Round Baby Cribs – Ultimate Parenting Guide ( December-2020 )

Round Baby Cribs

Round baby cribs are known for their unique shapes which make them a great choice for persons aiming for stylish cribs. If you’re considering getting around the baby crib, here are some of the options you should look into.

Cribs are centerpieces of every nursery especially as the baby is bound to spend long periods within the crib. Cribs are available in different shapes and specifications. There are the regular cribs, and there are other types of cribs such as the round baby cribs and multipurpose cribs.

These options were rounded up based on features such as functionality, durability, and comfort. Safety is another feature to look out for when buying baby cribs, and the safety of the cribs highlighted below was also considered.

When we talk about Burgers, McDonald’s is the first thing that comes in our mind. Just like that, when we talk about the safety of a baby, baby crib takes the first place in our brains. When safety is so much important, how can you forget to get the best baby crib?

Just the way baby crib keeps your pal protected, it can harm your baby instead. So, getting any baby crib from the crowd is a no-no for parents.

When security is the foremost concern, nothing works better than baby cribs. So, to afford your baby the ultimate safety and you a trouble-free life, we are here with the top 6 round baby cribs. If you want your baby to stay safe always, go and grab the best one.

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6 Best Selling Round Baby Cribs in 2020 

1. Dream On Me Sophia Posh Circular Crib

If you want your baby to sleep perfectly and dream about the beautiful world, get him a Dream On Me Sophia Posh Circular Crib. The circular design is great to comfort your baby. He will feel a new world around him when he will be into the crib. This is a royal crib and your prince or princess will be the king or queen of the royal crib.

The best part about this crib is its round design. When you choose a round baby crib, you can take better care of your baby. You can get better visibility inside the crib and look after your baby properly. The design is posh and elegant. It has no drop side rail and so, you can hope that your baby will be in the utmost safe place when he is inside the crib.

It has 4 different positions for mattresses. No matter in what position you set your mattress, it can go with the crib perfectly. The assembly is very easy and it gets ready in no time. This brand also has its mattress that you can buy separately.

best baby cribs


  • Circular in design
  • Comes with a canopy frame
  • Non-drop side rail
  • Includes 4 different positions for the mattress
  • Easy assembly
  • Made of wood


  • Difficult to understand the instruction

We can say that the installation is very easy, but there are complains about the instruction. If you understand the instruction then I no time, you can set the crib. But, the instruction is very tough to understand and read.

Who should get this?

People who want cribs for their baby that they can use for a longer period of time must get this one. It has 4 positions for the mattress and so it will support your baby after getting a little older!

2. Badger Basket Elegance Round Baby Bassinet

If you want elegance and safety in one frame, you must try the Badger Basket Elegance Round Baby Bassinet. Keeping pace with the name, this crib is just another form of a basket that saves your child from everything. The round baby crib is made of wood and very much durable. The other materials that are used in this incredible crib are cotton and polyester.

This crib comes with a full kit for your baby. It has bedding set included. The bedding set of this kit includes bumper and fitted sheet. Along with these, it has a skirt and canopy with it. You also get a foam mattress pad that will perfectly adjust with the crib. So, this can be a great gift for anybody with a baby!

It has convenient storage to store whatever you want. The storage shelf is hidden so that it cannot be seen from the outside. It comes with caster wheels for your convenience. Along with wood, the use of metal and plastic makes it long-lasting.

best baby cribs


  • Circular in design
  • Made with wood, plastic, and metal
  • Comes with bedding
  • Comes with a skirt and mattress
  • Has storage shelf
  • Includes caster wheels
  • Constructed with polyester and cotton


  • The sheet may seem thin

As the crib comes with bedding, we expect the bedding to be of more high-quality. The complaint about the bedsheet remains the same. The sheet is a little thin so your baby might feel uncomfortable. You can change the sheet if you feel something uncomfortable.

Who should buy this?

If you are concerned about the storage of a baby crib then buy this one. Moreover, if you usually move your baby crib from one room to another then this will be helpful as it has wheels.

3. Baby Doll Darling Round Crib Set

Baby Doll Bedding, being one of the most loved baby crib company brings you the Darling Round Baby Crib Set. This has a rounded shape that will go with any room you want. With this crib, you will get one snow white comforter. This will afford extreme comfort to your baby. You will also get one dust ruffle with this. This will help you clean the crib whenever you want.

This crib comes with a white sheet. If you love colors then you should get this one. This is available in 9 different colors. A canopy and long drapes are also included in this kit. It also has bumper added with this whole set. You can wash the included accessories in the machine.

