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An electrician tool belt with suspenders helps to carry all tools in the belt pockets. Nowadays the tool belt is a mandatory belt for electrician or carpenter. Let’s have a look of 5 best electrician tool belt reviews.

You may see well-equip masons in American movies, with their reflective worker jackets, protective helmets, yellow gloves, and tool belts strapped to their belts, also called tool belts.

Well, if you are a bricklayer, a handyman or you have had to do a work in your house, you know that going equipped with all this clothing is not free and that you must put all these accessories on the job for your safety. 

These belts are very easy to find, they are for sale in any store specialized in bricolage or masonry. If your interest is to acquire some of it so that you do not make a mess.

We will try to show you in the following post the different models that exist of belts of this type. Because there are different types according to the work that you are going to make, the quality and the tools that you have to use.

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The 5 Best Carpenter Tool Belt Reviews

It is time to organize your tools and have them at hand when we work. What better than having a tool belt tied to the waist?

As if it were a football line-up, we have chosen the 11th title, where we will describe, in our opinion, the best belts of this type:

1. Occidental Leather 9855

We have chosen a model that gives you the possibility to contain all tools like hammer, nails, sandpaper, segues and more in its 24 pockets.  

Occidental Leather reinforced corners and bottom which makes it one of the best electrician tool belts reviewed.

The best part about this belt is that you can wear it all year round without worrying about the sizing.

The fully adjustable sizing works well with all types of seasonal clothing. Apart from the waist adjustment feature, the belt has D rings pre-installed that are handy to use with the suspension system.

Occidental belt is extremely light in weight and very comfortable to wear all day long. One of the key features of this bag is the rugged commercial quality canvas material used for fabrication. This way, you can be sure about one-time investment in a quality product.

best electrician tool belt with suspenders

2. DEWALT DG5641

DEWALT DG5641 model received great reviews from buyers who were looking for an extra capacity belt. It’s a combo apron designed with large gusset-style pockets that hold everything that you need while working on an electrical project.

For extra comfort, the belt comes with a double tongue roller buckle. Not only this, the spacious and comfortable belt is also trusted by professionals for its fully adjustable suspender design that distributes the weight evenly.

You don’t have to work extra to go back and forth forgetting the hammers. The belt has 2 steel loops designed to carry larger tools easily.

The well made the construction of this belt lasts for years. Moreover, the best buy belt has simple belt adjustment features that make it one of the top reviewed electrician tool belts with more than 20 pockets.

best tool belts for electricians

3. CLC Custom Leathercraft 1608

Electricians simply love this CLC Custom Leathercraft model for its uniquely designed pocket that efficiently holds the cordless drill. Designed with padded suspender the model is also easy on your lower back. It distributes the weight evenly and doesn’t strain your lower body.

Offering plenty of storage in its 28 pockets design, the amazing quality belt can be used for waist sizes of 29 to 46.

The best part about this bag is its zip feature on the top flap that prevents spillage of tools.

The 4 piece rig tool belt is very easy to carry. It’s highly comfortable and for the price, it’s definitely a value for money product.

best tool belt for electricians

4. Occidental Leather 5590M

A heavy duty, comfortable, and above all, the best deal for a modern electrician. The handmade leather bag speaks the highest of quality standards.

This is the lightest of all the leather tool belts available out there. Besides, the Occidental Leather belt comes with hand-specific tool holders that offer the best working rhythm.

Not only this, the ingeniously designed tool belt features the widely applauded no spill tool holder system.

Occidental Leather has 30 different compartments to house every tool, big or small; you need for your projects.  Both small and large pockets on this belt are designed carefully to ensure efficiency.

The exquisite leather looks and the remarkable craftsmanship of this commercial electrician belt can be availed in a choice of sizes ranging from small to XXXL.

best tool belt for electrician

5. TradeGear Medium Electrician Combo

TradeGear model is reviewed extensively for its all-around performance. Designed to withstand heavy-duty usage, the ultimate quality electrician combo is finely finished with Bar-Tak switching and metal rivets.

What makes it stand out from the rest is its air channel ventilation design in the padding.

Offering utmost comfort with the breathable foam padding, the easy to carry belt has 2 heavy-duty pouches and 27 small and large pockets in total.

