Best Nail Gun Reviews – ( Buyer’s Guide – December-2020 )

best nail guns

A nail gun is an essential tool for tiresome tasks of framing, roofing and fine jobs like stapling and finishing can now be done with shots of nail guns. Today we will discuss the 5 best nail gun.

Thanks to technology, people are toss away their hammers and switching to the easy and productive option of nail guns.

Each project is different and requires a different type of nail gun. To make your jobs easier and faster, find out the tone of the best nail guns.

In order to ensure, remarkable productivity and your safety, you must know about the top nail guns for your project requirements. Also, you must know about the best model nail gun available in the market.

Here is the ultimate guide that tells you about the 10 best nails guns and how each gun in different than the rests.

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Different Types of Nail Guns

Nails are used pretty much everywhere. Rather than using the hammer and nail to done the job, professionals have switched to shoot hundreds of nails quickly to perform a variety of tasks. The types of applications are actually the basis of the different types of nails.

The unique use of each type of nail gun can be understood by looking at the various types of nail gun models available in the marketplace.

Framing Nailer

These are the toughest nail guns ever engineered. The nail guns are ideal for heavy-duty jobs like construction and building.

Designed with two types of heads, round head, and clip head, the framing nails use with wood. You must buy a framing nailer if you wish to build rooms, decks, fences and wood siding.

Roofing Nailer

The design and functionality of roofing nailer are somewhat similar to framing nailer. The only difference lies in the application area.

Apart from wood, these nailers can efficiently drive nails in other types of material. Professionals and DIY experts widely use these nailers for roofing applications. Roofing nailers are usually available in spring-loaded, pneumatic and solenoid models.

Flooring Nailer

These nailers are most helpful to drive nails at the right angle and depth into the floorboards. They can be availed in pneumatic and manual models.

Flooring nailers uniquely design for the purpose of shooting nails into floorboards. Don’t expect these nail guns to do anything else.

Siding Nailer

These are the perfect nail guns use to work with thin pieces of material. You can work with these nails to install both wood siding and aluminum siding.

Palm Nailer

As the name suggests, they are a mini version of fully functional nailers. The guns lie comfortably in hands and ideal for smaller projects and light duty applications. The small size makes them accurate for tight spots.

Brad Nailer

Professionals doing the finishing jobs often use a brad nailer. Ideal for trim work on door and windows, the nail guns use 15-16 gauge of nails. Efficient nail guns are widely renowned for their better holding power.

Pin Nailer

Crown molding, carpentry and trimming jobs on thin veneers and small furniture items can be done with pin nailers.

Similar to brad nailers, pin nailers use for finishing jobs. The nailer uses headless nails, thus the gun usually has no holding power; it just holds two materials together until the glue dries.

Staple Gun

The highly versatile gun most favor by DIYers. Ideal for applications like upholstery, carpeting and home repair, this small yet powerful tool even use to create smaller constructions like dog houses.

Finish Nailer

As the name suggests, they are specifically designed for carpentry work. Only a specific size of the nail can be used with these nail guns.

Similar to brad and pin nailers, finish nailers are ideal for crown molding applications. However, finish nailers are effective nail guns to handle bulkier pieces.

Understanding of different types of nail guns can enable you to make an informed purchase decision.

10 Best Nail Gun Reviews Ranked

Nail guns can make your work faster. You will be more accurate and powerful in driving the nails. There are lots of trusted brand developing the nail guns with features like easy depth drive adjustments, higher magazine capacity, comfort grips, and quick jam release.

The vast availability of options can confuse anyone. Either you are a professional or an avid DIY lover take a look at the 10 best nail guns reviews and decide which one is the best for you.

1. DEWALT DWFP12231: 18-Gauge 2-Inch Brad Nailer Kit

Designed to provide outstanding performance for years to come, the high-quality pneumatic gun tops the consumer ratings for being one of the best selling nail guns.

This ultimate buy allows users to adjust the driving depth in a tool-free manner. Besides, the model equips with a maintenance-free motor that trusts widely for its long life.

The model design with sequential style triggers to increase the productivity levels even for the heavy-duty jobs.

In addition to this, the model seems to be quite comfortable due to its lightweight magnesium body and a rubber grip that is integrated.

The nailer is great in terms of performance, adjustments and comfort levels. Although, the model lacks an adjustable exhaust, which is the biggest downside of this great priced pneumatic brad nail gun.

best siding nailer

2. NuMax SFN64 Straight Finish Nailer

Looking for a dependable nail gun? The ultimate find can be this high performing finish nail gun that features air exhaust adjust, tool-free depth dial, tool-free jam clearance along with no mar safety tip.

Longevity is assured with this powerful and compact model that is made out of the aluminum body.

The high performance of this nail gun can enjoy multiple areas such as trims, casings, molding, baseboards, and cabinets.

Not only this, the high-quality nailer is hard to beat at the price they offer it along with oil, wrenches and even a pair of goggles.

The handle believes to be ergonomic for improved comfort, but some reviews mention that it’s not really comfortable to use the handle for long hours.

types of nail guns

3. Bostitch F21PL Framing Nailer

A powerful nail gun design for enhanced versatility. The innovatively designed model is beating the competition by performing dual functions.