Baby Doll Darling Round Crib Set


  • Round in shape
  • Keeps your baby safe
  • Machine washable
  • Comes with comforter and sheet
  • Includes bumper and dust ruffle
  • Includes canopy and long drapes


  • No instructions included

When the whole set includes a bunch of accessories, the customers want an instruction booklet with it. However, the guidelines for assembling the crib are missing here. As a result, customers suffer.

Who should purchase this?

If you want a full crib set and you want to avoid the hassle of buying products then this kit includes everything you need for safeguarding your baby. On the other hand, it is machine washable. So, if you are a busy mother and want something handy, this is a perfect choice.

4. Stokke Sleepi Mini Crib Bundle With Mattress & Drape Rod- White

People who want their babies to be in a flexible crib, this is all you want! Trust us, the Stokke Sleepi Mini Crib Bundle can make your baby feel that he is in heaven! The interesting thing about this crib is the different shape. This crib is not round but not rectangular at all! This comes in an oval shape which is very rare. This shape can make your baby feel secure.

No matter your baby is of 1 year or 10 years, your baby can still have fun inside this crib. This bed is flexible and can grow with your little kid! Another thing to notice about this crib is the height. This crib has the ability to adjust heights or positions. So, it will grow with your baby!

This crib also includes wheels that are lockable. So, you do not need to worry about the insecurity regarding the wheels. You can also move it to any room you want!

best affordable cribs


  • Oval in shape
  • Made with beech wood
  • Has adjustable height
  • Makes your baby feel secure
  • Lockable wheels in swivel design
  • Durable
  • Can be moved to any room


  • Can seem a little small in width

This crib has adjustable height features but the width remains the same. If the width of the crib is short then the baby will not fit in it when he is a little grown-up. You might find it disturbing. If you want a large crib then you should skip this one.

Who should take this home?

If you want a round crib that is highly long-lasting, you should give it a try. This crib can afford your durability. If you want to use it for your second child, you can do that too!

5. Baby Doll Round Bedding Set

If you want to surround your newborn with utmost love and affection, gift her one Baby Doll Round Crib. Set. This crib set is a masterpiece when it is about comfort. This is round in shape. There is a reason why a circular crib is popular in the market of the crib. You can easily keep an eye on your baby from a distance when your baby is inside a round crib.

With this crib, a sheet is also included. Along with his, a dust ruffle is there to clean the crib and keep your baby away from germs. This crib is made of cotton and polyester and so, you do not need to be tensed about the quality. Moreover, the bedding materials are machine washable.

stokke mini crib reviews


  • Round in shape
  • Made of polyester and cotton
  • Long-lasting
  • Comes with a sheet
  • Dust ruffle included
  • Machine washable


  • There are no instructions for the assembly

When you buy a new crib, it is very important to assemble the crib properly. This high-quality crib does not come with any instruction booklet. When there are no instructions, you will never be able to assemble the crib properly.

Who would love this?

Parents who usually have a small house can get this one as the oval shape can adjust with any room easily. Moreover, it is very much durable. You can take this to any room you want as it has wheels for movement.

6. Strokke Sleepi Mini/Crib System I Wit Mattress

Babies feel comfortable when there are hands covering him for protection. The Strokke Sleepi Mini Crib is just like your hands covering your baby. This is said to be the complete bedroom plan for your kid. You can keep your baby inside this crib from the day he born. If you want to keep your baby here, you can keep him till he is seven years old.

It is oval in shape and covers your baby pretty well. Your kid will sleep in this crib just like he is in your lap. When your baby grows a little old, you can convert this crib into a toddler. The conversion set in included with this kit. By using it, you can covert the bed into a full-sized bed too when your baby is a grown up.

Moreover, you can use the conversion set to turn this baby crib into two different stylish chairs too! It will fit through any sort of doorway. You get 4 different high adjustment features. This set is available in a range of colors

best affordable cribs


  • Designed in Oval shape
  • Made of cultivated Beachwood
  • 4 different adjustable heights
  • Includes conversion set
  • Fits through any doorway
  • Comes with canopy and mattress


  • Highly expensive

This crib definitely has the best feature amongst all cribs we have recommended. It can be used after your baby is grown up too. But you cannot forget the price of the crib which is high. If you can afford the price then it can be the best round crib for your baby.

Who would find this best?

As it is oval in shape, people having a small room would love it. Moreover, it is convertible so if you want a crib to stay in your home for years, get your hands on this crib. It will adjust with your baby’s height and you can convert it into bed and chair in future!