Besides, the back support is contoured and the interiors are made from DuraTek nylon to get it great ratings for being the most comfortable belt.

Furthermore, putting on and taking the fully loaded belt off can be a tiring task. But, not with this model, as it comes with carrying handles.

The handles seem to be extra convenient when the belt is fully loaded, heavy, and becomes a challenge on its own to put it on or take it off.

best electrician tool pouch

Forge Belt

The carpenter has to be constantly changing tools to do his job correctly: that if a meter to measure, the hammer, nails, sandpaper, segues

We have chosen a model that gives you the possibility to contain all these tools and more.

This belt belongs to one of the most important brands that exist in the world of carpentry, which is the Forge brand.

Among its technical characteristics we will highlight the following:

  • Measures from 25 to 29 cm,
  • It contains a thickness of carnage of 1m8 millimeters
  • The length of the belt is of 133 centimeters
  • Has 6 compartments divided among them

The buckles are adjustable to the maximum and are reinforced with rivets for its greater resistance. Another peculiarity is that it is made of leather and is of classic yellow color.

best electrician tool bag

KWB Tool Belt

A good belt, complete and above all, cheap. The KWB brand shows us its belt model with 7 different compartments, so you can take all your tools well ordered at the time of the job.

In addition to the 7 pockets, you have to know that the belt is adjustable padding up to 110 cm. Its measurements are 27 x 7 x 26 cm.

And best of all, you can find it on Amazon for only 10 Euros. An authentic bargain.

best tool belts for electricians

Silver Line Tool Belt

Everyone knows this Austrian brand, propelling many of the tools that exist today. And it is that Silver line has collaborated enormously to make our life a little more comfortable. Therefore, you could not miss a tool belt model of yours.

The characteristics of this belt are the following: three bags in the belt, the maximum size of 120 centimeters, high resistance made with nylon and at the same time light, maximum resistance by borders, oxidation proof and closing tape included.

best tool belt for electricians

Blue Spot Brand

I believe without a doubt that this is one of the best belts for professionals. And is that your 8 or 11 pockets will help us a lot to organize.

In addition, it is a polyester fabric that repels water and at the same time very resistant; It is lightweight, its adjustable strap makes it functional for almost all the public (from 90 to 120 centimeters) it contains an easy and fast hook to put on.

Draper 9241

This belt is to take advantage of it. It has a light brown leather finish, which makes it attractive as a whole, is multifunctional, brings more than 10 pockets and belongs to a reliable brand dedicated to the tools in its entirety as is Draper.

English brand par excellence and that, according to them, has the largest stock of tools concentrated in one place in the United Kingdom.

The different sizes of your pocket allow you to carry tools of different dimensions. On the other hand, you have to know that its size is 61 x 23 x 6.5 cm and that you can find it in any large area or internet store for a price similar to 22 Euros.

best electrician tool belt

How to choose the best tool belt?

Size and finish

These products come in several sizes, so you should not buy a single size if your waist is less than 86 centimeters. Also, choose a belt that has padding to have better comfort.

 Quality and durability

Acquire a product that has enough space to contain all your implements, in addition, it must be organized and according to your used tools.

Leather belts

In terms of comfort and durability, leather options are usually the best, in addition, they often have compartments in key places, offer better mobility, and offer greater adaptability.


Acquire a unit that is light, strong and comfortable to use. The hammer loop must be solid, but not so large.

 Choose according to your work

Choose a model that has a key pocket according to the implements you have in your toolbox. Acquire one that provides individual holders inside the largest compartment.

 Number of pockets

Most of these products have between 10 and 12 pockets, although you can get models with more than 30. Choose the most suitable for you.


In general, you will find four types of materials: nylon, polyester canvas, leather, and suede. According to your profession, choose the most convenient material.

 Specific needs

All humans have their own tastes, so based on your personal decision, choose the most appropriate decision for you.


Measure your waist to know your exact size, and choose the model that comes closest to your measurements or you can choose a model that is 10 centimeters larger than the size of your pants.

 Removable accessories

These products come with different types of attachments, and extra accessories that will make the carpenter have an easier job when it comes to transporting implements.

On the off chance that you are in the market for a electricians tool belt device belt, at that point you will know there are hundreds out there. Be that as it may, with such huge numbers of to look over, which one is ideal for you? When purchasing a circuit testers instrument belt there are various elements you have to consider. You may esteem quality and strength.

