careful. The only deal breaker for this desk is that there is no in-built cable organization option with this model.

4. Apex Desk Elite Series

The table boasts thousands of positive reviews due to its simple and spacious design. The ergonomically design desk features height adjustment options. It is an electric height adjustable desk that is powered by a dual motor that efficiently lifts monitors and other gaming gears of 225lb in weight. Not only this, the desk can go from sitting to standing position in just a matter of a few seconds.

The desk is made from best quality MDF and topped off with high-pressure laminate to ensure that the elegance would last for years to come without any scratches. The desk is very easy to assemble due to its screwless design.

The center beam in this desk gives it the required stability, though one needs to spend a lot of money to buy this desk. It’s pricey for gamers looking for a budget option and that’s the only downside.

5. Origami Foldable Gaming/Computer Desk

A wonderful option for tight spaces. This amazingly designed computer desk folds flat in just a few seconds. It’s a multipurpose table and due to its foldable design gamers living in condos and dorm rooms simply love it.

The desk gets too many stars in the ratings due to its lightweight, durable quality, 7 square feet of desktop space and convenient setup. The wide desk gives ample space to house LCD and monitors at the same time.

The wood top and chip-resistant black finish adds to the looks of this decently priced desk. The easy to set up table needs no assembly and tops the consumer ratings due to the assurance of ultimate gaming convenience.

6. Z-Line Belaire Glass L-Shaped Computer Gaming Desk

Gamers looking for strong, sturdy, durable and best quality gaming desk can vouch on the endless features of this L shape computer gaming desk. The desk design with large size slides out the keyboard tray.

Gamers love the ample space on the tray that the keyboard and mouse don’t have to live separate from each other.  The best thing about the desk is the rais height of the monitor shelf that gives ultimate viewing and gaming experience.

Many gamers attract towards its black accents that come from the high-quality powder coat finish. The tempered glass top gives it a sleek look. If you are looking for a desk that lasts for generations, then this model with reinforced plates on all of the welding joints is definitely worth a try.

The epic gaming station desk gets lots of positive reviews for its sleek glass top. Though, the glass surface is the only downside in this table. One, glass top leaves lots of fingerprints; second, glass makes cable management a hassle for gamers.

7. E-Blue USA Wireless Glowing LED PC Gaming Desk Table

A glowing desk is no doubt an excellent gaming computer desk ever desired by a gamer. It is said to be the first glowing desk in the world and therefore it gets great ratings in terms of popularity.

Design to offer ultimate convenience for long gaming hours, this desk has an extended desktop and a feet bar. The desk is loved for offering great arm and hand support.

Apart from that, the glowing desk has options for wireless light effect controls to set the mood right for the epic battles. The aesthetics of this desk are great, built quality is quite appreciable; however, assembly of this desk is synonymous to lots of trial and error phases. With a little patience and skills to assemble the nice looking desk, you will get the ultimate find for your gaming station.

How Gaming Desks are Different from Office Desks?

Office desk design for various kinds of works, such as writing, typing and taking phone calls. However, gaming desks are solely designed for the purpose of gaming. The specifically designed gaming desks are different from office desks.

To know why you can’t use an office desk to create a gaming station, take a look at the differences between these two:

Customizing features: Gamers spend lots of time on the desks. That’s the reason; gaming desks are designed with height adjusting features and offer ultimate comfort. Not only this, some gamers use a keyboard, whereas others use different devices to play the game.

Therefore, some gaming computer desk models are designed with removable shelves to meet the specific need of every gamer. We never saw any office table that comes with height adjustment features or having shelves that can be removed easily on the go.

Working space: Office desks are usually made a rectangle and designed in a way that they don’t take too much of office space. However, gaming desks are wide and spacious and can easily house all the gaming equipment.

Office desks don’t offer too much of working space, but gamers can easily move their hands freely on gaming desks which are spacious and wider as compared to an office desk.

Price range:  The gaming desks are designed with so many customizable features and by keeping the convenience factors in mind. It is obvious that they cost higher than a standard rectangle old school office desk which is made for a user with the average height.

Pro Tips for The Buyers

Finding the best computer desk is not easy; you need to focus on many things. Here are some pro tips to help you pick the perfect model for your gaming needs.

  1. A roomy desk is most preferable. No one wants to feel cramped for long gaming hours. Make sure to pick the desk which has ample space to fit your gaming chair, gaming equipments and other essentials like cups, cables and mobile phones.
  2. A decent price gaming desk can cost you around $100 to $200. But there are also desks that are priced above $500. These days, feature rich desks are designed to fit every pocket. So keep your budget in mind and find the desk of your dreams.
  3. L shaped desks work great to get multiple screens fitted in a cramped space. U shaped desks can be opted when you have lots of space and don’t want to move around to switch between the screens.
  4. Gaming desk are usually made from steel, glass, wood and engineered materials. Keep the needs for stability and durability in mind, you can pick from either of the materials.
  5. Some models design to avoid the hassle of assembly; however, there are some gaming computer desks for which you need to be a pro of assembling. If you are not bothered with spending hours with screws and misaligned bolts then go for this desk.
  6. Cable management is a nightmare for gamers. Always try to pick a model that comes with dedicated spaces for the organization of multiple hardware devices and chunks of cables lying around at your gaming station.

Final Verdict

Gaming desks are designed to provide ample space. Besides, they are different from office desks because the best gaming computer desk assures the gamers sit in the right posture for long gaming hours. The abundance of great looking and best-priced models can confuse anyone.

To get some help in your buying decision go through the Top Gaming Computer Desk Consumer Reports in 2018.