Different Types of Round Baby Cribs

Dream On Me Sophia Wooden Crib

The aesthetics of this crib is one of the best features one is bound to notice. It is described as aimed for a royal sleeping experience as it exudes a Victorian-era vibe.

Notable features the attached rail and canopy frame which encourages flexibility in decorating the crib. The wooden crib is also known for its durability and ability to accommodate the growth phases of the baby.

Stokke Sleepi Mini Crib

This is a crib that can accommodate children from ages 0 to 10. The unique shape of this crib will make a statement in any nursery. The functionality of this crib is a notable feature as the height of the mattress is adjustable to ease bring out the baby. The crib also has lockable swivel wheels and is made up of beech wood.

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JBHURF Round Folding Crib

This is a crib that is known for its portability. It also has the unique design features of a round crib. Although the crib is designed to accommodate the needs of babies from 0 to 2 years, it aims for the best sleep experience during this period.

Waterproof materials were designed into the bottom of the crib for maximum protection of the baby. Other notable features the safe and environmentally-friendly materials with which the crib was made. A removable music player aimed at the mental development of the baby is also part of the crib.


The safety of this crib is one of its best features. The cot bed is made from safe and environmentally-friendly materials. The material for making this crib is pine wood which makes it a particularly durable crib. The maximum load capacity of the crib is 80 kg, a reflection of the durability of the crib.

It is noteworthy that green and healthy paint also covers the crib. This crib also three pedestal positions accommodating the different growth phases of the baby.

This DUWEN crib is aimed at the best sleeping experience for babies with other notable features such as the silent wheel that produces the most minimal noise. The design is also aimed towards optimal health of the baby through the different growth phases. This multifunctional crib can also serve other purposes such as a writing desk, a sofa bed and a game bed.

How to Find an Affordable Round Baby Cribs?

When you are up for buying a round baby crib, safety is the first thing that should matter. But that doesn’t mean you will forget about the price of the crib. There are people who have the ability to buy expensive crib but you may not be ready to spend so much on just a crib. In this case, you have to Search for affordable cribs.

Now, cribs tend to be high in price but if you search properly, you will get cribs that are reasonable. If you are here to buy an affordable baby crib, you must select something that has not bedding additional items with it. When the crib comes will addition beddings like sheet and mattress, they get high in price.

Moreover, avoid the ones having additional features that are not needed. For example, you can avoid the feature of adjustable height. The cribs including adjustable height features are usually expensive

When choosing the cribs, you should go for the cribs that are not convertible. Convertible cribs are highly expensive. If you want an affordable crib, you should get one which has the core features of a crib only.

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Buy the Right Round Cribs for Your Baby?

When you are ready to get the right crib for your baby, make a list of your requirements for crib first.

The bars of a crib should be within 2 3/8 inches. The slats should not exceed this range. This will keep your baby safe. Otherwise, your baby may fall down.

Find a crib that can take the dense mattress. Make sure that no space is left on the sides of the crib. If you want the best for your baby, get a crib that has an adjustable mattress height. It will grow with your kid!

Avoid the cribs that have drop-sides. You should never be tensed about the bumpers rather put emphasis on the stability of your crib. Make sure that the crib finely sits on the surface and does not move.

When you are up for buying a crib, make sure that the screws fit perfectly. If they are lost then anytime your child can fall down. Moreover, if any screw gets out, your child will eat it by chance and will hurt himself. Make sure that the paint is not splintery. If you want movable cribs, ensure that the wheels have perfect locks. If the locks are not perfect, the crib will move and hurt your kid.

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Benefits of Circular Baby Crib

The most popular design for crib of these days is circular cribs. This design is loved by the customers because it has some amazing advantages.

Round or circular cribs are great for safety because these don’t include any corners. Your baby can get hurt by the corners of the rectangular or square shaped cribs, where your baby is completely safe with the circular one!

On the other hand, you can get an easy reach to your baby if you have a circular crib in your house. As a circular crib has no walls, you can get easy access to your kid whenever you want. You will also be able to watch your kid from every angle and even from distance.

Round cribs are very much elegant in design. Moreover, these cribs tend to be compact in size. These are very sleek and you can easily take them in any room. You can place it in your room and it will cope with the other furniture because it takes small space to settle.

One thing that usually people do not mention is the incredible aesthetics of round cribs. If you have a small house and you are going to buy a crib, settle on the round or circular cribs. Choosing the round crib will make the small place look pleasant. Moreover, round cribs are different in design than the regular cribs and can make your home look elegant!

Why Baby Cribs?

Round baby cribs are not the first choice of the parents because the market is full of square and rectangular baby cribs.