A belt that can withstand the unforgiving condition of the active site. You could prize customization or long haul comfort. You may simply need to look great while at home doing that DIY you guaranteed your accomplice a year prior.

Whatever your requirements are an extraordinary device belt is intended to make your life less demanding, and in that soul we got the belts in our grasp and assembled a rundown of the best electricians tool belt available and inspected them, to help locate the correct one for you. We have likewise incorporated a convenient purchasing manual to help you further.

Some tips so that the use of the belt does not physically damage you

Once you have decided on what will be your future tool belt, you have to know how it is put and what tools you can fit in your belt.

It is important to know how you have left, you cannot stay or fall, because it will bother you when you have to work in forced positions. Keep a straight posture and put it tight, at waist level, where you usually wear the belt of your pants.

Even though there are belts that are able to hold a lot of weight of tools, it is not advisable to load too much, because you can damage your back in a short period of time.

Some belts bring the pockets on one side, so you can take the tools without problems. If the belt has divided the pockets over its entire surface, place the tools ordered by your own comfort.

The belt, to part, is good for your health because it reduces the damage in the back. For a good profit you should make yourself with belts that allow you to distribute the tools on both sides of it and use belts that contain straps with straps that distribute weight better by the body and above all, do not wear it all day. At each break, it is convenient to take it off.

Fantastic selection of Belts for working tools – Best deals!

It consists of a list with a selection of Belts for best selling tools that may be ideal for you and are available for you to compare.

To buy a work tool, you probably need something that is of quality something very common, is to look at the Belts for tools of better quality, among the top sales. Thanks to lists how is, you can make an idea, what is most used, on each occasion.

If anything is Topventas, it has worked well, so, maybe it is a good starting point to select items.

If what you are looking for is a good gift to surprise a handyman, or just good material to give it to you, in the lists that we show you in the near future, you will find the most sold in internet stores.

Thanks to sophisticated software that constantly analyzes, what are the top sales, every day on the internet, keeps the lists updated, so you can look at them when necessary and select with the best guarantee what you are going to buy online. Better buy today. What you can buy tomorrow.

If you like to make sure you buy, the list of “bestsellers” products is not going to fail you, and it is always good advice to use it.

Maybe because of its good quality, its good price, or because it has become fashionable, here you will find the most sold related to DIY, right now on the Internet.

Purchaser’s Guide

Presently we have the surveys out the way, in the event that you are as yet uncertain what belt to buy then this convenient purchasing guide will enable you to limit the alternatives.

In it, we will detail the diverse elements that you ought to consider when you are hoping to purchase the best circuit tester’s apparatus belt for you!

Keep in mind, the cost doesn’t constantly measure up to the quality and eventually, the choice you make will be founded on how you will utilize it.

So how about we take a gander at the diverse components that you will need to consider to settle on an educated decision.


We trust the purchasing guide and the audits of the best circuit repairman instrument belts have furnished you with the data expected to make an educated buy.

Whatever belt you choose to run with recollecting this is something that you will utilize by and by every day and eventually it’s what you require in a belt that issues most.

So our best pick is the TradeGear Medium Electricians Combo. We can’t prescribe this belt enough.

The GatorBack emotionally supportive network implies it is by a long shot the most agreeable belt, and it is made to an exclusive requirement, the twofold sewing on the pockets and the bolts feel worked to last.

It ticks all the cases with respect to toughness and solace and it comes in at an awesome cost. You truly can’t turn out badly with the TradeGear Medium Electricians Combo.

In case you’re searching for a value for the money, at that point you should look at the CLC Custom Leathercraft 1608.

When we initially got this item in our grasp we were stunned at exactly the amount it had made it work.

A durable nylon belt with loads of little additional items, for example, the zipper, to shield your apparatuses from going all over the place.

In particular, however, was the incorporation of their own bespoke suspenders, when set up accurately they made this belt a flat out euphoria to utilize. A fabulous belt at a superb cost.

So there we have it! The best 5 best circuit tester device belts available and a helping purchasing manual for working out what is best for you.

There are numerous variables to think about when purchasing an instrument belt, it is utilized so regularly and consistently making the right buy is critical.

So we trust that having perused this the decision about what belt you ought to get has been made less demanding.

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