Round Baby Cribs Vs Regular Baby Cribs

Round Baby Cribs

A crib is the most essential piece of furniture in a nursery. It is thus natural for parents to spend a lot of time considering the available crib options and deciding on the most suitable. The availability of cribs in a variety of specifications makes the decision on the most suitable crib for a nursery particularly time-consuming, especially if the parents do not have enough information to make an informed decision.

The available types of cribs include the standard crib which is also known as the regular crib, the convertible crib, the sleigh crib, the drop-side crib, and the round crib. There are also a variety of portable cribs on the market.

This guide covers round cribs and regular cribs highlighting their features as well as pros and cons. We aim to help persons decide on the more suitable of these two types of cribs.

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Reviews Regular and Round Baby Cribs

Round Cribs

Standard cribs have a rectangular shape. Round cribs, on the other hand are circular in shape. These cribs are thus suitable options for persons looking into unique styles of cribs. The main features of these cribs are their unique shapes. To allow for more space for accommodating taller babies comfortably, these cribs may also be oval in shape. Because they are not as common as regular cribs, oval cribs cost more than regular cribs.

Pros - The uniqueness of the design of these cribs is the best feature they offer. These cribs allow one to incorporate a wider range of crib placement option into their nursery.

Round cribs also have a great aesthetic appeal and are better choices than regular cribs for stylish nurseries.

Cons - These cribs are usually expensive, at least more expensive than regular cribs.

Round cribs also present an extra issue of the right mattress. Although these mattresses could have an attached custom mattress, finding the mattress for a round crib may be an issue.

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Regular cribs

Regular cribs also are known as standard cribs are the most common crib prion available in the market. These cribs are also known to be the standard size which is exactly the size of a standard crib mattress. These cribs are no-frills cribs as they are basically meant to keep the baby without any side attraction. However, over time, even with the basic design, standard cribs have been designed to suit different designs of nurseries.

Because these cribs are the most available options on the market, they are usually sold at the cheapest prices. It is, however, noteworthy, that when compared with some sleepers, standard cribs may be more expensive.

Pros - Regular cribs are available in a wide variety of sizes and styles giving one several option to consider. These cribs also allow for adjustments as the baby grows. Regular cribs have also been found to be very suitable for multiple uses since they cannot be converted to other furniture thus serving long periods.

Cons - These cribs are known to take a lot of space and may leave little room for other furniture in a small nursery.

It is also noteworthy that these cribs may require some effort assembling and reassembling them.

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In comparing standard and round cribs, standard cribs are suitable with the aim is a typical and cost-effective option with flexible styles. Round cribs are suitable when the aim is uniqueness even with a high price tag.

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