Moreover, round baby cribs tend to cost a little higher than the regular baby cribs. If you have a low budget, you cannot go for round baby cribs. But people with a high budget who want the utmost safety of their baby must get the round baby crib.

Round baby cribs are very easy to bear. If you want to take your baby crib to any other place or you want to shift your baby crib to another room. It will be very easy for you to shift the baby crib when it is round. You can also carry this crib with only one hand. These tend to weigh less than the rectangular or square baby cribs.

The safety features of a round baby crib are amazing. When you are with a round baby crib, you will enjoy the feature of seeing your baby from the angle you want. If your baby is inside a regular shaped crib then when he hides in the corners of the crib, you will not be able to see him. This I not the case with the round baby crib. Round baby cribs have no corners and thus, your baby will be visible.

If you are away from your child then also you can take a glance at your baby from distance. With the round baby crib, you can see your baby from every angle. Suppose you are in the kitchen. To see your baby, you do not need to go close to your baby. You can see him from the door when he is in a round baby crib.

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Should You Buy a Round Baby Crib?

Yes, you should buy a round baby crib. They say “Safety first.” If you agree to this proverb, you should settle on the round baby crib.

Round baby crib allows the perfect view of your baby from every angle. You can keep an eye on your baby and still can do your job. Your baby will be never alone. You can any time have a look at your baby in between your work.

Your baby is always safe with a round baby crib because it has no corners. Baby cribs of rectangular or square shape usually are a little risky. As these have corners, your baby can hit himself easily. Conversely, your baby is safe with the curves of the round baby crib. This shape does not include any corner or skeletal lines that can hurt your baby. Instead of hurting, round baby crib saves your baby and creates his new world there.

People living in a small house usually do not have enough space to place baby cribs. Regular shaped cribs are a little large in size and they take a lot of space. In opposition, the round baby cribs take a little space to settle. These are easily movable. You can carry them with one hand only. If you have a small house, buy a round baby crib so that you can move it anywhere you want!

Baby cribs that are round have also the popularity of making space look elegant and larger. If you place a round baby crib, it will easily adjust with the other upholsteries of your room and will look sophisticated.

Is a Round Baby Crib the Right Choice for Your Child?

Of course, the round crib is the right choice for your child. If your child is little and he needs safety, you can gift him a round baby crib. More than the other cribs of the market, your baby will feel comfortable in a round baby crib.

  • When your child is small, he wants a place where he can get a feel of your womb. It is not possible for you to keep your child on your lap the whole day. In this case, round baby crib helps your child to feel just like your womb.
  • If your child grows up in a round baby crib, he will feel that he is lying down in a lap. The shape helps your baby to stay secure. As there are no sharp corners, your baby stays safe and sound inside it.
  • Your baby does not get stuck on the corners of round baby cribs. Furthermore, as the crib is round, your baby cannot try to get up holding the corners of the crib. In this case, if you have regular shaped cribs, your baby may try to get up and fall down easily.

So, we can assure that round baby cribs are the safest cribs in the market for your baby.

Convertible vs. Round Cribs

Convertible cribs are getting popular day by day for the effective use of the cribs. These cribs are called the “Lifetime Crib” for your child. These cribs are highly versatile and can be used after your baby grows up. These cribs can be converted into a bigger bed or a full-sized bed. If you want then you can also convert them into a toddler bed, daybed, full-sized bed and sometimes two different chairs. These cribs tend to be heavy and highly expensive.

On the other hand, round cribs are safer and less expensive than the convertible crib. The best part about round crib is you can also find a convertible round crib. We have also reviewed one convertible oval crib which can be turned into a toddler or a full sized bed.

Rectangular Cribs vs. Round Cribs

There are huge differences between a rectangular crib and a round crib. The rectangular cribs are the most sold cribs. These are not very much safe for your child. The sharp corners of the rectangular crib may hurt your child. Besides, your child can fall down from a rectangular crib holding the corner frame. These are less costly and heavy in weight.

Round cribs are very much safe for your baby. This sort of cribs does not have any sharp corners and your baby will not fall down from the crib. These are a little expensive if you compare these to the rectangular cribs. A round crib weighs less than the regular crib.


Surely, cribs will save your child but not every crib is made for protecting your baby. You are the only one who can save your child by purchasing the best baby round crib for your baby.

Buying a crib may seem very easy but you have to keep so many things while purchasing. Go according to our recommendation and we promise not to disappoint you. All the cribs we have mentioned here are great for your baby!

Take your baby and put him into a new world where he will be safe and you will feel the same!

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