The 2 in 1 nailer can be used as a framing nail gun and as a metal connector. Nail depth adjusts easily with push buttons.

Further, the model is remarkably lightweight and durable due to its high-quality magnesium housing.

The model seems to be quite expensive compared to other brands. Though, it comes with 7 years of hard to beat warranty that makes it worth the price.

numax nail gun reviews

4. Hitachi NT50AE2 Brad Nailer

It is an excellent gun designed to be used all day long. Indigenously design with elastomer grip, the brad nailer works great to provide comfort and to prevent slippage.

The best part about this nailer is the tool-less clearing of nail jams.

It is an efficient brad nailer designed with dual fire mechanism. Further, the decently priced nail gun is extremely light in weight and has a higher magazine capacity.

The reliable brad nail gun is made from high-quality material and comes with a 1-year warranty.

The model allows adjusting the drive depth easily for the more professional finish. However, the nailer won’t work well for heavy duty jobs.

freeman nailer review

5. PORTER-CABLE PCC790LA Cordless Nailer Kit

The cordless brad nailer is just what professionals need to get their jobs done with ease. Forget about the hassles of compressors, hose and gas cartridges that are adding up to your bills. You can get rid of the stuck air hose because it is not needed with this battery power cordless model.

Porter Cable cordless nail model also has too free release lever. Besides, the easy to use depth adjustment wheel lets the users avail remarkable levels of productivity.

The LED style display and 3 years of limited warranty further make this model popular among its rivals. The nailer is great for finishing jobs only, don’t expect it to perform tasks like framing.

Porter Nail Kit model is not ideal for heavy duty framing applications, so the downside is; you need to buy a separate nailer for the purpose.

porter cable nail gun reviews

6. Freeman P4FRFNCB

Reviewed as the best kit, the offered package comes with three powerful nail guns by the brand Freeman.

The combo kit has both finishing and framing guns along with brad nailer and a crown stapler to make it the most valued deal.

Freeman nail guns are pneumatic and work exceptionally well for heavy-duty jobs.

The oil-free design and quick jam release mechanism are widely favored by hobbyists and professionals.

best nail gun

7. NuMax SFR2190

It is an ergonomically designed framing nailer that boasts great reviews for its power packed performance. The model is a 21-degree pneumatic gun that comes with depth adjustments.

Apart from just framing, the innovative design of this nail makes working with decks, fences, and sheaths a total breeze.

The manufacturers picked magnesium to frame the body of this gun, which makes it light in weight and remarkably durable.

NuMax the nail gun has a unique interchangeable trigger that effortlessly allows the user to switch between quick shots and single shots.

The full head framing nailer is tough in quality and has all premium features to enhance your productivity. Equipped with the fire feature, the nailer stops shooting when three nails are left in the gun, which is quite great to prevent internal damages. The only downside is that the model is a little bit heavier when compared to other models.

types of nail guns

8. Bostitch BTFP3Kit: Nail Gun With Depth Adjust & No-Mar Tip

The kit comes with three tools and reviewed as the best compressor combo at the price range. The kit has brad nailer, finish nailer and stapler along with cordless air compressor.

The heavy-duty guns are trusted by professionals to perform a wide variety of applications.

Bostitch BTFP3Kit is preferred for its longevity and oil-free operation. Though the model seems a little bit louder and that’s the only downside.

staple gun for framing reviews

9. WEN 61720 Brad Nailer

Crafted out of aluminum, it is an extremely lightweight brad nailer. The model is worth considering due to its capability of accepting various lengths of nails. With its affordable price tag, the nailer becomes quite a preferable option to perform mid-level jobs.

The nailer operates at 60-100 Psi power and loved by finish carpenters. The nailer can easily substitute hammers for hardwoods, fencings, paneling, and trims.

The nail gun comes with a kit that includes oil, wrenches and a carrying case. Besides, the highly efficient nail quite impressive compares to its high priced models.

Clearing the jam nails would be a breeze in this model because it comes with a quick release latch that takes seconds to access. The only downside with the model is when the magazine is full, the nailer sometimes shoots a blank.

siding nailer reviews

10. Stanley TRE550Z: Electric Staple/Brad Nail Gun

It’s a compact and one of the best nail guns known for its highly versatile performance. It can be used as a stapler or as a brad nailer to perform a variety of tasks.

Besides, the nailer comes with two adjustments for high or low power levels to complete the job with the required precision.

Overall, it’s a great heavy-duty electric staple that load with countless features. Buyers love it for the quick jam clear mechanism and its compact size.

The only problem with the model is shooting blanks when you are holding the gun in a weird angle. Users might find it frustrating to hold the gun in the upright position every time they use it.

Though the nailer is designed for outstanding driving power, the heavy-duty nailer gets lesser ratings due to its 8-foot power cord which is quite short.

best nail gun


Some nail guns are used to provide strength and durability to wooden panels, whereas some innovative designs are also engineered to drive nails into heavy duty concrete blocks. Each nail gun is unique and the variety of options is endless in nail guns specifications. To shoot multiple nails efficiently, you must know the right fit for your project and how to buy one of the best nail guns.

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